Hi! My name is Gillian Mercylin

When I am not writing or designing, I'm playing at the local VIP casino lounge. I have worked with the online gambling industry as a content creator for 4 years now, and I have managed to use my insights to win the jackpot 8 times. Yes! 8 times. When I write, I do so with passion to share my knowledge with those who can benefit from it.
Hi! My name is Gillian Mercylin

How did it all start for you?
I started gambling when I went out for drinks with a friend. I started off betting 2cents, and over the years I have grown my bet budget budget to a whopping 10 cents! And yes, I did win the jackpot 8 times on 5 cent bets!

Do you have any other hobbies or passions?

I am a digital media specialist who has built, managed and consulted for innovative businesses, globally. I also have a fondness for building furniture, craft, and I like to read a LOT. Cooking and singing - separately or as a combination - are certainly when I am at my happiest.

Calendar 4+
years in the gambling industry
Pen 1,000+
Articles written
Casino 10+
Casinos visited