5 Easy Card Games That Anyone Can Play

5 Easy Card Games That Anyone Can Play

Playing cards is a great past time, whether you want to play with adults and have a bit of fun in the comforts of your own home, or you want to do it with kids to help build their interaction, mental and math skills.

However, many people lose out on the simple pleasure of enjoying a card game as they are too intimidated by the rules and regulations one has to learn about before playing many popular games like poker or bridge.

Thankfully, card games come in all size and shapes, ranging from easy, all the way to difficult.

In this article, we are going to look at some easy card games that anyone can pick up in a jiffy.

1. War (Head To Head)

This game is so easy that even kids can pick it up instantly. It is designed to be played by 2 players only and starts when the deck of cards is subdivided equally among the players.

After that, each player is deals one card starting from the top. The player who has the highest ranked card wins that particular round and gets to keep both cards. The War game continues till there’s only player standing who holds all of the cards in his or her hand.

2. Concentration

If your aim is to enhance the analytical and arithmetic skills of your kids, then this is the game you should play with them.

Concentration, which is also known as memory, pairs or pexeso, can be played by a minimum of two players to a maximum of six players - with one deck of cards. If there are more than six players involved then another deck of cards should be added.

The game is started by keeping all the cards face down on a table, usually in a big circle. The single most important object of the game then is to turn over matching pairs of cards. To do that, each player flips two cards in one go.

If the cards that have been flipped are a pair, they remain face up. If they are not a pair, they are put face down once again. The player who has the highest number of pairs wins this concentration game. Needless to say, a player who has a good memory, is the one with the highest probability to win this game.

3. 31

It is a game that requires basic math skill. Why? Because it requires players to add up their cards' face value until they can reach a total of 31.

A minimum of three players is needed in order to play this game. Every player begins with 3 cards face down, while the rest of the cards are placed in the center.

Players are only allowed to see their own cards, and the objective of the game is to have 31 (or as close to it as they can) as their total score before any other player does so. Each player takes turn picking one card straight from the pile at the center, while discarding a card from his or her own hand at the same time. Cards with number 2-10 are worth their face value. The ace is worth 11 points while the King, the Queen and the Jack are worth 10.

4. Chase The Ace

This is a simple card game that is best played with 5 or more players. The only aim of 'Chase the Ace' is to not get stuck with the lowest card when the game hands. In 'Chase the Ace' the King has the highest face value, while the ace has the lowest.

At the start of the game, each player draws a card from the deck and the one with the highest becomes the dealer. The dealer deals one card to each player and also gives them three counters each as well (Poker chips work best for this).

Each player then looks at the card that they have been dealt with and decided whether they want to keep it or to pass it on to the person next to them, who will have to accept their card unless they hold the highest card- the king. If they do, then they have to prove this by putting their card face up and they are declared immune for the rest of the round.

Once an exchange is made, the next player looks at the card handed to them to decide if they want to keep it, or hand it on to the next player and so on.

When it’s the dealer’s turn again, he takes his card and in case he wants to discard it, puts it at the bottom of the stockpile before he picks up a new one from the top. At this stage, all the players put their cards face up and the player with the lowest card rank puts a counter in the middle. Players who lose all their counters are considered out of the game.

5. My Ship Sails

Don’t let the simplicity of this game fool you. While the general premise of the game is rather basic, when played at a fast pace and by large number of players, this simple game can turn out to be quite the time consuming entertainer.

Usually played by 4 to 7 players, the game uses a single deck of cards - remember to remove the jokers. The dealer deals out seven cards to each one of the players in the game and places the remaining ones into a stockpile in the middle.

The goal of the players is to organize all their cards by suit. A player usually decides the suit that they choose to build, based on the kind of cards that have been dealt with. Here's an example: if you have been dealt four diamonds then you’ll pretty likely build on that.

A player takes one of the cards that they don’t want and pass it face down to the next player who can then decide to keep it or pass it on. The player continues like this until the time that one of the players has seven cards of the same suit and the first one to do so shouts 'my ship sails' and wins the game.

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