Hi! My name is Payal Tyagi

A passionate writer who likes to play games at casinos online and live. While I have worked for the last four years in FinTech, EdTech and Digital Marketing industries, I wrote many high-quality reviews for games on various websites, which also gave me the idea to work in this industry and explore more.
Hi! My name is Payal Tyagi

How did it begin?

Once I was bitten by a curiosity bug and since that time I try to learn mostly everything that I don't know. That's how I entered the world of casinos and online games. And now my writing passion has a reciprocating relationship with the casinos and the variations of games they entail. The more I play such games, the more it helps me writing complex concepts in an easy-to-understand language.

Do you have any other passion?

I like to travel new countries and California is on my bucket list. During my leisure time, I read books and watch football.

Calendar 4 years
Pen 1000+
Casino 6+