Aces and Faces Video Poker: Beginner's Guide to Play Online

Aces and Faces Poker

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  • Aces and Faces is a variant of Video Poker
  • You need a Pair of Jacks or better hand to win
  • The game has an RTP of 99.26 percent

Do you want to play an exciting online game with high return to player (RTP) that pays real money?

Then Aces and Faces Poker is a game for you.

It combines the basics of Poker and excitement of Slot machines into one game. To top it off, the RTP of that game gives in only to Blackjack with basic strategy.

But do you really know how to play Aces and Faces Poker?

If you don’t, it’s time to change that.

How to Play Aces and Faces Poker

Video Poker is easier than most of Casino card games. Mostly because you don't need to beat the dealer.

You just need to make a winning hand.

In Aces and Faces Poker (and many other Video Poker variants), it's Jacks or better.

Thus, Jacks or higher Pair brings you the minimum payout while getting better hand increases it.

The game is not rocket science. But if you want to win, it’s essential to know how to play Aces and Faces Video Poker and how the game pays.

aces and faces video poker online

In a nutshell, Aces and Faces Poker game goes like this:

  1. You select your bet size
  2. You’re dealt five cards
  3. You choose which cards to hold
  4. Remaining cards are replaced
  5. You either win or lose
  6. You collect your winnings or gamble

Let’s take a look at each of these steps.

1. Bet size

In Aces and Faces Poker selecting bet size means two things:

  • you need to select your coin size
  • you need to select how many coins you want to wager

Coin size starts at 0.25 and goes all the way up to 5. Each round you can wager from 1 to 5 coins.

Your total bet size is equal to your coin size you bet multiplied by the coins wagered:

  • if you wager minimum (1 coin x 0.25-worth), your total bet is 0.25
  • if you wager maximum (5 coins x 5-worth), your total bet is 25.

Many players set their total bet size by adjusting the coin size but not the number of coins wagered.

Don’t do that.

Sure, in many cases it doesn’t matter how you adjust your bet. The total bet stays the same.

For example, if you bet 1 coin worth 5 or 5 coins worth 1, your total bet will be 5 either way. And the payout in cash for the winnings will stay the same.

But it differs when it comes to Royal Flush:

  • With a 1-coin x 5 bet, you’d get a payout of 500 coins: 2500.
  • With a 5-coin x 1 bet, you’d get a payout of 4000 coins: 4000.

See the difference?

2. Initial Hand

Initial Hand is what you get once you press Deal.

You’ll see five cards in front of you. They may already make up a winning hand (Jacks or better) or be far from it.

After you see the initial hand, you need to hold some of the cards (optional) and draw new ones.

3. Holding Cards

This is where the game really starts.

If your initial hand is already a winner, make sure to hold the cards that bring that win, e.g. the Pair of Jacks or Two Pair.

Picture this:

You get 7d-Kd-Ks-5d-10c as your initial hand.

aces and faces poker: holding cards
Initial hand: Pair of Kings

It already has a Pair of Kings - a winning hand. So, it makes sense to hold on to those Kings.

If you do, you have a guaranteed win of at least Jacks or better. Plus, it can still get better after the draw. You may get third and even fourth King or make Two Pair, Full House, etc.

4. Final Hand

After you choose which cards to hold and click Draw, the cards that were not held are replaced by freshly dealt cards.

Remember the example above?

If you had 7d-Kd-Ks-5d-10c as your initial hand and kept the Kings, 7d, 5d, and 10c will be replaced by the new cards.

For example, now you may have Kc-Kd-Ks-2c-2h.

aces and faces poker: the draw
Final hand: You get yourself a Full House.

Even if you didn’t improve your initial hand with better ranking cards, you’d still have those two Kings which would also bring a win.

5. Payouts

Once you know your final hand, you know whether you win or lose:

  • Anything equal to or better than a Pair of Jacks wins
  • Anything less - loses

Aces and Faces Poker payouts depend on what kind of hand you land after the draw.

Your HandPayout
Jacks or Better5
Two Pairs10
Three of a Kind15
Full House40
Four of a Kind (2s to 10s)125
Four of a Kind (Jacks to Kings)200
Straight Flush250
Four Aces400
Royal Flush4000

The table shows payouts in coins when you play with 5-coin bets.

As you can see from the table, landing Royal Flush has the best reward - 10 times bigger than the second highest payout.

That’s why getting Royal Flush is often similar to winning a fixed jackpot in Slots games.

It’s rare but it happens. And it’s as rewarding as it gets.

6. Double Feature

When you win, there’s one more thing that you can do in the Aces and Faces Poker game.

Double your wins.

It involves a gamble feature called Double. It’s an optional game you can play to increase your winnings.

When you choose to Double, you get a new screen with five cards in front of you. The first card is face up, the remaining ones are face down.

You need to guess which of the cards facing down is higher than the one that’s face up.

aces and faces poker: double feature
Guess which card is higher and double your winnings!

If you pick the card correctly, your winnings from the main game are doubled. You can collect your winnings or risk with them and play Double again.

If you pick the card that has a lower value, your winnings are lost.

And you go back to the main game.

Aces and Faces Poker vs Aces and Faces Power Poker

Many Casinos offer Aces and Faces Power Poker instead of the basic variant.

Do you know how the games differ?

If you’ve played Video Poker before, you probably do.

Power Poker means that instead of one final hand, you get four final hands. Each of them will have the cards that you’ve held from the initial hand.

So, instead of betting on one hand, you bet on four hands at the same time. It makes your total bet amount four times higher, too.

Aces and Faces Power Poker
That's how Aces and Faces Power Poker looks like.

At the same time, you win for each of the hands that have Jacks or better.

For example, if you held a winning hand already (like Pair of Queens in the picture above), you know you’ll win all four hands.

Each may be as low as the minimum win (Jacks or better) or increase as the final hands are dealt (to Three of a Kind, Two Pairs, etc.)

Disclaimer: Gambling is a game of chance and there's no sure-fire formula that guarantee winnings. You can improve your winning chances by using the right in-game strategies but there is no way to predict when a machine or a Casino game is going to pay. Also, this page contains affiliate links. If you click through and play, we might earn a commission. That’s what allow us to keep CasinoSmash free and bring you the best online Casino bonuses!

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