Read the basics of bingo rules, follow CasinoSmash advices and get ready to start winning BIG playing online bingo!

Every day, millions of people around the world sit down and enjoy the relaxing, yet exciting game of bingo. You can be one of them thanks to CasinoSmash and its carefully selected strategic partners.

How to Play Online Bingo

Bingo is very similar to the lottery-type game of Keno except in order to win, players must declare “Bingo!” Players sit down with a bingo card consisting of 15 numbers and then mark these numbers off their card if they are one of the 90-sequenced bingo balls drawn at random by the dealer. Usually, there are three ways to win, as shown below:

  • One Line – Mark off a full horizontal line of numbers.
  • Two Lines – Mark off two full horizontal lines of numbers.
  • Full House – Mark off all 15 numbers.

One of the best features of online Bingo is the fact you can play as many cards as you wish. In a live bingo hall, you would be limited to how quickly you can find the numbers on your bingo cards, in an online bingo environment the software can mark your cards for you, which means you can play countless more bingo cards and potentially win even more money!

Most the online bingo providers you can join via CasinoSmash offer special bonuses for completing a full house by using a certain number of balls.

For example, in some jackpot games only 20 balls are drawn and if you manage to mark off all 15 of your numbers then the prize awarded should be huge. Other examples include bonuses for completing a full house within 50 numbers or some other predetermined number that is important to the online bingo site.

The Best Bingo Strategy

Thanks to bingo being predominately luck-based, there is no actual strategy that you can follow – and therefore deviate from.

Instead, players like to purchase cards that feature the numbers of their loved one’s birthdays or other numbers that have special meaning or importance to them.

Again, thanks to being able to play as many bingo cards as you wish online, you should be able to find some numbers that are special and lucky to you.


Best Casinos to Play Bingo

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10Bet Casino: Bonus Codes & Review Features
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William Hill Casino Features
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