Casino Secrets: What Casinos Give Free Play in Vegas?

Casino Secrets

Today, you are about to discover some of the top Casino secrets that Vegas patrons want you to ignore.

Some of the Casino secrets on this article might sound obvious to you, especially if you are already an experienced gambler.

However, don't forget where you come from.

We have all been beginners at some point — and for 1,000 players who know how to rock the Casino scene in Vegas, there's another 10,000 of them who haven't played a single hand of blackjack yet.

This article is for them.

Not All Games Are Equal

As I wrote on my article on how to become a professional gambler (linked above), the most experienced Casino players know that the Casino (aka. the 'house') is always the long-term winner.

Be it Craps or Blackjack, every Casino game carries a certain percentage of house advantage that determines you'll eventually lose your money to the dealers (or to the Slots) in the long run.

This isn't a Casino secret, though.

The real gambling secret is that while you can't remove the house edge from a Casino, you can control it.

And you only need to know how to choose the best games to play and how to avoid the ones where the house edge is too high.

For example, the games of Three-Card Poker and Caribbean Stud are some of the 'worst ones' you can find on the Casino floor.

They are tempting due to their high payout ratios, but the house edge is so high there that you need to be really lucky to end your session in the black.

It shouldn't be a secret that it isn't smart to wait for a 250-to-1 win if you risk to lose at least twice much as you try to reach it.

If you need help to find the best Casino games to play, have a look at the table below or read this article about the Casino games with the best odds.

GameHouse Edge
Video Poker0.46%
Pai Gow Poker2.54%
Three-Card Poker3.37%
Let It Ride3.51%
Caribbean Stud Poker5.22%

When in Vegas...Run!

This is a Casino secret that you should keep in mind if you happen to be a Poker player, too. If you are going to Vegas for the World Series of Poker, be careful.

I know it's tempting to leave the Rio and get some local action off the Strip…but should you really play with those people?

If all the players at the table know each other and are used to play with each other, let them continue to play their home-game-away-from-home.

Don't sit with them unless you are extremely confident about your Poker Skills and you think you could take on Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey.

Essential note: I'm not talking about collusion episodes — that's not something you'll find at any reputable Casino in Vegas or elsewhere.

I'm talking about skills and ability to read tells. As the only outsider at the table, you might get way too much-unwanted attention.

Sure, you can try and snatch their chips if you are good enough. But keep in mind, these guys know their betting habits to the last bluff four-bet.

They'd rarely try something incredibly weird between themselves. Which leaves you as the main target – the new player, a potential fish.

Only play them if you want to pack an unbelievable story to tell back home.

Good Slots vs. Bad Slots

Going forward with our Las Vegas tips and secrets, I hope you know that not all Slots are equal.

And you shouldn't play most of them.

Some machines offer better odds than others. Logically, the fancier Slots come with lower winning chances for you.

It's simple – they already got your attention with the sounds and the graphics, so the hardest part is done. Now they just need to keep you on your chair until you realize that you should have never sat there in the first place.

Simpler, classic Slot machines are the way to go.

Their design and rules are way more basic but you get to win more. If you want to enjoy pretty graphics, go with the top new picks. If you are there to win, try to avoid the flashier screens.

Don't Let the Music Fool You

The musical themes on all slots are written in C Major.

You land in Vegas, go to the Golden Nugget, settle in your room, and go down to spin the reels.

As you make your way through the lobby, the personnel welcome you with smiling faces and free drinks.

And happy jingles seem to come from every direction.

Those sounds are in sync, no matter where you are standing.

Having the same musical key makes them click no matter if you are winning or losing. Merrier melodies keep you happy and no other Slot will interfere with yours.

Two birds with one stone, right? As it wasn't enough, most of those are so catchy, they'd be stuck in your head for days.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term

This is one of the most crucial Las Vegas Strip secrets. You have definitely heard a 90-year old gentleman with a cowboy hat say it as a warning to youngsters.

He is also chewing tobacco and robbing them dry, but that's for another article.

"Long run" stands for "addiction," the gambler's more feared and powerful enemy.

Playing for fun is fine. You can win or lose a couple of hundreds of dollars and nothing happens — as long as you keep everything under control.

It's when you realize that gambling lives in the back of your head and that you crave "just one more game" that the problems begin.

On average, a US gambling addict seeks professional help after they are already ~$40,000 in debt. What an horrendous mistake.

Essential note: Don't be that type of a gambler. It is cool to hang out with the high rollers but even they can lose it all. No one is immune to the house edge.

What Happens When You Win?

People think winners are seen as the biggest enemies of every Casino and Hollywood movies went wild on this.

However, here's a Casino secret you'll love: Vegas Casinos L-O-V-E it when you win.

Unless you are caught doing something you should not like it happened to Phil Ivey or you think you have found a way to win every time like the MIT Blackjack team, the Casinos want you to win.

They just don't want you to win...too much.

They want you to win and they want you to go big about that — because it's important the other players notice you and keep living the dreams to win at least as much as you did.

Your happiness might cost the house a few thousand bucks but your stories, your Facebook posts, and your Instagram pictures are worth a lot more.

Remember: the house always wins. And in this case, they win advertising from you.

Bring Your Own Watch

It is hardly a Casino secret but if you are about to go to the Casino for the first time, know this: there are no clocks (or windows) at the Casino.

Everything around you is planned and placed to maximize your time of stay. There's actual science to it.

You can notice the obvious tactics all by yourself – no windows, no clocks, no way to tell which time is it. Unless you own a watch, of course.

Although some famous gambling movies tell a different story, you can "count" cards, as long as you don't overdo it.

However, you need to know how to count cards...or there will be consequences.

A Casino might decide to throw you out and ban you if they think you are too good at counting.

Remember: once you enter a Casino, cameras will watch every one of your movements, especially if you start to win big.

What Casinos Give Free Play in Vegas?

And now to the most important Casino secret on this list: What Casinos give free play in Vegas in 2020?

In short: all casinos in Las Vegas!

It's no secret that Vegas Casinos fight really hard to get players. They want you to stay at their hotel, to dine at their restaurants, and to play at their tables...and they are ready to do whatever it takes to have you.

All the Casinos you find on the Las Vegas strip have their special programmes and if you learn to use them to your advantage, you'll get free play and a lot more.

Need any examples?

  • Free $10 at the Cosmopolitan. Sign up to be a member of the Cosmopolitan comp club (it's free) to receive a free $10 voucher to play Slots. Alternatively, you can choose to spin the Cosmopolitan Bonus Wheel and a free $500 bonus to play any games you like.
  • Free $500 at the Boulder Station Hotel and Casino. Join this Casino's comp club to participate in a special prize draw where the top prize is $500 in free credits to play.
  • Free $50 at the Casino Royale and Hotel. Make sure to join this comp club as soon as you get to Vegas, as this decision alone nets you a free $50 voucher to play real money Slots.


Visiting the gambling capital of the world just for the fun of it is always a great idea. Going there to make a living – not so much.

The next time you are in Las Vegas, try to remember the Casino secrets in this article — you'll enjoy the gambling experience a whole lot more!

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