Blackjack Variants

Blackjack Variants: List of All The Blackjack Games

Can we guess how many blackjack variants do you know?

  • Blackjack is the most popular Casino card game in the world
  • Over the few centuries of its existence, players created many Blackjack variants
  • You will find the most popular of them in this article and you can play them all online here

The game of Blackjack exists for a couple of centuries now. But there hasn't yet been a Casino card game more popular or known worldwide.

And like any other game with such popularity, Blackjack has given birth to many variations. Most of them follow the original Blackjack rules with a twist here and there.

The best part, you don’t need to go to the Las Vegas Strip to play it nowadays. You can play Blackjack and its variants in small and big Casinos, both land-based and online alike.

And here comes a quick overview of some of the most popular blackjack variants. You can play them all online. If you know where, that is.

Spoiler alert: you can play them here.

Classic Blackjack

classic blackjack

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Classic Blackjack is the foundation of all variants. It is the simplest variation of Blackjack, thus, the easiest to learn. And that makes it the ideal game for the beginners.

The aim of this variant is to get 21 points (or anything close to 21) on their hand value and beat the dealer’s hand. And not to go over 21 in the process.

Most of the Blackjack variants have the same goal. The main difference is usually some extra moves the player can make meanwhile.

The options of doubling and splitting the pair of cards into two hands are possible in many variants. Some of them also have an option to take insurance. But these are not moves worthy enough to have their own variants.

Some options, though, are. And you will find them all in this article.

If you don’t find “Classic Blackjack” or “Blackjack” game when you play online, try searching for “American Blackjack”. It’s the same good old classic Blackjack.

European Blackjack

european blackjack

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Many players know that Roulette has American and European variants. But did you know that Blackjack has as well?

As already mentioned above, American Blackjack is the classic version of the game. Thus, usually called simply Blackjack.

And European version is not that far from the original.

The only difference between the games is that in American Blackjack the dealer gets both cards right away. One card face up and the hole card face down. In European Blackjack, the dealer gets the second card only after the player makes his or her first move.

Multihand Blackjack

multihand blackjack

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Picture this. You come to a Las Vegas Casino and ask to be dealt three or five Blackjack hands at the same time.

The dealer would think that you have many personalities or that you're a complete nut case. But it won't be like that at all if you choose online Casinos instead.

You can choose a Multihand Blackjack and play with one, two, three, four, or even five hands at the same time.

Playing more hands simultaneously means more chances of landing a winning hand. And more insight into the deck(s), so you know what cards are out and what cards may still come up. So, you can make better choices of when to hit, stand, double down, etc.

Other than that, there are no differences between Multihand Blackjack and Classic Blackjack. So, sometimes you can play Multihand Blackjack with one hand only and it would be same as playing Classic Blackjack.

Double Exposure Blackjack

double exposure blackjack

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Double Exposure Blackjack is also known as the Dealers Disclosure. It is another variant similar to Classic Blackjack.

What makes Double Exposure Blackjack different?
The dealer always plays their cards face up.

Yep, the players can see the cards the dealer holds right from the start. It makes it so much easier to come up with your Blackjack strategy and reduces the house edge. Plus, getting a blackjack from dealt cards pays 1 to 1 instead of the usual 3 to 2.

If the strategy is what got you into Blackjack in the first place, you must try this version of the game. If not, you can always nail the basic strategy here.

Single Deck Blackjack

single deck blackjack

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To avoid players using advantage play (mostly, card counting), Casinos usually use many decks at the same time during any Blackjack game.

I’m not talking about two or three decks we used in childhood to play games with more friends. Think six or eight decks at the same time. That makes card counting difficult or nearly impossible.

But that’s where Single Deck Blackjack comes into play.

Single Deck Blackjack games are played with a single deck. Duh.

So, even with the basic card counting skills, it can be very profitable.

Especially when you play multihand version. Let’s say, you get three hands. That’s six cards already. Plus, one of the dealers is clear. Seven cards out of the 52-card deck already. You know exactly what won’t show up again.

Don’t know how to count cards yet? Check out CasinoSmash guide to card counting in blackjack.

Blackjack Surrender

blackjack surrender

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As the name suggests, Blackjack Surrender provides you with a surrendering option.

When you feel like you have no chances of winning with the cards in your hands, you can surrender.

Sure, you won’t win. But you probably wouldn’t win either way. When you surrender, you get half of your wager back. That’s something, right?

Blackjack Surrender can be very beneficial for players who know when to surrender. Other than that, Blackjack Surrender follows the same rules as Classic Blackjack. So, you can learn it while playing. More on Blackjack Surrender here.

21 Burn Blackjack

21 burn blackjack

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When you play 21 Burn Blackjack, you get three cards instead of two: two cards face up and one face down. And then, you have not only the usual options to stand, hit, or double down, but also an option burn.

If you choose it, you add an extra wager to your bet (half of the initial one). And instead of using the second dealt card, you replace it with the unknown one lying face down.

Sure, it’s a risk and you need to decide if you’re willing to take it. Remember though, if you get Ace of Spades when you use burn card, you get paid 7 to 1 for your burn wager alone.

Super 7 Blackjack

super 7 blackjack

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Super 7 Blackjack is a Classic Blackjack game with an extra side bet you can make while playing. If you make a Super 7s Side Bet, you hope to see a 7 as your first dealt card during the round.

Or even better, both two cards dealt to be 7s. Or three when you hit for more cards.

While it’s an extra wager you need to make, payouts are pretty sweet. If you get your first card 7, you get paid 3 to 1. If you get first two cards 7 - 50 to 1. First three - 500 to 1. Though, if your first card is not a 7, you lose the side bet.



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While most of the mentioned Blackjack variants had one difference comparing them to Classic Blackjack, Pontoon has a bit more.

First, the terms used. The dealer becomes a banker, you twist when you would hit and stick when you would stand. Also, you call the combination of an Ace and a face card (21 in value) a pontoon instead of a blackjack.

But the differences don’t end here. Both of the banker’s cards are dealt face down, leaving you with less information for creating a strategy.

Also, Pontoon players cannot make stupid moves like to stand (stick) on hand value of 9. As long as you have a hand value of 14 or less, you need to twist.

The next difference is the Five Card Trick. It’s the second best combination of cards after the pontoon. You win the Five Card Trick if you have a hand of five cards without going over 21. Such combo pays as much as Pontoon - 2 to 1.

Care to learn more? Read about Pontoon card game here.

Blackjack Charlie 7

blackjack charlie 7

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Blackjack is such a popular game because it only takes the right mindset and strategy to become a pro. But after all, it’s a Casino game. It should be thrilling and exciting, right?

If the thrill is what you seek, try Blackjack Charlie 7.

It’s a regular Blackjack game with a twist. You win not only if you reach 21 or closer to it than the dealer. You also win if you have seven cards in your hand. Without going bust, of course.

Blackjack Switch

blackjack switch

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Blackjack Switch is one of the newest Blackjack variants, invented by Geoff Hall only in 2009.

In this Blackjack variant, the dealer deals two hands, not one as in Classic Blackjack. The player, having two hands, can switch the top two cards between the hands.

And if you get a blackjack once the cards are dealt (or the switch is made), it pays 1 to 1 instead of the standard 3 to 2.

Plus, when the dealer hits 22, not everything is lost for them. It’s a push unless the player had a Blackjack and didn’t do any splitting or switching cards during the round.

Blackjack Variants: TL;DR

Too long; didn’t read? I get it, we are all busy.

No worries, you can see the main differences between the Blackjack variants in the table below. You’re welcome.

Blackjack VariantMain DifferenceBlackjack PaysLink
European BlackjackThe dealer gets the second card dealt only after the player makes a move.3 to 2Play now!
Multihand BlackjackThe player can play with two and more hands at the same time.3 to 2Play now!
Double Exposure BlackjackThe dealer gets both cards face up.1 to 1Play now!
Single Deck BlackjackThe dealer uses only one deck of cards.3 to 2Play now!
Blackjack SurrenderThe player can surrender and get half of the wager back.3 to 2Play now!
21 Burn BlackjackThe player gets an extra card face down, he/she can use it to replace the second dealt card. The Burn Side Bet is made when using the option.1 to 1Play now!
Super 7 BlackjackThe player can make a side bet that his/her first dealt card will be a 7. The bet pays if first, both, or all three cards are 7s.3 to 2Play now!
PontoonThe player gets the highest payout if gets a pontoon (a blackjack) or makes the hand of five cards without going bust. Dealer wins on all ties.2 to 1Play now!
Blackjack Charlie 7The players gets the highest payout if gets a blackjack or makes the hand of seven cards without going bust.3 to 2Play now!
Blackjack SwitchThe player gets two hands at the same time and can switch top cards between the hands.1 to 1Play now!

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