Hi! My name is Rūta Rimkienė

Editor, linguist, translator...and a Slot enthusiast. I am passionate about everything I do, and right now, I’m in love with all things Casino.
Hi! My name is Rūta Rimkienė

How did it all start for you?

Five years ago, I knew nothing about gambling. Then, a friend introduced me to Blackjack and my life went downhill from there (joking!).

The more I played, the more I realized that the world of gambling is fascinating - and I decided to make it my bread and butter.

Now, my goal as an editor is to help you choose the right games, Casinos, and strategies.

Because I want you to win.

What do you do in your free time?

When I don’t write about Casinos, I like to get my hands on other topics like art and IT news.

And when I want to take a break from writing, I read, learn languages, and paint.

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