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Moon Princess Slot

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Moon Princess is:

  • A fresh 2017 title from Play’n Go
  • A grid-type Slot – 5 reels, 5 rows, and one single payline
  • Capable of 1,000x bet payouts

The Moon Princes Slot is a visual beauty when it comes to modern Slot gameplay.

Themed after the renown 90s manga Sailor Moon, the game features a lot of shiny symbols, countless winning combos, and three princesses to help you along the way.

It’s a grid Slot, so each matching set of symbols is removed allowing other tiles from the column to drop down and form new matching lines.

Each consecutive drop increases a Multiplier to enhance winnings, with a maximum rate of x20.

It’s easy to grasp and fun to play. So let’s see if you’ll be amazed by it.

Moon Princess Slot


First Impressions

As you would expect from a princess-themed Casino game, everything in the menu is colorful, flashy, and interactive.

However, the interface is extremely simplified, so you wouldn’t have a problem getting around it. After all, there are no paylines or coin size to adjust.

Essential note: Moon Princess Slot is played so smoothly, you can get lost in it. Remember that and mind your bankroll, no matter how captivating it is.

In addition, there is a piece of adventurous rock music playing at all times. It sparks intensely whenever you land a win. It ultimately adds a sometimes needed push to stay in the game.

How to Play Moon Princess Slot?

You can be a total Slot rookie and still get the hang of Moon Princess in less than five minutes.

It is so well-designed, the game basically plays itself, even without the AutoPlay on. I don’t recommend using it, by the way, as it limits control over your bankroll.

First things first, you need to choose your bet sizing:

  • The minimum wager per spin is £0.20
  • The maximum is £100

How to Play Moon Princess Slot

It is easily adjusted with the -/+ signs under your Casino Slot screen.

There is no need to pick the number of paylines, as this jewel only has the one. Just make sure to set the wager at a desirable amount, you don’t want to throw away your bankroll just because the Slot is engaging.

Once all else is done, you can hit the Spin button and hope for the best.

Aligning three matching symbols vertically or horizontally gets you a win.

Afterwards, these symbols disappear and all tiles standing over them drop down. This enables a lot more winning combinations during a single spin.

In theory, you can chain matching sets to multiply winnings and even clear the screen for an added bonus. More on that a bit below in the review.

The Wild and the Princesses are the only special symbols, as there are no Scatters here. The Wild, as usual, can replace any other symbol, while the Princesses have bonus “abilities” to improve your performance.

Yes, the volatility is high, but the RTP of the game is 96%, so I’d rate it pretty decent.

Bonus Features in Moon Princess Online Slot

The coolest thing about Moon Princess are the advanced bonus features to grab.

They come on top of the grid structure, adding even more force to an already interesting Slot. Yes, they wouldn’t kick in every time, but it happens more often than I expected.

The Princess Meter

On the bottom left of the screen, you will see a Princess Trinity Meter. Each winning line including Princesses gets the bar higher. You need three Princess wins in a spin to trigger the Meter.

The Princess Meter

Essential note: Three Princess symbols give you one section of the Meter. 4 Princesses grant you two sections. And finally, getting a 5-Princess combo fills the Meter instantly.

Once you get the Meter full, each Princess gets to use her special ability on the reels.

  • First one comes Princess Love – she transforms one set of symbols into one that matches your win sequence better.
  • Star adds one or two Wilds to the picture.
  • Storm is by far my favorite – she destroys two sets of symbols altogether, allowing astonishing combo possibilities.

The Girl Power

Another one of the game offerings – a single Princess is active at all times during our spins. Each non-winning spin can unlock her powers to get you more bonuses.

I’ve already explained the superpowers above, so no need to repeat them. Once every couple of spins you get access to them, depending on which Princess is standing right of your screen.

What About Free Spins?

Yes, there are Free Spins as well. But here, they are way harder to reach than other popular Slots.

Free Spins Moon Princess

The trick in this online Casino Slot is to clear the full screen. Getting all symbols to match perfectly triggers a number of free spins with applied Girl powers to them:

  • Love gets us 4 FS.
  • Star enables 5 of them.
  • Storm unlocks 8.

Again, only non-winning spins activate the Powers. The Multiplier doesn’t reset after each spin, which can is massive.

Filling the Meter during this feature increases Free Spins by an additional 4,3, or 2.

Essential note: In my experience, Storm seems to have the biggest impact on any empowered spin. However, you are free to choose whichever Princess suits your playstyle.

Can I Play for Free or for Real Money?

You can do both, freely. The Play’n Go platform enables game testing for as long as you’d like. Simply launch it and train a bit before going over to real-money action.

Of course, winning actual cash adds a bit to the fun. With a maximum bet of £100, you can snatch enormous amounts of profits. However, going strong for the grand prizes doesn’t come without risk, so be careful.

Yet another essential note: I strictly recommend playing on a much lower stake than the maximum. Moon Princess Slot has high variance, so long-term play will be rewarded more. The special features here are enough of a reason to seek prolonged sessions. You will win less in a single spin, but more in the long run.

Final Thoughts

I find Moon Princes breezeless to play. I also prefer Slots with more winning options than the traditional ones. Having multiple bonus features ranks high, so I definitely recommend trying it out.

Design, music, and special effects, everything kind of clicks just right.

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