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Top Online Casinos for Real Money Slots

The Best Online Casinos to Play Real Money Slots

Every player has their own favorite games, bonus preferences and website features depending on their betting style and geographical location.

While in the past the FBI warned betters to steer clear of online casinos, online casinos are rapidly becoming a popular and 100% legal way for players to enjoy their favorite games from home across the globe.

Before delving into the many factors that contribute to the player experience when entering an online casino network, we are going to explore the nature of slots games.

In this guide we will explain how slots work as well as some of the strategic do’s and don’ts when playing online slots at any online casino; for real money or just for fun.

What Are Online Slots and How do They Work?

What Are Online Slots and How do They Work?

Back in the day, slot machines were simple, clunky, three reeled casino games. Thanks to the age of technology, the world has seen a boost in not only the number of possible games to play, but also in the different features and themes available.

While the differences between slot games in terms of the number of reels and various themes will be discussed in more detail later, there are several terms for specific slots game features that most games do share and that you should be familiar with.

The Most Popular Online Slots
The Most Popular Online Slot Games

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While slots games can and do differ from many perspectives, there are a wide variety of game elements and bonus features that many have in common. If you frequently play slots games, then most of the terms below will be familiar. These different concepts have been divided into two categories, standard features and game-specific features.

Standard features include elements that all or most slots games have since they wereinvented in 1887.

These basic features include:

  • Bonus Games: Free Spin Rounds & Gamble Features
  • Coins
  • Paylines
  • Pay Tables
  • Progressive Jackpots
  • Volatility

Game-specific features on the other hand include elements that may or may not be included in different variations of the standard slots game structure depending on the machine or virtual game you are playing. Among these game elements are:

  • Cascading Reels and Tumbling Reels
  • Expanding Wilds and Sticky Wilds
  • Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols and Multiplier Symbols
  • Ways to Win & Win both Ways

Standard Features of Slot Games

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Before discussing the more unique features of slots games, it is advised to first learn the basic features that all slots games include.

Bonus Games & How They Help You Win!

Online Slots Bonus Games

The nature of these bonus games depends largely on the specific slots game you are playing. Once you hit a certain reel combination, a bonus game will appear that you can play for bonus wins that is activated for a certain period.

Once the period ends you will be redirected to the main game. The level of detail and duration of the bonus-round depends on your game of choice.

Free Spin Rounds on Online Slot Games

Online Slots Free Spin Rounds

Possibly the most common bonus game that slots feature are free spin rounds. The number of free spins depends on the game and, in some cases, the symbol combination the machine or game generates.

For virtual slots, free spins can also be acquired through special promotions, sometimes even deposit-free ones, that online casinos offer.

For a full list of active bonus codes visit our free spins page.

Gamble Features in Slot Games

This a bonus feature that was once upon a time included in classic fruit slots games. It is a bonus game that allows you to bet all your winnings and double it, or lose it all, by playing the bonus-round. Though not as commonly present as free spin rounds modern games, it is a very traditional feature that can be found in quite a few land-based or online casino slots games.

Online Slots: Gamble Features

Coins: Setting Coin Value & Betting Amounts

The coin concept, even for virtual classic slots games, are an integral part of what we know and love about them. Land-based casino slots require coins to work at all, but the online casino games have still stayed true to this classic symbol by incorporating the coin concept into the gameplay as a way of keeping track of your funds. Usually a coin will represent a certain monetary value, which you can select at the start of each spin.

Online Slots: Progressive Jackpots

Paylines: What Are They?

Online Slots: Paylines

Paylines are an incredibly important feature to understand, and that many people find confusing as they do not always follow the classic slots structure which only has one.

It is essentially the row of the grid that a player selects where matching symbols lead to a win. Depending on the number of reels, you can select more than one payline or even place a unique bet on each row.

How Pay Tables Work

Online Slots Pay Tables

The pay table is where you can find information on the specific rules and any special features of the slots game you are playing. When opening the pay table, you can familiarize yourself with important information that can help you decide if the game is worth playing at all and if the payout scheme suits your betting style. Ideally this should be done before playing the game, though you can usually access this screen at any time.

Progressive Jackpots: Why You Need to Know About Them!

While there are also fixed jackpot games, most online and land-based slots employ a payout system referred to as a progressive jackpot. In simple terms, this means that the jackpot increases with every player that uses the machine, rather than remaining an unchanged sum as can be seen with fixed jackpots.

Online Slots Progressive Jackpots

There is, however, a disadvantage in the sense that your selected machine may have recently paid a player out, reducing the jackpot significantly. Fortunately, there are plenty of fish in the sea and you should ideally aim to play on machines or virtual games that have jackpots boosted by past players.

Volatility: How Does It Affect Your Chances of Winning?

Volatility is a concept that is crucial to understand when selecting machines, as it takes a player’s bankroll budget and betting style into consideration.

High volatility machines payout less often, but the stakes are higher and the less frequent wins are much more generous.

Low volatility machines, which are recommended for people with a smaller budget, tend to pay less but more frequently. Depending on how deep your pockets are, you stand to gain more from either type. This depends quite a lot on Return to Player (RTP) percentages, which will be discussed later.

Game-Specific Features of Slots Games

Game-Specific Features of Slots Games

Now that the basics have been covered, there are some more unique features that slots have started to incorporate over the many years this classic game has existed. Game developers have formed creative and complex payout schemes based on the inclusion or exclusion of different special elements, which are explained below.

Cascading Reels and Tumbling Reels: How They Can Help You Win Big

As you may have already noticed, the reels of classic slots games tend to spin and then stop once your turn is over (hence the term ‘spin’ on most online slots game interfaces). To shake things up, some developers have incorporated different animation features such as cascading and tumbling reels.

Cascading Reels differ from spinning reels as the original idea is that the reels fall into position, the wins are calculated, and then you would need to bet again.

When playing with the Cascading Reels feature, first developed by WMS/Barcrest, all winning combinations disappear to make room for more symbols to take their place, and the turn only ends when the screen is filled with non-winning combos. On Barcrest slots games, there is also a multiplier of x10 added with each winning ‘cascade’.

Cascading Reels and Tumbling Reels: How They Can Help You Win Big

Image Credit: Online Casino and Poker Portal

Tumbling reels is a very similar concept developed later by Betsoft/IGT, the difference is mainly that neither Betsoft or IGT have incorporated the multiplier feature.

There are numerous other versions of this same concept such as NetEnt’s Avalanche Reels, where they refer to cascades as Free Falls and they trigger a free spin bonus. Microgaming includes Rolling Reels in their games and have, like Barcrest, added a multiplier feature for each consecutive win.

Expanding Wilds and Sticky Wilds

Wild symbols are the ‘joker’ equivalent of slots games so to speak. When your spin gives you a wild it can be counted as any other symbol existing in the game, aside from bonus and scatter symbols, increasing your chances of getting a winning payline.

Expanding Wilds and Sticky Wilds

Expanding wilds are simply the 21st century version of this concept, as they usually include a flashy animation that covers the entire screen. Sticky wilds, on the other hand, apply the same logic but the wild symbol remains on the screen for multiple rounds and compounding your chances for scoring matches.

Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols, Multiplier Symbols: How to Play them to Your Advantage

Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols, Multiplier Symbols: How to Play them to Your Advantage

The entire concept of slot games is based on getting rows of matching symbols per the paylines of the specific game you are playing. Certain symbols, however, are more valuable when it comes to guaranteeing wins than others.

Scatter symbols are unique in the sense that they do not need to play by the rules in terms of their position on the board. They are usually the highest paying in terms of straight-up winnings or will lead you to a bonus-round.

While we have mentioned wild symbols earlier, multiplier symbols are also an interesting feature when playing newer, and sometimes even older, slots games. As the name implies, the symbol multiplies your wins by a certain factor and can be found in bonus-rounds and even on regular reels for selected games.

Ways to Win

While standard slots paylines run from left to right, ways to win slots incorporate a more creative payline scheme where other, less common, lines can result in wins. Details of such information, if relevant to the game you choose to play, can be found in the game’s play table.

Win both Ways

This feature refers to the paylines of the slots game you’re on and is an incredible feature that you would be wise to take full advantage of should you see it in a game. When activated, your paylines work from either direction of the screen and, in most cases, also from up or down and improves your odds of winning significantly.

How to Win Big Playing Slots: Winning Techniques, Strategies and Secrets

How to Win Big Playing Slots: Winning Techniques, Strategies and Secrets

Now that the basic and more advanced features of slots games have been covered, a foundation of knowledge on the nature of the game has been established. To determine what online casino offers the best deals for you, you would also need to establish your own strategy that suits your wallet and temperament.

There are psychological distinctions about open and closed personality types, namely introverts and extroverts, and one can apply a similar theory to betting.

While there are several rules of thumb that successful slots players apply to their tactics, regardless of their betting style, it is important to understand what level of volatility you are comfortable with before starting to play.

Slots Tips
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As explained earlier, volatility is measured by the frequency of payouts and relative size of each payout. For conservative betters, who prefer slow and steady wins, it is recommended that you choose low volatility games.

There are, of course, betters who live for the thrill of high stakes bets, much like Vegas gambler Ashley Revell, whose all-on-red bet at a Vegas roulette table inspired American Idol judge Simon Cowell to launch his game £77 game show, Red or Black.

While this is an extreme case, if you are encouraged only by large wins and have enough money in your bankroll to play the long-game, then high volatility games would suit your high-roller personality better. There are several factors that determine the volatility of a slots game:

  • Type of Jackpot
  • Return to Player (RTP) Percentage
  • Hit Frequency

How to Pick a Winning Slot Machine

The payout from slot machines heavily depends on various key factors, luck being only one of them. The first of which is whether the jackpots are fixed or progressive, as this will determine the maximum potential returns. It is also important to understand the concept of Return to Player (RTP) and Hit Frequency when selecting your machines.

Progressive vs Fixed Jackpots: Which One is Right for You?

The difference between progressive and fixed jackpots, as already outlined earlier, is exactly as their names suggest. One increases with time while the other remains fixed regardless of how many players have poured their funds into it.

When choosing between these two options, the concept of volatility comes into play again. Progressive jackpots are by nature more volatile, and the programming is designed to pay out more while less frequently. The opposite can be said about fixed jackpots, that pay out less but more consistently.

Return to Player (RTP) Rate: What Is It and How Does it Affect my Wallet?

eturn to Player (RTP) Rate: What Is It and How Does it Affect my Wallet?

RTP, or Return to Player, is a percentage value that casinos use to explain the odds of winning at slots machines or online games. While this is a seldom disclosed figure, you can Google the RTP of specific games to find out which ones are more likely to pay out than others. The percentage essentially tells you how much of the total amount of money put in from all players is returned.

This does not in any way guarantee that, for example, if the RTP is 85% that you will always get back 85% of what you put in. This is an average score that is calculated based on a Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm each game is run by.

RNG programming is commonly used for a wide variety of applications and how each machine is specifically designed affects the RTP.

If you would be guaranteed to receive 60% of your funds, then you would be crazy to play slots at all. Fortunately, this is not how it works. Slots, over an extended period, always favor the house. With the previously mentioned 60% RTP example, the house’s advantage can be calculated at 40%.

You can essentially look at this figure as the casino’s operating profit margin. This means that if you play for an extended period of the time, the house is likely to earn 40% of whatever you put into the machine. Most slot games have RTPs closer to 90%, so don't worry!

The way to win big on slots is to take this percentage into account, and aim for machines with higher RTPs which unfortunately tend to have fixed rather than progressive jackpots. The reason for this is that casinos need to find ways to leverage their own advantage, and if the RTP is high then the return rate is usually lower.

While low RTPs may be perceived as bad news for players, they usually earn these low values by giving out less frequent wins. This often means fewer wins for many, but larger jackpots for a lucky few.

Hit Frequency

While RTP is a percentage that is related to the overall payout of machines, Hit Frequency is a value that tells you how often a selected slots game lands on a winning combination.

This is an incredibly important statistic, as it will give you a good idea of how consistent the wins are and how volatile your game of choice is. If the Hit Frequency of a game is 5%, which is relatively low, then 5% of all spins will give you a winning combo. The amounts, however, are more likely to be higher than a game with a bigger Hit Frequency value.

While this is the general rule, if you are serious about maximizing your returns while playing slots then it is wise to try and determine both the Hit Frequency and RTP of a game to determine if the odds are in your favor.

Online Slots Bankroll Management & Money Saving Tips

Online Slots Bankroll Management & Money Saving Tips

Considering all this information, how can you use it to your advantage when selecting games and which online casinos to play them in? The following tips are crucial to your success when playing online slots and should be taken as guidelines when deciding where to play online, or whether to play at all.

The No-Nonsense Guide to Managing Your Bankroll

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Tip 1: Join the club
The best way to increase your odds when playing slots games is to join loyalty or VIP programs. Top online casinos all feature their very own unique programs and conditions where you can receive all kinds of offers ranging from consistent percentage returns on your deposits to various prizes including trips, discounts and rebates.

Tip 2: Choose your game wisely
Now that the volatility of slots and the features have been explained, it is crucial that you choose one that suits your own expectations and bankroll. This means choosing the right kind of jackpot, RTP range and Hit Frequency that you find suitable.

Winning big is great, but you need to make sure you are also having a good time! Nothing will ruin a casino experience more than playing a game you feel doesn’t fit with what you are comfortable with.

Tip 3: Slow and steady wins the jackpot
Slots games are, in a way, rigged to make you lose over longer periods of time. Therefore, the faster you play the higher the chances of emptying your account. The objectives of playing slots should be, first and foremost, to have fun and then earn some money.

The key to enjoying yourself, staying focused, and outsmarting the RNG system that runs all slots games is to take your time and stretch out your bets as far as possible.

Tip 4: Don’t be optimistic, be realistic
Hope and optimism are often synonymous with slots game play, but for those of you looking to play as professionals you should eliminate this mindset when approaching any casino game.

Don’t be blindsided by the glitz and glamour of slots game animations and pay attention to the facts. Keep in mind that it is impossible to predict any future combinations as there is no mathematical pattern.

This is outside your control.

Accepting this will help you pay attention to the elements that you can control, such as betting amounts and your choice of game, that can be realistically translated into guaranteed wins.

Tip 5: Don’t spend money you don’t have

This is a painfully obvious ‘tip’, but unfortunately too many people still feel that using their rent money at the casino is a wise way of getting rich. Betting money you don’t have is a fool’s errand and a sign of addictive behavior which can lead to tragic losses.

If you feel inclined to play but don’t have the spare cash, play demo games. If that doesn’t satisfy the urge, then you need to seek help.

Tip 6: Consider the fact that slots may not be for you
Slots are a game for the adventurous better, who enjoys the element of randomness and the simplicity of slots gameplay. The art of modern slots games is that they are entertaining without being mentally taxing. For some this is relaxing, and for others the lack of tactical involvement can be infuriating.

If you enjoy the idea of playing online slots, but crave more game play, we advise you to try video poker. The game shares many similarities with standard online slots games, but involves a significantly higher degree of involvement as well as tactical knowledge.

The RTP is usually lower, but because you can influence the Hit Frequency by selecting cards for each round, your skills can positively influence the consistency of returns depending on how well you can master the game.

How to NOT Play Slots Games

The internet, while full of glorious advice and information, is also plagued with nonsense and awful tips; especially when it comes to playing casino games.

Fail Strategy 1: The Play & Run Tactic
The Play & Run strategy demonstrates just how much people can take things too literally. In this case, some slots players have concluded that to best improve your odds, and avoid losing to the house, you should hop from game to game and play a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes on each one. The logic behind this strategy is to avoid playing for too long.

Based on the RTP and RNG systems slots operate with, the longer you play the more likely you will lose. While this is technically true, jumping from machine to machine does not improve your odds at winning nor does it decrease them.

The reel combinations are completely random. While you should avoid playing the same game for six consecutive hours, you can safely enjoy a couple of hours on one game before switching to the next one.

Fail Strategy 2: The Zig Zag System
This is a prime example of people choosing optimism over logic; there are no discernible patterns on slots games. This is a strategy that is more relevant for land-based slots, but essentially the objective is to find machines with a V or X shaped symbol pattern which are assumed to be more likely to payout quickly than others. This totally unfounded theory is surprisingly popular, but as you should know by now, there is no pattern and therefore this is simply a waste of time.

Fail Strategy 3: Judging Machines as Cold or Hot
Referring to online slots games as cold or hot involves checking if a player has recently won the jackpot or not. This is possible to check for progressive jackpot slots games, where based on the amount you can see if anyone has cashed on recently. Unfortunately, this implies, once again, that slots games operate with a pattern.

They don’t.

A ‘cold’ machine will not guarantee you a win any more than ‘hot’ one, because the combinations are random. In a real-world context, statistical probabilities are based on a natural pattern that dictates series of events, biochemical structures, historical events, etc.

Based on this natural law, if for example you survive a plane crash, then you are less likely to end up on a crashing plane than someone who hasn’t. Slots are programmed with their own set of algorithmic patterns, therefore this application of day to day logic does not mathematically work. 

Where Can I Play Slots Online for Real Money?

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Now that you are an expert on the tactics and features of online slots games, you are ready to take on the task of finding an online casino that meets your individual expectations and goals.

The following in-depth review of all the major and not so major online casinos will give you enough insight into the how and what of the slots game market. In this expert article, we will offer an extensive report on the following topics, allowing you select the optimal games, jackpots, tournaments and online casinos to maximize your bankroll.

  • Featured Games
  • Featured Jackpots
  • Slots Tournaments
  • Bonuses & Promotions
  • Customer Support
  • Mobile Play Options
  • Conclusion

Before making any comparisons, it is important to go over the various categories of slots games both in terms of game structure and theme. Over the years, the level of creativity and effort developers have invested in new games has increased substantially.

Thanks to the gaming industry's consistent innovations, new themes and features on slot games are seemingly infinite. Just about every possible concept or idea has been converted into a unique slots game, which we will attempt to cover comprehensively.

How to Choose a Slots Game

Before you can form a solid slots strategy, you should have a general overview of the different types of online slots games available. Each type of game has its own unique set of rules as well as varying bonus structures and odds. There are three major categories of slots games from a structural point of view, these are:

  • Three Reel Slots
  • Five Reel Slots
  • Video Slots

Three Reel Slots
Three reel slots are otherwise known as the classic slots model. As the name suggests, these games have only three reels and operate with the traditional payline model which usually includes on one payline per game. All slots models are based on this earliest version of the game. Nowadays the most popular category of slots machines are five reel slots.

Five Reel Slots
The clear majority of modern slots games fall into this category, which essentially adds two more reels to the classic version of the game. Five reel slots add a lot of excitement to the game as they usually also have multiple paylines and significantly more bonus features. This is not only an advantage in terms of your winning odds, the jackpots tend to be much larger, but is also much more entertaining to play.

Video Slots
All online slots games are, essentially, video slots as the reels are animated on a computer screen. The first video slots game was invented in 1975 by Walt Fraley.

The game was called Fortune Coin and while video slots are widespread in both land and online casinos, people only started trusting these industry revolutionizing games in the early 80s. This was an incredibly important historical development as they were the forefathers of online slots games.

It wasn’t until these types of slots were invented that bonus features and rounds were included in the slots game experience.

Despite the different types of slots games available, most online video slots varieties are five reel slots games. While there are a lot of similarities between games in terms of the multi line payout systems, bonus add-ons, and pay tables, each game has a unique combination of elements that make the sets its game play apart from others.

One of the best ways developers do this is by incorporating a theme, the most popular of which can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Fruits
  • Jewels, Gems and Gold
  • Movies and Music
  • Arcade, Adventure and Sports


Online Slots: Fruit

As a throwback to the original slot theme, fruit games make up some of the most popular online slots games on the market. The simply concept is fun to play, especially for players who long for the authentic feel of machine slots while playing online.

This nostalgic effect appeals to a large percentage of players in combination with great jackpots and bonus features that have been added to this category games over the years.

Top rated games in this category are:

  • Fruit Mania
  • Energy Fruits
  • Magic Fruits
  • Magic Fruits 81
  • Fruitastic
  • Stickers

You can find each of these games on Energy Casino’s ‘Slots’ page, while you can only find Stickers on Mr. Green and none of the games above on Bet365. Both Mr. Green and Bet365 do offer other popular fruit games such as Ninja Fruits and Fruit Warp.

Jewels, Gems and Gold

Jewels, Gems and Gold

An obviously enticing theme for slots games are jewels, gems and gold. The reason for the surging popularity of games with this class of slots games is the visual connection between riches and what you would aim at receiving in return for being a loyal player.

Top rated games in this category are:

  • Mega Fortune
  • Starburst
  • Dazzle Me
  • King of Slots
  • Retro Reels Diamond Glitz
  • Gold of Persia

All the games mentioned above can be found on both Energy Casino and Mr. Green, while from the list Retro Reels Diamond Glitz can also be played on Bet365.

Movies and Music

Nothing beats reliving some of your favorite movies or albums in the form of an interactive game. One very popular theme for slots games are famous films, TV shows as well as famous musicians, where the magic of beloved stories and tunes are used to inspire creative versions of your favorite slots games.

Top rated games in this category are:

Energy Casino features all games included in the list above aside from X-Men, which can be found on Paddy Power Casino. From the list, Game of Thrones 243 Ways can also be played on Bet365, while Mr. Green features Jimi Hendrix, Guns n’ Roses and South Park.

For more information on the best online slots games in this category we have given a more detailed description of the best games available right now. Click here for more info.

Arcade, Adventure and Sports

Finally, another action-packed category of slots games involves the merging of adventure themes or sports with slots game tactics. Options in this theme range from professional sports and Greek mythology to cute piñata themed game layouts and the wild west.

Top rated games in this category are:

Once again, Energy Casino offers these hit slots games, as does Mr. Green aside from Football Mania. Bet365’s online casino features Mega Moolah from this list of games which also happens to have one the best progressive jackpots of all slots games.

So, where can I find the best online slots games?

Now that the most common themes and games have been described, the following section will outline the games with the best jackpots in terms of their amounts, where you can find them, and the payout options for various online casinos.

Where Can I Find the Best Online Slots Jackpots?

When it comes to online casino games, and pretty much anything that involves money, jackpot is the word you want to hear. When it comes to slots games, as discussed earlier, you would need to decide as a player if you prefer progressive jackpots or fixed ones.

Of course, this depends on what your preferred pace is and whether you are motivated by consistent or big wins. Below we will explain exactly how slots jackpots work and how you can incorporate this information into choosing a game that will make you rich.

Online Slots Jackpots: What Are They and How They Can Make You a Millionaire?

To make your fortune playing slots online you need to be aware of the highest paying jackpots and understand how the system of payouts work. The following table includes the top ten progressive slots jackpots in terms of the amounts.

If you are a bold better who is motivated by big wins then these are the games to play.

Top Progressive Slots Jackpots

RankGameDeveloperJackpot Value
1Mega MoolahMicrogaming5.5Million
2Mega FortuneNetEnt4 million
3The One Colossal CashPartyGaming4.25 million
4Jackpot GiantPlayTech3.5 million
5Millionaire GenieAsh Gaming3.4 million

These quantities, because they are progressive, can change over time. When it comes to the biggest jackpots in online slots history, Guinness Book of World Records holds the single largest jackpot payout to be €17,861,813 on Mega Fortune.

Mega Fortune has the second largest progressive in the table above (again, this table is to give an indication of the potential wins rather than give a definitive value). Mega Moolah, holding first place, is renowned for its generous jackpots as it does not have one, nor two but four jackpots of various levels.

The one featured above is for their mega category jackpot, the game also has mini, minor and major jackpot categories.

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In terms of becoming a millionaire, your best bet is to stick to games with large jackpots. It is important to keep in mind that you can join in on the fun from various online casinos, and that you are competing with players from various sites aside from your own platform of choice.

Considering the quantity of online casino options, the second most important factor that will determine whether you can become an instant millionaire once you do win are your chosen casino’s specific payout policies. We will outline the policies of our top three recommended casinos below.

Online Casinos and their Jackpot Payout Policies

Every online casino reserves the right to outline their own specific terms and conditions. While fair is fair and, so long as you stick to a licensed casino and have played in accordance to their policies, then you more than likely can cash out your winnings as soon as all the financials are processed. Unfortunately, there some rogue casinos that do not operate with a valid license.

You can find a list of these blacklisted casinos to avoid here. Rogue casinos aside, the question of how long will you have to wait and what are the terms of payment remains and can be answered by looking at the payout conditions of your chosen casino.

Mr. Green’s Jackpot Payout Conditions

This casino is highly recommended for prospective online slots players due to its legitimacy and variety of offered games. In terms of their payout conditions there are, as with most online casinos, withdrawal fees depending on the amount of money being withdrawn from your account.

These amounts are negligible as below €100 it is only €1 and above this amount the fee is 1% of the total amount. However, if a player wins over €100,000 the casino reserves the right to divide this amount in a maximum of ten installments and charge a 10% monthly fee until the full amount is paid.

Energy Casino’s Jackpot Payout Conditions

Energy Casino is one of, if not the best, places where you can find slots games with the biggest jackpots. Therefore, their specific conditions are extremely relevant when it comes to withdrawing large amounts of cash.

As always, the casino emphasizes the importance of providing legitimate identification documents and will request original copies once you make a request to withdraw a large win. The maximum withdrawal per day is €5,000, which when compared to Mr. Green means that you withdraw your wins more quickly.

The terms and conditions outline the possibility to request for an exception to this rule, but this is handled on a case by case basis.

Bet365’s Jackpot Payout Conditions

While Bet365 offers an excellent selection of games, including those with large progressive jackpots such as Jackpot Giant, their payout conditions are bit more vague.

While one advantage is that there is no set maximum withdrawal amount, you would need to consult with the casino if you want to withdraw more than £20,000 or currency equivalent. Some geographically specific information for players in Germany is that all German residents will be subject to a 5% charge on all winning returns.

To conclude, depending on how much you win and, in some cases, where you are residing, certain online casinos will be more favorable than others in terms of withdrawal charges and regulations. Since players do not win jackpots every day, both Bet365 and Energy Casino emphasize that special arrangements need to be made for larger wins.

However, in terms of clear and precise withdrawal information available, we recommend Energy Casino due to their transparent guidelines and emphasis on security and customer identification conditions.

What are Online Slot Tournaments?

Slots tournaments, while they also include their own jackpots, operate somewhat differently. For players who are looking for a little extra competition and excitement while enjoying their favorite games, understanding how slots tournaments work, what the standard buy ins are, and how to find the best ones is incredibly important.

For a detailed information on what tournaments are currently available and how they work,click here.

Of course, you can also just continue reading the quick overview below!

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Where Can I Find the Best Online Slot Tournaments?

Unlike traditional slots games, which are solitary by nature, tournaments can be described as a multiplayer edition of a game. Usually they involve an initial payment, however on certain online casino pages such as Energy Casino or BGO Casino (which we also recommend highly), you can also enter freeroll slots without making any initial payment if you want to get some experience before playing big.

For more information on online slots tournament strategies, click here.

Tournament Prices

Aside from freeroll slots, players would need to invest some money in the form of a ‘buy in’. This amount is fixed and therefore all players have an equal playing field when entering the slots tournament. These tournaments are, of course, restricted to a single game.

One example that is running now is Energy Casino’s Game of the Week Tournament, where each week of November they select a new game in which to host a tournament. This is just one example of running tournaments, as these events are happening more frequently than you would think.

Frequency of Featured Tournaments

This again depends heavily on the online casino you choose to join. Certain casinos are more active, and creative, than others when it comes to finding interesting themes for their game tournaments.

Energy Casino’s tournaments page can be found as one of the main menu’s buttons. The page features a countdown clock for all active and upcoming tournaments, one of the themes aside from the Game of the Week Campaign include Back to the Classics, where classic slots games such as Starburst, Fruit Mania, and Magic Fruits are featured each week for a tournament. Another example is Energy Casino’s Weekend Energy Challenge.

This series of tournaments includes the site’s top rated games such as Mega Moolah, Immortal Romance, Mega Fortune and Dazzle Me. When it comes to the frequency of tournament events, Energy Casino has one the most active tournament pages out there.

Best Online Slots Tournaments

When judging the best or worst tournaments to enter, the most important aspect a prospective player needs to be aware of is the number of entrants. The more players joining the pool, the bigger the pot will be.

It is therefore crucial to select from our recommended online casinos, as have the largest number of loyal members and tournament participants. Due to the level at which Energy Casino promotes their tournaments, and the fact that they host several on a weekly basis, if you are looking for an opportunity to enjoy your favorite games with other fans for a tempting amount of cash we recommend you begin your search there.

Online Slots Bonuses and Promotions

Room BonusRatingGet the Offer
Not available in your country
Not available in your country
Not available in your country

Slots bonuses including deposit matches, deposit free cash, and free spins are words that every slots game player should be keeping an eye out for.

Most legitimate casino’s offer special deals for new members in the form of a welcome bonus, and many even continue to reward their loyal members after they have registered. Below we will explain the different types of bonuses and the general conditions that apply in most online casino rooms.

We will also outline the various offers given by our top online casinos Energy Casino, Bet365 and Mr. Green.

How Do I Get Free Spins?

How Do I Get Free Spins?

The concept of free spins is as simple as it sounds. Some online casinos offer spins for prospective casino members as a way of welcoming them to the club, or for their existing group of members as a reward or, sometimes, a tournament prize. Depending on the offer, free spins are given out when players make their initial deposit or are given deposit free when entering a bonus code.

When it comes to free spins offers for online slots games, the options are vast. Some do not even require a bonus code, although many do and some casinos even offer free spins deposit free.

To get a more comprehensive overview of our recommended casinos’ active offers for free spins, visit our Free Spins page where we feature dozens of bonuses from highly praised casinos and as well as bonus codes.

Welcome Bonuses for New Casino Members

Each online casino has its own unique way of rewarding new members who choose to register on their sites. These types of bonuses are usually referred to as a Welcome Bonus and often do not require a bonus code. Depending on the online casino, and how much you want to deposit, some offers are more attractive than others.

Online casino Mr. Green, for example, Bet365offers members two simultaneous offers if you register a minimum deposit of £20 or currency equivalent.

You will receive 100 Welcome Bonus spins on the game Starburst as well as a bonus match deposit, where Mr. Green will double your initial deposit of up to £100. Bet365 offers a similar welcome bonus, minus the free spins. If you make a minimum deposit of €10, Bet365 will match the amount up to €100.

When it comes to quantity, Energy Casino has the most attractive welcome bonus offer of a match deposit bonus up to €200 with a minimum initial deposit of €10. The online casino also offers a bonus for newcomers who are ready to make their second deposit as well.

The Casino Reload Bonus offers 50% of up to €200 valid after you claim their Casino Welcome Bonus. While offering a second round of welcome bonuses is unique, there are plenty of other promotions all three top tier casinos offer for their existing members.

Special Offers for Existing Casino Members

Special Offers for Existing Casino Members

Fortunately for fans of online casinos and slots games, the bonuses do not end after the welcoming party. Bet365, Mr. Green and Energy Casino all offer additional prizes for existing members to claim.

Of the three, as mentioned previously, Energy Casino hosts the most slots tournaments that are sometimes held more than twice per week. These tournaments are an excellent opportunity for members to win free spins and, naturally, cold hard cash.

In addition to their tournaments, Energy Casino has several slots game campaigns.

The November Rocks campaign offers players of Jimi Hendrix, Guns n’ Roses and Motorhead slots games the chance to win a luxury Rockstar weekend in London worth almost €7,000 as the grand prize, followed by cash prizes of up to €5,000.

This great online casino also offers frequent bonuses for select slots games, where you can play and win up to €100 bonus cash almost every week.

Bet365 also takes care of their members, offering over 60,000 cash prizes that can be won when members enter prize draws on selected dates. The total payout for all prizes is a staggering €1,000,000, and players are eligible to win more than one prize so long as they have the funds to purchase a €11 draw ticket each round.

You can find tempting offers at Mr. Green as well if you are interested in Race Roulette. The grand prize is a BMW Z4, followed by a total of €10,000 worth of cash prizes for the rest of the lucky winners.

If your game of choice is slots, then you can find the most relevant cash prizes and offers through tournaments or active campaigns at Energy Casino where the offers don’t end after your registration.

Customer Support & Why It's So Important

Customer Support & Why It's So Important

The beauty of online casinos is that you do not need to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy an authentic casino experience. Because of this aspect of the online casino world, it is crucial that the information and support available online is stellar to ensure a comfortable and mutually beneficial experience for both the casino and its members.

Most online casinos feature a live chat service, extensive FAQs, telephone hotlines, and sometimes an email address for concerns.

To help you select the best online casino for playing online slots we have reviewed the online customer service features of Energy Casino, Bet365 and Mr. Green.

Which Online Casinos Offer the Best Customer Service?

Below we will describe how well each of our top recommended casinos offer customer service in the form of live chats, email or telephone support and FAQ listings.

Customer Support Review of Mr. Green
Like most top level online casinos, Mr. Green offers a 24/7 live chat service that can be easily accessed through the website’s front page.

Mr Green Online Casino Customer Service

You can also contact Mr. Green by email or telephone if that’s what you prefer. This feature can easily be found on a second tab when clicking the question mark on the screen’s top right margin.

Mr Green Online Casino Customer Service

While it is incredibly simple and easy to contact Mr. Green’s customer support team, unfortunately the site does not have a list of FAQs, which is sometimes an even simpler way of solving a problem.

Customer Support Review of Bet365
In terms of customer service features, online casino Bet365 offers the full package. When clicking on the menu’s help icon a new window pops up that begins by offering a long list of FAQs.

Bet365 Online Casino Customer Service

If you click on the Contact Us tab you can find a selection of links that connect you to either a live chat service, email contact form, telephone hotlines, and even a postal address.

Bet365 Online Casino Customer Service

In terms of speed, their customer support team is available almost instantly.

Bet365 Online Casino Customer Service

Customer Support Review of Energy Casino

Of the three, Energy Casino offers one of the simplest customer service interfaces as they feature a live chat, email, telephone service line and postal address for comments or questions all under the Help icon on their page.

Energy Casino Online Customer Service

Needless to say, Bet365, Energy Casino and Mr. Green are all excellent online casinos with stellar customer service features and response speed. If you have any questions that need answers, their teams are readily available to offer their help whether you are already a member or just interested in joining in the future.

Energy Casino Online Customer Service

Where Can I Play Mobile Slots for Real Money?

Where Can I Play Mobile Slots for Real Money?

The world is more mobile than ever, meaning that you can do pretty much anything that you do on a desktop on your smartphone as well.

Fortunately, the same fact applies to online casinos as many offer mobile versions and Android or iOS applications. Below we will explain how Bet365, Energy Casino and Mr. Green allow you to play games online.

Mr. Green Mobile Casino Play
While Mr. Green does not offer a mobile version of their site that would allow players to access accounts via mobile browser, their customized mobile application was voted by the 2016 Gaming Awards as Best Casino App of the Year & Most Innovative App. The application is available for only iOS and Android users and offers a mobile slots sign-up bonus of 100% deposit match and up to 440 free mobile slots spins.

Bet365 Mobile Casino Play
Bet365 has both a mobile friendly version of their website as well as their Bet365 Online Casino app that you can download through a link on their website. Unfortunately, the application is only available for iOS and Android, but still offers an attractive 200% match sign-up bonus of up to £200 when signing up.

If you have a Blackberry or Windows phone you can enjoy instant play through their mobile site through their mobile web browser.

Energy Casino Mobile Play
Whether you have an Android Smartphone or iPhone, or even a Windows powered or Blackberry phone for whatever reason, you can enjoy Energy Casino’s mobile application. When downloading, you can also receive mobile only bonus of up to €200 as a mobile slots sign-up bonus in the form of a 100% match and join thousands of others playing on the go.

How do I Download Mobile Casino Applications?

Some online casino applications are not available on iTunes or Google Play due to restrictions on gambling related games. However, you can always find a link included on the online casino’s main page through a simple search or take a quick look at their menu to find more information.

Conclusion: What is the Best Online Casino for Slots Games?

Conclusion: What is the Best Online Casino for Slots Games?

So, Where Can I Play Online Slots for Real Money?

Energy Casino, Mr. Green and Bet365 are all excellent casinos where players are guaranteed a great selection of games, excellent customer service and a fantastic range of tournaments and bonus offers promoted year-round. When taking a closer look at the specifics, and if you are interested in playing online slots we recommend Energy Casino of the three based on the following points:

  • Energy Casino offers the widest selection of top rated online slots games
  • Energy Casino hosts very frequent slots tournaments where you can win free spins, cash and trips around the world
  • Energy Casino’s Mobile Application allows Windows and Blackberry users to also enjoy the fun alongside Android and iPhone Users

How Do I Create Energy Casino Account and Start Playing Online Slots?

Creating an account on Energy Casino is incredibly quick and simple. Follow the step by step instructions below and you can become a member, with a decently sized bankroll, within minutes.

Step 1: Go to Energy Casino’s Home Page and Click Register

If you can’t spot the first one, you can easily find the second yellow Register button in a promo box on your right.

Play Slots Online for Money

Step 2: Fill in Your Information and Any Promo Codes (If Needed Only)

Currently there is no promo code required for the welcome bonuses for new players. All you need to do is fill in the information ad hit send.

Play Slots Online for Money

Step 3: Activate Your Account via Email
Within a few minutes you will receive an email from Energy Casino. Make sure you check your Spam folder if you don’t see it within a few minutes, and click on the link in the email. You will then be redirected to your newly activated account!

Where Can I find Online Slots Bonus Codes?

Now that you have an account, depending on which type of bonuses you are interested in, you can find out more about Energy Casino’s top offers among those from other accredited and recommended online casinos on Casino Smash.

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Disclaimer: Gambling is a game of chance and there's no sure-fire formula that guarantee winnings. You can improve your winning chances by using the right in-game strategies but there is no way to predict when a machine or a Casino game is going to pay. Also, this page contains affiliate links. If you click through and play, we might earn a commission. That’s what allow us to keep CasinoSmash free and bring you the best online Casino bonuses!

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