The 13 Most Bizarre Lucky Charms for Gambling

The 13 Most Bizarre Lucky Charms for Gambling

Gamblers can be a superstitious bunch. That’s even truer when we're talking about slot players. In fact, there’s no shortage of commonly held superstitions around casinos and slot machines.

Rather than objects derived from a popular belief in an ancient legend, a lucky charm takes the form of a personal item with an interesting background story. So what might be considered a powerful object for one person might have no meaning at all for another.

A belief that good luck can be sourced from an object is based on a need to make sense of inexplicable events. So when someone hits the jackpot on a game that has been played thousands of times before, the individual convinces themself that they only won because of their lucky object.

Of course, lucky charms aren't restricted to objects. They can be far more abstract than that. Here, we’re going to look at some of the most peculiar lucky charms for gambling, and determine whether or not they have any merit, whatsoever.

1. “Ding”


Many gamblers look to religion to give them an injection of luck. Whether it actually works or not is something that’s hard to determine, but prayer itself isn’t unlike something you might see in other sports.

In any betting establishment with Chinese people around, however, you might expect to hear a particular kind of prayer, in the form of the word “ding” being shouted across the room. As you may imagine, this is the shortest prayer used to bring luck.

2. Red clothing

Red Clothing

You may have heard about a superstition that in New York, your future for the year ahead is determined by the colour of your underwear. Some gamblers have adopted that superstition, believing that if they’re wearing red clothing, their future at the casino is hot. While it sounds odd, there’s some commons sense behind the Chinese superstition. Chinese culture considers red to be the colour of the Emperors, and it’s also a symbol of fortune and joy.

So it stands to reason that red should bring you luck at the casino. In theory, anything red can be worn, such as a red tie or red socks. It doesn’t matter what the style is; they just need to be red. Of course, you might want to avoid showing off your red thong. There’s such thing
as a dress code, you know.

3. Hot and cold coins


Many slot players believe that hot coins give them a greater chance of winning. That explains why you might see players rubbing their coins before they insert them into a slot machine. Conversely, there are also those who believe that the trick is to use cold coins.

Of course, each spin is random, and the temperature doesn’t influence the results of the slot in any way, but it’s an interesting myth all the same.

4. The machine itself

Slot machine

The majority of players don’t believe for a second that there’s a way to affect the outcome of the spin of a slot machine. However, there are also many who try various approaches, as if the machine is conscious of their attention or has feelings. Some even go as far as to kiss, fondle, or sweet talk the machine, in a bid to get it on side, regardless of the odds.

The most common practice of attempting to manipulate the machine is by removing and reinserting slot cards, hoping that it will think that a new player is sitting down each time a card is reinserted.

5. A new slot machine

girl and slots

A common superstition among slot players is that a new game provides better payouts. Many believe that casinos ensure that new games pay out more to encourage players to give them a try. Of course, there’s no truth to this, as slots are subject to strict standards and the first spin has no greater odds of paying out than the 1,000th spin.

However, with online casinos, there can be an advantage of playing new slots. While the games are completely fair, legitimate, and random, operators sometimes offer generous promotions and bonuses to try out new games. By using offers such as free spins at Jackpot City, you can bet more spins for your money.

6. Gambler's fingers

gambler's fingers

If you spend long enough in a casino, you will likely see players rubbing and tapping their fingers on a screen in a methodical fashion. A theory exists that says touching certain symbols gives them a greater chance to land on the next spin and reward them with big payouts.

Another way this plays out is if the bonus symbols land on either of the first two reels and they rub their hands on the next reels, there’s a greater chance of another landing to activate the bonus round.

7. Omens

Some gamblers believe that a wager can be predated before it is even placed, via readings of signs. That many of such signs become clear only after the result of the bet is a fact they fail to acknowledge.

One example of a sign that gamblers believed brought them luck was the entrance to a casino itself, where gamblers had to enter through a lion’s mouth. The facade had to be restored for people to enter the casino and play.

8. A four-leaf clover

Clover leaf

This might be a common one, but when you think about it, it makes just as little sense as any other entry on this list. Not the same as the Irish shamrock, this lucky charm is actually a variation of the three-leaf clover- just one in 10,000 have four leaves.

The myth is that they bring luck to those who find them and that they represent luck, love, hope, and faith.

9. Feng shui

Chinese amulet

The Chinese culture believes that the spiritual world has a big role to play in fortune and gambling. As such, there are a great number of gambling superstitions among the Chinese.

A casino’s Feng Shui, for example, is considered to be extremely significant. The Chinese believe that the energy in various places around the casino, such as around the machines or tables, greatly impacts the outcome of a gambler’s profits.

10. Unlucky charm: a 50 dollar bill

50 dollars

While Asians are more superstitions than those in the West, the Western world also has some pretty unusual rules among gamblers. The difference here is that lucky charms are more about capitalism than they are about spirituality.

For example, they don’t allow 50 dollar bills when playing for cash, which is a custom that comes from American mafia culture due to their victims always having a 50 dollar placed on them.

11. Cat’s eye

It’s not an actual cat’s eye, of course. This is a cat’s eye stone. An Indian belief says that you’ll enjoy fortune for the rest of your life if you carry one of these in your pocket.

It only makes sense that it’s considered a lucky charm for some gamblers as apparently it protects the owner’s riches from unexpected business losses and promotes financial stability.

12. A three-legged toad

Not the most aesthetic of lucky charms, the red-eyed, three-legged toad is regarded as a magnet for prosperity in China. Called the Jin Chan, you may not often see them in your local casino, but if you do, it’s probably sat next to a Chinese player looking to give himself an edge.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder with this one, but then if it really does help the player believe it’s going to being him luck, and he hits on a big payout, who cares how ugly it is?

13. Scarab beetles

We have to revisit the days of Ancient Egypt for this one, when scarab-beetle shaped amulets were believed to have the ability to protect its carrier from evil.

The insects are linked with sun God, Ra, and the rising sun, and represent transformation and rebirth. So that they'd be especially appealing to gamblers on a run of bad luck makes sense when you think about it.

Final Thoughts: does a lucky charm work?

While the gambling superstitions mentioned here are certainly interesting, they remain just that- superstitions. They have neither logical nor scientific basis in reality.

Slots are purely random, and table games are either based purely on luck or on a combination of luck and skill.

Of course, if you think that wearing something that resembles a scarab beetle around your neck will bring you luck and make you look stylish at the same time, then go right ahead.

Yet, if you find yourself carrying around one of these objects while playing at an online casino and winning a few rounds of bets, maybe the lucky charms can truely bring you luck.

Disclaimer: Gambling is a game of chance and there's no sure-fire formula that guarantee winnings. You can improve your winning chances by using the right in-game strategies but there is no way to predict when a machine or a Casino game is going to pay. Also, this page contains affiliate links. If you click through and play, we might earn a commission. That’s what allow us to keep CasinoSmash free and bring you the best online Casino bonuses!

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