Cashman Casino Free Coins Generators (A Comparative Study)

Cashman Casino Free Coins
  • Cashman Casino is one of the most popular social gaming apps for iOS and Android
  • The app features some of the best online Slots (free) money can buy
  • The internet is full of Cashman Casino free coins generators

Every time I am done with the review of a social Casino app, I take to Google to see how many pages promise people free coins to play unlimited Casino games online.

I use this as an indicator to understand the game's popularity.

Let me help you understand what I mean with some quick examples.

A search for "Slotomania free coins" results on results in 871,000 pages, meaning this Slots game is a popular one.

The same search for "Hit It Rich Free Coins" brings more than 18,000,000 web pages - implying the Vegas Slots on this Casino Slot app are even more popular.

So, once after I completed my review of the Slot machines by Aristocrat featured on Cashman Casino, I took to Google to understand the popularity of the online Slots machines included in this Vegas Slots app.

Here's what I found.

465,000 Ways to Get Cashman Casino Free Coins

According to the world's most popular Search Engine, there are 465,000 web pages that teach you "how to get Cashman Casino free coins."

Slots Casino Cashman Casino App
Wow. That's A LOT of free coins!

Some offer you improbably APK hacks that ask you to install dubious software on your mobile, while others run clever Cashman Casino free coins generators where you can get everything but one thing:

Free coins to play Casino games on Cashman Casino.

The average Cashman Casino player is someone who wants free coins to play Slots without but doesn't want to purchase any of the add-ons available in the app.

It's not about greed.

It's just that it makes little to no sense to spend real money to play Casino games and Slots machines if the only thing you can't win is real money.

I would understand to invest a tenner to get the chance to win piles of cash - but does it make sense to spend real money on a Casino app where the online Slots machines are all for play money?

Hence, the search for free coins - the holy grail everyone looks but only a few lucky ones can put their hands on.

To understand how to get Cashman Casino free coins and play online Slots for free on this super-popular mobile Casino app, I decided to analyse the top 10 results on Google and see if they really deliver on their promises.

Why only 10 results? Because, as those who live out of Google searches say:

The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google

Spoiler Alert: If you are looking for free coins to play Slots on Cashman Casino, get ready - things are going to get ugly.

Cashman Casino: Official Facebook Page

The first page I checked is Cashman Casino's official page on Facebook.

Cashman Casino Includes Free Coins

This is probably the only legitimate one to get some free coins on Slots. This page delivers what it promises: it gives you free coins that you can turn into free spins to play Casino games for free on Cashman Casino.

The free coins come as special bonuses that Cashman's social media manager share with the community on a daily basis.

To get free coins via Cashman Casino on Facebook, simply like this page (you need to be logged into your Facebook account to do so) and keep an eye on it.

They run offers on a daily basis so, as their latest status update points out, "this is your last resort for those moments when you are running out of free coins."

Slotfreebies Generator: Doesn't Work

Next up is, a website that promises to give you free coins and free credits to play all sorts of Casino games online.

vegas Real Casino Slots Free Coins
The master of Google Ads.

They publish a new page with links to get free coins on Cashman Casino every day but, guess what: none of them works.

According to the links I clicked on, I should have received 40,000 free coins to play Casino Slot games on Cashman Casino. And I say 'should,' because my account never received a single free coin via this website.

Once I realised that none of their links to get Cashman Casino free spins worked, I tried to use the link for other games and...guess what.

None of them worked.

SlotFreebies is a fake site with fake links and a lot of advertising. They don't give you what they promise, they just hope you'll click on their ads to make money off you.

Be careful.

LinkedIn Free Coins (Really?)

Back in 2017, the freebie portal (now defunct) launched a Cashman Casino Free Coins page on LinkedIn.

Casino Slots Free Coins: Daily Reward on LinkedIn
Why would you ever want to follow this?!

The page is still there and it contains a link to a site that doesn't exist anymore. So you can't get any free spins through it.

It's not that it doesn't work - it doesn't exist.

My guess is that LinkedIn will soon take this page down but, until that happens, enjoy the fact that a page with no content, no free coins, and no updates is followed by 270 LinkedIn users.

I hope you are not one of them.

Pinterest: The House of Spam

I have seen so many bad things on Pinterest during the past couple years that I can't take this "Social Network" seriously anymore.

If you want to know what a 'battle of bots' looks like, open Pinterest and check any boards dedicated to free spins / free coins / free credits for any social gaming mobile Casino app out there.

Free coins on Casino Slots Machines
I see bots. I see bots everywhere.

The amount of garbage you'll find is mind-boggling.

Pinterest is a spam link and fake pins factory that serves only one purpose: to bring you off the site and redirect you to external pages where you'll be….used.

100% of the links I found there redirected me to a "Free Coins Generator" for Cashman Casino.

Despite me trying all of them, do you know how many free coins I was able to generate?


The Free Coins Generator Scam

If you have ever looked for free coins to play on games on Cashman Casino, I am sure you are familiar with the many (fake) free coin generators on the web.

These fake tools look like sophisticated software that connect your account to some kind of hacking platforms and then load your account with piles of free coins and buckets of free credits.

You input your data, pick the number of free coins you need, start the software…and then confirm you aren't bot by doing a survey.

Long story short: you can't get any free coins through this method. But those who run the site get paid every time you complete a survey.

Do you want to see it in action?

Here's what I found on a site that offers unlimited Cashman Casino free coins through their 2020 generator:

Cashman Casino Free Coins Generator

Let's click on that link!

Cashman Casino Unlimited Free Coins Generator

Let's select a random answer.

Cashman Casino Free Coins 2019 Hack APK

Hm. It looks like I need to confirm I'm not a bot…

Cashman Casino Free Coins Generator No Survey

…by completing an online survey! Clever, right?

In short, these surveys are c*ap. Don't fall for them. Any sites that offer a generator to collect unlimited free coins on Cashman Casino is not a legit one.

Close it and move on.

Bonus: YouTube Tutorials for Free Coins

As Google's top 10 results include also pages like the Cashman Casino official website, the review we have here on CasinoSmash, and the GooglePlay Store page, there's no reason to analyse every single result.

Especially since we can look at YouTube.

The video sharing website (also owned by Google) lists 8,100 videos on how to get free coins on Hit It Rich.

Here you find a table with some useful info about the top 5 vids:

Cashman Casino Free Coins CodesMatt Hendon310No
Cashman Casino iOS Free Coins 2019Maggie Gearing27No
Cashman Casino Free Coins HackKunti Ganger78No
Cashman Casino Hack Free Coinsthanhtungtn17124336No
How Do I Get Free Coins On Cashman CasinoJillian Fracasso2No

None of the videos in the list work. They all redirect you to useless surveys that won't ever result in any free coins for you.

If you want to know what one of these surveys looks like, you can watch this video by YouTube user Pipy Jaup where she explains how to get free coins on Cashman Casino.

Just remember this method DOES NOT WORK.

NEW: Cashman Casino Coin Generator Tool! [No Download]

Cashman Casino Free Coins: Final Considerations

None of the top 10 results on Google and YouTube helped me get any free coins on Cashman Casino.

All the pages I listed wanted something from me (my data, my e-mail, my time on a survey) but none of them helped me with my free coins search.

If you are looking for free coins to play on Cashman Casino, don't look for a generator. Don't be scammed.

Your best shot to a daily dose of free coins to play Slots on Cashman Casino is to join the game's official Facebook page, to follow their updates, and to use all the freebies available on the app every time you open the game.

That's as good as it gets, trust me.

Disclaimer: Gambling is a game of chance and there's no sure-fire formula that guarantee winnings. You can improve your winning chances by using the right in-game strategies but there is no way to predict when a machine or a Casino game is going to pay. Also, this page contains affiliate links. If you click through and play, we might earn a commission. That’s what allow us to keep CasinoSmash free and bring you the best online Casino bonuses!

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