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If there is one thing that stands out the most about CasinoWorld, it is the complete multiplayer interface they can provide and the complete agency they give to players to be in charge of their casino experiences.

Created by social games veteran FlowPlay Inc., Casino World succeeds in being the best at providing a community-first approach to casino games.

Casino World was launched in 2019 and is the latest addition to the social gaming world by FlowPlay Inc., which is also known for games like Vegas World and Our World.

Ever since its launch, Casino World, a game where you get to build you own gambling empire, has attracted players to their fun environment by providing experiences that are otherwise hard to come by.

Multi-player capabilities are at the heart of the games and activities developed for Casino World.

As a new player, you are spoilt for choices when it comes to creating an avatar and enhancing your virtual personality with charms.

Being able to connect and chat with other players is one of the best multiplayer features you will love here. This is a great way to make friends who have interests just like you.

Wondering how far the multiplayer capabilities of Casino World reach? Set up your account and find out for yourself!

But, take note, this social casino is highly entertaining! There is a big chance you are going to be hooked to the Casino World community!

Games Available

When you enter the Casino World lobby, you're presented with two options - games and parties.

The games section has you covered whenever you want to play some slots - from the spooky Fright Night to the embellished Boogie Fever, there will be something for everyone's taste.

There is also an entire collection of table games for those fond of Blackjack, Roulette, and Texas Hold 'Em Poker!

Bingo, Solitare or Video Poker suits your fancy a bit more? No worries, you'll find that in the Casino World game library as well.

The games are played using virtual in-game currency that cannot be exchanged for real-life money. That being said, if you run out and want to replenish your resources, you can always do that by making an in-game purchase.

The other option is parties, and this is where the multiplayer feature of Casino World really shines through.

Want to see how far the Casino World multi-player game capabilities extend? Make new friends by adding them to your list and activate the party play feature to enjoy hours of playtime with your friends.

While all that is great, one of the coolest and most unique features of Casino World is that you actually get to build your own casino city with luxurious hotels, exclusive dance clubs, slots and bingo halls and much more! Drag and drop, customize, and create a casino world everyone's dying to be a part of!

One could say it's as real of a casino experience as it gets.

Become a casino world tycoon by building your empire, making friends, and hosting parties at your venues. Other players can visit your city, go inside the buildings and explore everything with their avatars.

You can even invite your own friends and take screenshots of the parties to make sure you keep the memories you made in this amazing virtual space!

Games & Networks

If you know a thing or two about online gambling and you are looking for specific games, check out the list of games and networks before you sign up for a free gaming account.

Available games:

Need to know more about the games available at this online Casino? Don't miss the list below then!

Video Poker

Available networks:

Here's where you find everything to know. From the most popular table and live games, to all the networks you can access once you log in.

Customer Support

Casino World proudly boasts a plethora of articles, FAQs, video tutorials and guides to help you solve any issues you encounter with the games.

Think you have a question for the Casino World staff that isn't covered? No problem, simply open a Help Ticket on the help menu, and the team will get back to you with a solution.

Final Thoughts

If there is a social casino that addresses every kind of casino player, it is Casino World.

And yes, their multi-player features are by far the best in the industry.

The expertise, time-tested abilities and technologically savvy features speak of the fantastic track record that Casino World comes with.

Social casinos are one of the biggest forms of entertainment today, and Casino World creators have put all their years of experience in making sure that you don't just get to participate, but actually create a social casino world of your own!

Are you worried about gambling with real money? Casino World takes away the worry about betting with real money with its social casino setting.

Think you enjoy the music better at a casino? Well, Casino World caters to that with their versatile soundtrack.

The multiplayer capabilities extend across the help section of Casino World as well. If you have a question that you would like to ask other players, you can use the community page on the help section to get the community involved or chat directly with other players while you're at a party!

How It Looks

Deposit & Withdrawals

There are many deposit options on Casino World. You can choose the most convenient one for you.

Payment Method Withdrawal Time
1-5 days
Paypal Paypal
1-2 days
Mastercard Mastercard
1-3 days
American Express American Express
1-7 days
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