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Movies have given people the wrong impression on how to dress in a casino. You don’t have to look like James Bond in a movie like Casino Royale every time you step into a casino. You can actually wear anything you want - including shorts and a t-shirt.

The same applies to women. You girlfriend or wife doesn't have to look like one of James Bond's girls either when accompanying you to the casino.

It is however important to note that it is in your best interests to look as sharp as possible for a number of reasons i.e. you’ll have an easier time getting into a popular casino to party and/or gamble if you look like you have money to spend.

Also, most people at the casino take time to dress up so you should also put in some time and effort into your dress code for you to stand out.

Nevertheless, it all depends - especially since you can still look sleek in shorts and a t-shirt when compared to a person in a suit.

So, how do you dress when going to a casino? In an effort to help you answer this question, we prepared a detailed casino dress code guide with important tips to consider.

How to dress at a casino: Important tips to consider

Consider your reason/s for going to a casino

This should be the first tip you consider when you want to find an appropriate casino dress code.

Although most people visit casinos to gamble, some people go to casinos to party and dine as well. Today’s casinos offer a variety of experiences so it’s up to you to decide what you want first so that you can be able to choose a suitable dress code.

If you’re a gentleman who wants play slot games, casual smart wear such as a polo shirt and casual pants will be perfect for you.

If you’re going to the casino to play high-stakes poker, you’ll need to take your dress code a notch higher and wear aa designer suit to portray the right image.

You are bound to be taken more seriously by other gamblers of your caliber if you’re wearing a suit as opposed to shorts and flip-flops.

If you’re going to the casino to party and gamble, a silk shirt paired with casual pants or designer jeans will give off the perfect look especially if you are in an exclusive casino club since such clubs always look for people who look like they have plenty of money to spend.

Consider your personal preferences

Although there are ideal casino dress codes for men based on stereotypes, it is usually entirely up to a gambler to dress however they want. This is true especially for high rollers (gamblers who gamble tens of thousands of dollars to millions).

When you’re a high roller, the doors of the most exclusive casinos are always open. The service you receive is also topnotch regardless of your dress code. In fact, no one will tell you how to dress if you’re a high roller.

If you’re not interested in impressing anyone, you can show up in casual smart shorts and a t-shirt or whatever else you love wearing as long as it’s decent.

Does the casino have a dress code?

Although most casinos don’t have dress codes, there are some that do especially during special occasions/events/theme nights etc.

It is important to check a casino's website in advance to find out if you can wear anything you want or you have to adhere to a certain dress code. Unless you are already known as a high roller, you have to follow casino dress codes if they exist otherwise you’ll risk being denied entry.


How to dress at a casino is all about knowing your reasons for wanting to go to a casino in the first place and considering your personal preferences as well as existing dress codes if there are any.

In most cases, you won’t have to adhere to any dress code set by casinos but - in reality - you’ll get better service and reactions from other gamblers if you look like a gentleman who has money to spend.

You can be formal or even casual but still look the part depending on what you are wearing and how you accessorize.

We have prepared some additional readings that help you hone your skills and get more chances to win at your favorite slot games.

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