26 AMAZING 3D Slots to Play in 2020

3d slots

Nothing beats 3D Slots.

Whether you play Slots for fun or to win real money prizes, the quality of the new 3D Slot machine games is impressive. Some say it could even match that of top-selling PlayStation 4 games.

This article features a collection of the best 3D Slot machines you can play online in 2020. All the games have an immersive gameplay and a good Return to Player (RTP).

You get a bonus to play too, which is always a sweet treat.
Browse through the list to find a 3D Slot game you like and register a gaming account to play. It's free - and you don't have to pay anything unless you want to play for real money.

My advice? Start with the free-to-play demo games of the 3D Slots in this list before you go all-in with the real money games.

This way you can discover if you really like the 3D game you picked and invest cash only in those you love!

Naturally, there's a bonus too.

You don’t want to play your real money games with no sign of appreciation from the Casinos.

And, ideally, you want free spins - because that’s what you need to play real money Slots. We've got you covered.

The welcome bonus is automatic, meaning it's connected to your account as soon as you register it. You don't need bonus codes, secret phrases, or pieces of Morse code.

As soon as you deposit something to your account, the promotion activates and gives you free money to play 3D slots. Can it be better than this?

But - enough said. Let's see what are the best free 3D Slots you can play in 2020 and let's put this Slots bonus to good use..

Top 3D Slots to Play in 2020

Here's the full list of the top 3D Slots to play in 2020.

Remember: you can play these games for free in demo mode or you can play them for real money.

Castle Cashalot

Castle Cashalot 3d Slots


Are you brave enough to find the Excalibur and free the sword from the stone?

Launch this game to get on an enchanting journey where you’ll have to show all your skills to conquer the heart of a Princess, find the grail, and come home with the richest treasures of the land!

Castle Cashalot is a fun five-reel and 25-payline 3D Slots game full of extra features like the Excalibur Mini-Game, a bonus round where you get to try to pull the world’s most famous sword out of the stone it is stuck in.

Drive: Multiplayer Mayhem

Drive Multiplayer Mayhem 3dSlots


Set on the dystopian streets before the massive skyline of a fictional city, Drive: Multiplayer Mayhem is a five-reel, fifteen-line video Slot not intended for the faint of heart.

Our protagonist is a fierce-looking, pink-haired racer, whose symbol also offers the highest payout values.

He is followed by the souped-up sports car and our three villains, who may pay out well but they'll give you some trouble in the free spins bonus game, triggered when three scatter symbols appear.

When it's triggered, you receive ten free spins and race against one of the three villains.

To win the race, enough Nitro symbols have to appear before the free spins run out.

Each won race gets you to the next level, and each level comes with more wins. In the end, it's payouts galore!

Another bonus feature is the Wild Symbol, which can take the place of any symbol to trigger payouts, but it's also an up to 5x multiplier, and the multipliers from multiple Wild Symbols are compounded.

With graphics, animation, theme, and winning potential in mind, this is one of the most exciting 3D Slots games NetEnt has graced us with, only furthered by a 96.7 percent RTP.

Raging Rhino

Raging Rhino is one of the best 3d slots games


Surround yourself with the most ferocious African flora and fauna as you explore Raging Rhino, one of the more exciting free 3D Slots online games, with atmospheric sound effects that really add to the immersion.

Raging Rhino is an Any Way pay Slot, wherein the symbols on the reel are a grid rather than divided into paylines, and winning combinations can occur anywhere across the reels.

This means that, rather than the number of lines determining your bet, it's the size of your bet multiplier, which can be anywhere from 1 to 50.

But no matter to what amount you set your coin value, there are always 4,096 ways to win on Raging Rhino, with the animal symbols resulting in the highest payout, and the card symbols offering the lowest payouts.

During the Free Spins feature, which is triggered by three Diamond symbols, you win additional free spins every time it reappears, and the Wild Symbol also becomes multipliers of 2x or 3x.

Unlock your wild side in 2020 with Raging Rhino, an exciting WMS Gaming with a 95.91 percent RTP.

Koi Princess

Amazing new 3d slots like Koi Princess


When Koi Princess was first released, NetEnt said it is their "most feature-packed Slot they have ever made," a beautifully pastel, anime-themed game that they're not exaggerating about.

With five reels, twenty paylines, and the option to bet up to 10 coins per line, Koi Princess is one of those Slot machines in 3D that looks deceivingly straightforward.

But hidden just beneath the surface are four Random Features and four Bonus Features. Yep, eight different triggerable features, and your chances to trigger them are increased significantly if you double your bet total by activating the Bonus Bet.

From a guaranteed 5-symbol win, to overlay Wilds, to a Bonus Game activation, triggering a Random Feature is a thrilling moment, and that's putting it lightly when you consider that the 5-Hit Random Feature could automatically trigger the massive fixed jackpot.

The Bonus Games are a bit more in-depth, involving Sure Wins, Wild symbols taking up entire reels, the three-tiered Bonus Wheel, and the simple yet extremely exciting Coin Win, where you just win a bunch of coins.

We recommend going to the paytable and just seeing it firsthand. We wouldn't be surprised if you couldn't help but play it immediately after.

Koi Princess is a Slot that isn't just feature-rich but has more features than the vast majority of 3D Slots available, and in 2020, that really says something.

Steam Tower

New 3d Slot


The steampunk-themed, five-reel, fifteen-payline, NetEnt-produced Steamtower is why we play free 3D Slots, with an innovative gameplay structure that feels more like a classic video game than a must-try Slot of 2020. (Well, aside from the stunning and modern graphics, of course!)

The first thing you'll probably notice is our hero's grappling gun, which yes, he will use, as soon as the Stacked Wild appears and covers a full reel.

This will take you to the first floor, and along with your ten free spins, the object of the game is to now zip all the way up to the top floor, slay the dragon, and roll around in all those winnings.

Watch for the wild symbol that'll get you to the next floor, and keep an eye on the floor and multiplier counters at the bottom, because the higher you go, the higher your winnings will be.

Steamtower's tiered bonus game structure and unique theme makes it a modern-day must-try, especially given its 97 percent RTP.

A Dragon's Story

A dragon's story 3d slots


If you play 3D Slots online, there's a good chance you'll eventually stumble upon the five-reel, 25-line A Dragon's Story, which has the slogan, "Feared across the land," but it really should just be, "Known across the land," given the popularity of its three unique bonus features.

It all takes place in a dragon's lair. There, the little dragon will randomly burn symbols to create enhanced Wild reels, and if you opt into the Super Bet tiers 1 or 2, you might double or quadruple your wager, respectively, but you also add more mini dragons for even more chances for a real reel enhancement.

Further, if your lair gets raided by Brave Sir Williams, you can blast him with a fireball to make him drop his stolen treasure.

And the more he drops, the more you win! That's right: in A Dragon's Story, the knight is the villain for once.

To unlock the free spins feature, three or more Scatter jewel symbols must appear.

Prizes are doubled, it can be retriggered, and the little dragons light up the reels with even more ferocity.

A Dragon's Story has the bells, whistles, and heaps of fortune you'll want to dive into like a knight even braver than Sir Williams, with special features we really couldn't get enough of.

Age of Gods: Furious 4

Age of the Gods 3d slots 2018


Unlike the movies, 3D Slots have a reputation for getting better and better with every sequel released, and Age of Gods: Furious 4 is no exception.

Playtech invites bettors to the peak of Mount Olympus, where the mythological Gods have four incredible bonus features on this 20-line, five-reel Slot machine, plus four randomly awarded, mystery progressive jackpots.

The Scatter throne.

That's the symbol you want to look out for. Not only does it payout on the total wager, but three or more also unlock 12 free spins, which could be one of four Ages, be it the Age of Light, Curiosity, Fire, or Endurance.

Each bonus game has its own unique set of rules, like the Age of Light and its Wild that fills up the whole reel, or the Age of Endurance, which adds additional Wilds that freeze wherever they land.

To unlock the massive fixed jackpot, you need to line up five standard wild symbols, and any bet whatsoever can get you to the mystery jackpot grid, although they explicitly state that the higher the total wager, the higher the likelihood of your chance at the progressive.

The Age of Gods: Furious 4 is set to be a 2020's essential, with ungodly winning potential and bonus games that feel like divine intervention.

Warlords: Crystals of Powers

Warlord is an amazing 3d slot machine game to play in 2018


Firstly, we highly recommend you watching this game's intro. Stunning doesn't even do NetEnt's team justice on this one.

Warlords: Crystals of Powers is an immersive bit of realism that few other 3D Slots can hold a candle to, making it more than worthy of checking out.

The 30-line, five-reel setup is nothing new, and the payout structure is admittedly lacking, but the game's setup offers three unique sections for almost every bonus, divided by earth, fire, and water.

As you play, random overlay wilds - either hammered, arrowed, or slashed depending on the type - award Wild symbols on different reels, and the three different blue, red, and green Scatter Symbols trigger free spin bonus games, where additional free spins, a multiplier, or a sticky Wild symbol are rewarded.

Scatters can even battle it out, but no matter which character wins, the player gets rewarded, either with free spins, re-spins, or the last chance spin.

Warlords: Crystals of Powers sounds epic, looks epic, and can shower you with pretty epic winnings with a 96.89 percent RTP.

The Flintstones

Discover the 3d slots game of the Flintstones


Meet The Flintstones…Slot by WMS Gaming!

It's an old-school theme meets new-school capabilities, a colorful, exciting, yabba dabba doozy of a Slot that doesn't have paylines, but features the Any Way pay structure rather than paylines.

The symbols that result in the highest payouts are Barney, Fred, Betty, and Wilma, with Dino acting as the Wild symbol, the bowling ball and pins the Bonus, and the house the Free Games.

The Wilds can take the place of any symbols except the Free Games and Bonus, and three Free Games symbols unlock one of three free games.

You get to choose between the Gazoo game and its additional wild symbol, Wilma's and her Wild-heavy Ultra Spin, or Dino the dinosaur dog digging up even more bonuses.

But our personal favorite is the Bedrock Bowling Bonus, where you earn multipliers based on how many pins you knock down. And a strike gets you an extra throw and an additional multiplier, which feels a lot like you're transported directly into the show.

Oh, and don't forget the Rock Ride bonus: at any moment, the whole neighborhood could come rolling up in Fred's car to give you some rewarding mystery symbols.

When you play 3D Slots online in 2020, The Flintstones is the one to look out for, with a 95.45 percent RTP and 1,024 different winning combinations.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden 3d Slots


Secret Garden is one of those free 3D Slots online games that's been around for a while, but continues to be a top tier selection year after year.

And we really enjoy the pastoral gardening theme, which offers a distinctively tranquil atmosphere that stands out among the more high-octane choices on this year's list.

The 20-line, five-reel Slot has a very simplistic paytable, where every symbol matches the theme (no card symbols like King or Aces here.)

When three or more Master Key symbols appear, you get to actually explore the secret garden, and although the bonus game feature isn't visually rich with graphics and animation, the payouts seem to exceed our expectations.

And the gate to the garden is the Scatter symbol: three or more unlock 20, 30, or 40 free spins, depending on how many appear, and the duck can take the place of any other symbol to create winning combinations.

If you're looking for 3D Slots games that look like they were made for a current video game console, Secret Garden isn't for you.

But for a relaxing time, plenty of winning potential, and a 95.4 percent RTP, we have to bring this classic into 2020 with us.

Jimi Hendrix

Play the 3d slots of Jimi Hendrix


It's undebatable that Jimi Hendrix was one of the best guitar players of all time, but we'd also be willing to debate that Jimi Hendrix Slot is one of the best Slot machines of 2020.

Yep, you listen to his biggest hits while you play, the symbols are in the nostalgic 1970s Woodstock style, where even card symbols are done up in psychedelic rock fashion.

This was one of the most fun reviews to write: we got to listen to him riff as we performed our testing!

But you can't talk about the Jimi Hendrix Slot without talking about that the Purple Rain Feature, where every card symbol changes to a Wild for one spin when the Purple Haze symbol appears on the first reel.

And if four or more red guitar symbols appear, the game spins and re-spins until no red guitar symbol shows up, potentially resulting in a lot of winnings.

Another standout feature is the Pick and Click bonus game, where you click loudspeakers until you collect three matching symbols, which pay out free spins, coins, multipliers, and so on.

Maybe everything Jimi Hendrix touches turns to gold. Let's hope your fingers can turn out some gold too with this NetEnd game's 96.9 percent RTP.

Batman and Catwoman Cash

free 3d slots batman and catwoman


Don't expect Ben Affleck! With the incomparable Adam West as Batman, the beautiful Julie Newmar as Catwoman, and the most iconic Robin of all: Mr. Burt Ward.

This is truly a fan's fan superhero Slot, with symbols that range from the Batarang to Catwoman's whip and everything in between.

Free 3D Slots online games may have a ring of 2020 to it, but holy spinning reels, Batman! This beautifully designed comic book world joyride is all about the 1960s.

In the Cat Burglar Bonus, you steal yourself a cash prize or increase the free games multiplier bonus, and the more diamond symbols you collect, the richer you become.

But that's when the scatter lands on reels one and three. Add reel five to that combination, and you've entered one of the DC universe's most titillating matchups: the Batman vs. Catwoman Free Games.

And no matter who wins, you win. We're playing a Slot, after all, not helpless citizens of Gotham.

Batman may be a silent guardian, a watchful protector, and a Dark Knight, but the Batman and Catwoman Cash Slot from Ash Gaming is five reels and 25 lines of loud, flashy, and bright excitement, with FOUR progressive jackpots. Yes, FOUR.

Space Invaders

Play the free 3d slots of Space Invaders


Not to be confused with the land-based Casino Slot machine that features a skill-based bonus game, this version, present in the free 3D Slots online games circuit, is far more straightforward, a Playtech favorite with ten paylines, five reels, and a 96.16 percent RTP.

With that being said, the Space Invaders online 3D slot is still awesome, with a classic arcade game look and feel that really adds to the immersion.

The lower payout symbols are the 8-bit villains, but they can be shot by the little cannon below reels two and four and turned into Wild symbols if it helps you win a payout.

However, if the cannon shoots the UFO on the third reel, the UFO Wild Feature is triggered, granting the player a re-spin with additional Wild symbols.

Space Invaders isn't geared toward big fans of the game like the brick-and-mortar Slot machine, giving it a more universal appeal while still leaving its enthusiasts the true-to-the-classic styling.


3d Slots Free No Download


Balloonies is a Slot with spectacular visuals and stunning graphics reserved for the most discerning eyes, one of those Slot machines in 3D you'll stumble upon and maybe brush off for its cutesie balloon animal theme.

When you play it, it's not long before you're sucked into its near-unmatched quality and fluidity, and special features that always have us floating high.

To start, every time you have a winning combination on Balloonies, those symbols disappear and get replaced with more, which could trigger another win and so on.

But somehow, the five reels and twenty lines still leave room for more, with Star symbols that automatically award 2x, 3x, or 5x the line bet, and Bonus symbols that can automatically double your total wager. There's also the hedgehog Wild symbol.

Three Bonus Balloons trigger the free games feature, which brings you up into the night sky, has you pick from three balloons, and special rules apply as you spin for free that can really rack up the winnings.

Balloonies is a cute way to win a lot of money, an impressively designed IGT Game rocking a 94.315 percent RTP.


play the free 3d slots of Beowulf


Since being acquired by Playtech in 2016, Quickspin has only got better. And one of their most enduring Slots is still a hot pick in 2020 for multiple reasons.

Themed on what may be the oldest surviving long poem written in Old English, the epic tale tells of the great hero Beowulf, whose mighty presence serves as the centerpiece of this heroic Slot.

At any moment in time, as you play this 25-line, five-reel game, the Grendel Attack feature can be triggered, which includes sticky wild symbols and re-spins, depending on the random result.

The standard Wild symbol can also take the place of any symbol except for Scatter.

But see three Scatter symbols appear, and that's what embarking on this adventure was all about.

You're taken to a free spins bonus game area, where the way in which the reels stop determines a massive battle between Beowulf and the dragon.

The winner will determine how much you win, but fortunately, triggering the bonus means you've already won.

Planning to play 3D Slot machines online in 2020? Then take it back to the days of the predecessor of our language, and arguably the most famous fictional hero of its time.

Bounty of the Beanstalk

free 3d slots


Play free 3D online games for long enough, and you'll notice that different software providers will offer very similar games.

Well, sometimes this works to their advantage, as Ash Gaming saw what NetEnt did with the traditional Jack and the Beanstalk story and, in our opinion, made a better place to bet.

Jack, who looks permanently wide-eyed as we all probably would be if we had just seen the giant, is the Bonus Scatter, and three of them bring us to the top of the beanstalk, where, you guessed it! The bounty awaits… and the giant, too.

You pick treasure in front of the sleeping beast without waking him up to claim that bounty. Getting three of the golden treasures in this round rewards you with the progressive jackpot, which is sure to be thrillingly high.

But Jack isn't the only Scatter symbol: the giant is too. When three or more of him appear (yikes!), it's free spins time, where the giant tries to squish Jack while he is running across the reels, turning the symbols he steps on into additional bonuses!

50 lines. Five reels. Two bonus games. Multiple specialty symbols. A classic theme.

A progressive jackpot.

If Bounty of the Beanstalk doesn't have it all, then the other Jack and the Beanstalk games definitely don't.

Boom Brothers

Boom Brothers 3d Slots Game free at Casino


We feel like we should have a rollercoaster-like warning sign for Boom Bothers because it's noticeably more exciting than even the more exciting 3D Slots out there.

You never know what's going to happen, and we mean that in the best way possible.

Another five-reel, 20-line NetEnt gem (pun intended) is a mining-themed, explosion-heavy Slot that burrowed itself deep into our brains as an essential 2020 Slot.

I mean, what doesn't it have?

You can play up to 20 lines and up to five coins per line.

A bonus game involves randomly selecting carts to get the corresponding dwarf miners to their rubies, gold, or diamonds.

A feature where you build a railway track that pays out on your whole wager. Free spins where all winnings are tripled.

The second chance feature with a dwarf pops out, throws a bomb on a no-win spin, and gives you a re-spin. The list goes on.

It's tough not to imagine someone scouring the internet for the best among 3D Slots games, coming across Boom Brothers, and just going: Boom. This is it.

The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man is one of the best 3d casino slots


A horror tale for the ages, The Invisible Man tells the tale of an extraordinary mind turned extraordinary body, one that holds a power so intrusive that it drives him mad.

But The Invisible Man Slot has been doing the opposite of driving us mad: we think it's crazy awesome.

This NetEnt favorite holds devilishly high winning potential, where you can bet up to 10 coins on twenty paylines.

You'll quickly notice that the police detective Wild symbol on the first reel moves one reel to the right during every re-spin, and the invisible man Wild symbol moves one over to the left from the fifth reel every re-spin.

When they merge together, free spins are activated, and if you're lucky, one of the two meters at the top will fill up and trigger one of the two bonus games.

In-depth, immersive, and just the right amount of spooky, The Invisible Man Slot rewards the more daring bettors who play 3D Slots online, at least in terms of the theme. Otherwise, it's as safe a choice as it gets.


3d slots free


Online Casino is like going to the Casino without hassle, and one of the most heart-pounding Slot machines in 3D is like running with the bulls in Pamplona without danger.

Rather than playing across paylines, this five-reel Slot offers coin play with 1,024 different ways to win and a 96.03 percent RTP.

The high payout symbols fit the theme well, and the bullfighter symbol is a Wild that can take the place of other symbols to create winning combinations, and it doubles any wins it makes happen.

But the three Scatter symbols unlock a free spins bonus game that's unique in that it gives you the freedom to choose one of the five options of free spins and "up to" multiplier combinations.

You can choose as few as five free spins, which can come with up to a 20x multiplier, or you can have as many as 30 free spins with up to just a 3x multiplier.

The power is in your hands!

Watch out for the horns, choose your El Toro Bonus wisely, and remember to hope for those Wild and Scatter symbols.

Pamplona might not be the most in-depth Slot, but it's charging into 2020 with a lot to offer.

The Three Musketeers and the Queen's Diamond

This new 3d slots is amazing - play for free!


Playtech and their lengthy names. Well, at least this one actually deserves it!

Blending approachable silliness with exhilarating action and adventure, The Three Musketeers and the Queen's Diamond might be exhausting to say, but it offers breathtaking visuals and striking features worth noticing.

Of the free 3D Slots online games you'll stumble upon, this one stands out for its three different scatters, each of which triggers its own free game.

With one, you get a re-spin with three sticky Wilds, another gives you a re-spin with a Wild that takes up a full reel, and the third asks you to pick one of the two bags of gold.

Choose one, win the cash prize! There's also a free games feature, where you win up to 24 free spins and can continue to win more.

But what of the Queen's Diamond?

That has its own bonus game too, this one has you going through different paths and obstacle course that, if you're lucky, will be easily navigated to fortunes untold (or up to 7x your total wager and then some.)

The Three Musketeers and the Queen's Diamond is a standout, and not just because its title always has a…Casino lobby preview.


Grease 3D Slots Online


One of the newest 3D Slots out there is Grease Slot.

Yes, the same Grease you think about. The cult musical comedy from 1978, featuring John Travolta and Olivia Newton.

It took Playtech a while to develop this movie-themed Slot but now we have it and it doesn’t disappoint.

This 3D Slots game has the usual five x three-reel structure and 20 paylines. But it’s packed with more special features than you can imagine.

Alongside the wilds, scatters, and respins, it has a bonus feature consisting of three different bonus games. And then there is the Free Spins feature as well as a Multiplier.

Oh, and did I mention the jackpots?

Yes, plural. There are two jackpots for both of the main characters – Danny’s Jackpot and Sandy’s one.

And that’s not the only thing that will remind you of the musical. All the symbols are based on the main characters and all things 50s. The background is a typical diner from these times.

And music. Don’t forget the music.

Spin the reels of the Grease Slot and you’ll hear the best tunes from the movie. And those are as iconic as it gets.

Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre 3D Slot


Some themes, including 3D Slots ones, repeat all over again. Egypt, dragons, Ancient Greece gods, kings and royalty in general, superheroes, fairy-tales…stop me when you get the idea.

It’s always surprising to discover a new theme. And Nacho Libre is a Slot with one.

Wrestling theme, that is.

Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

iSoftbet outdone themselves with this Slot. 3D wrestlers standing next to playing cards symbols, huge wrestlers occupying the whole reel or multiple rows at a time, wrestling ring as a background – not something you see every day.

Wrestlers have an attire as weird as it gets. And the sounds will make you feel as if you are watching wrestling live – the names of wrestlers are shouted out every few spins.

But don’t let it scare you off – the Slot can award you with many free spins.

Warning: you need to have a good sense of humor to play this 3D Slot. Or else you may not get the idea.

3D Slot Lucky Link Beats


3D Slots have a treat for all those party animals who spend a fair share of their time at nightclubs or enjoy electronic music to the fullest.

Electronic beats, 3D DJ set, headphones, music records, disco lights, and neon symbols – everything you need for a good night out…or a good Slot machine.

Not many Slots do their titles justice, but Lucky Link Beats definitely does. Music is an important part here. No typical Slot sounds - only electronic audio that matches your heartbeat.

That’s the best way to play and adds an extra layer of thrill.

And to make it even more exciting, you can trigger Free Games Bonus. It gives you multiple options: how many free games and multipliers to choose.

The bigger the multiplier, the fewer free games you get.

But that’s not all. Above all, SG Digital added four fixed jackpots: mini worth 30, minor 100, major 1,000, and grand 4,000 euros (or currency equivalent).

To top it all up, the Slot has 50 paylines in total and an RTP reaching above 96 percent.

King’s Honour

New 3D Slot King's Honour


Why play one Slot when you can have two 3D Slots in one?

King’s Honour is that kind of game to play. Developed by Bacrest and released in August, it’s one of the most unique and interesting Slots to play this year.

Well, royalty theme may not be that unique but before you skip this game, hear me out.

It has an RTP of 97.75 percent.

Yes, for a Slot machine, that’s a lot. And it makes sense. Remember that uniqueness I mentioned? It’s all in the structure.

King’s Honour has two sets of reels: five x four and five x twelve. That makes a total of 100 betways. And you can win a max of 500.000 coins.

The Slot is extremely dramatic. It starts with the music setting the mood and continues with knights and shooting arrows popping up during the free spins features. And 10 bonus feature games add to it as well.

YES, 10 of them!

It’s insane how many paylines and special features you can trigger in this 3D Slot. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before.


Newest 3D Slot by NetEnt - Berryburst


There are two types of players out there. The ones who love cult Slots that appear online a lot, and the ones who don’t.

Such Slot is Starburst. One of the most played 3D Slots online since 2013.

And while I've had enough adding it to Slots lists, there is a reason it’s still mentioned here. If you love the good old classic Starburst Slot, Berryburst is the game to play this year.

Some people have waited for a Starburst Slot “remake” by NetEnt ever since Starburst was released.

And five-year anniversary was a good chance to give players exactly that.

Kind of a Starburst Slot remake but better.

Better graphics, better symbols, and better RTP (96.23 percent). Plus, the symbols are more classic – the fruits instead of stars. And the Slot is brighter and more cheerful.

Do I even need to say more?

Astro Magic

3D Slot online Astro Magic


Wilds and scatters. Instant Bonus with free spins and multipliers. Galaxy Bonus round to increase your winnings tremendously. Cosmic and magical theme. Golden 3D zodiac symbols in a galaxy-like background.

That’s what Astro Magic is about.

Even if you don’t care about astrology, you will have to admit that this Slot looks like a piece of art. The colors, the 3D graphics, and even the music if you choose to keep the sound on.

It’s magical, exciting, and fun to play, too.

The Slot was created by iSoftBet, just like a couple other badass 3D Slots on this list.

The structure is simple – five reels and three rows. The Slot doesn’t burst with paylines either – you can hit only nine of those. Though, the RTP is quite impressive, as it goes above 96.5 percent.

Should you play Astro Magic? I’d say listen to the stars but…that’s where they are, in this Slot.

Disclaimer: Gambling is a game of chance and there's no sure-fire formula that guarantee winnings. You can improve your winning chances by using the right in-game strategies but there is no way to predict when a machine or a Casino game is going to pay. Also, this page contains affiliate links. If you click through and play, we might earn a commission. That’s what allow us to keep CasinoSmash free and bring you the best online Casino bonuses!

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