Hi! My name is Sarah Hamid

Curiosity is what fuels my drive to learn more about the world around me, and a passion for words is what motivates me to write about it. With a background in tourism, leisure and strategic marketing, understanding how things work and helping others decipher the world around them are my passions. Having worked in the nightlife and entertainment business for several years, I am a night owl who has always been attracted to the glitz and glamour of casinos.
Hi! My name is Sarah Hamid

My Favorite Casino Topics

Between busting myths or crunching numbers to determine your odds at winning games, I love demystifying anything remotely vague and confusing. I am also a believer in the fact we make a small piece of a larger picture, which is why I am dedicated to keeping readers updated on the latest casino world news, especially for those fellow travelers out there!

My Personal Drives

I live for new experiences and new knowledge, which is why my greatest passions are travel, reading and writing. I have lived in more than eight countries across four continents in my short lifetime and plan to make that list as long as possible.