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Australia Casino FAQ

What is the best casino in Australia?

As you know, there isn't a correct answer to this question. While we know that the best site is NOT one of those in the list of rogue casinos, our top choice is updated at least once a month and is based on the promotions, the games available and the info on withdrawals and deposits. Right now, the best casino for Australia is partycasino – you can check why on this page about online casinos in Australia.

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What is the biggest casino in Australia?

The biggest casino in Australia is the Crown Casino in Melbourne. Opened in 1997, the Crown Casino has a space of 510,000 square meters. To date, this is also the largest casino complex in the Southern Hemisphere.

What was the first casino in Australia?

The first legal casino in Australia was the Wrest Point Hotel Casino. The brick-and-mortar gambling room opened in the suburb of Sandy Bay in Hobart, Tasmania, on 10 February 1973. The casino is currently under renovation as a 70 million dollar plan aims to make it once again one of the main casinos in Australia.

How many casino there are in Australia?

Gambling is hugely popular in Australia. There are thirteen casinos in Australia: four are located in Queensland, two in Tasmania and in the Northern Territory, and one casino is located in the Australian Capital Territory, in the New South Wales, in South Australia, in Victoria, and in Western Australia.

How to become a casino dealer Australia?

The best way to become a casino dealer in Australia is to attend one of the courses offered by organizations like the OMG Gaming Academy in Sydney and the Open Universities Australia.

How to find a job as a casino dealer in Australia

There are plenty of online portals to find a job as a casino dealer or croupier in Australia. The best ones are and Based on our experience, a good way to find a job as a croupier in Australia is also to contact rooms like the Crown and ask about vacancies or career opportunities at their establishments.

How to open a casino in Australia?

It's not easy to start a casino in Australia. If you want to jump on the gambling business and open a casino in Australia, you need to reach out to the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, the independent body that oversees gambling activities in Australia.

How to open an online casino in Australia

While players can have a look at our site to find the best online casinos in Australia of 2016, those who are interested in opening a casino in Australia need to reach out to the ACT Gambling and Racing Commission and to make sure their activities are in line with Australia's Interactive Gambling Act.

What are Australian 'pokies'?

Although many use this term to refer to "female nipples being clearly and prominently visible through clothing" (source: UrbanDictionary, Aussies use the word 'pokies' to refer to slot machine games.

How to win at pokies in Australia?

People who live Down Under are not subject to different laws of physics. If you want to win at pokies in Australia you need to follow the best tips to win at slots and have luck on your side.

How do Australian pokies work?

Australia's pokies work exactly as the rest of the slot machines and are governed by a complex algorithm called RNG (the Random Number Generator) which functioning is controlled by independent authorities. You can find some great info about the way Australian pokies work in a study commissioned by the Victorian Department of Justice titled: "Inside the pokies – player guide."

How to cheat pokies Australia?

Sorry, you can't cheat pokies in Australia. While you can apply some slots tricks when you play pokies - you should never try to cheat. Cheating will get your winning confiscated and might lead to criminal charges.

How many pokies are there in Australia?

Statistics show that there are nearly 200,000 pokies in Australia. This number accounts for approximately 20 percent of the slot machines in the whole world.

How many people play pokies in Australia?

According to the Aussie government, 38.6% of Australia's adult population play pokies online or offline. Australia's average player loses $380 every year on gambling games. Back in 2003 – 2004, Australia's gamblers lost approximately $16.21 billion on gambling games, $9.1 billion were lost on pokies.

How long have pokies been in Australia?

The first pokie machine appeared in Australia in the beginning of 1900. In 1953 Joe Heywood designed the "Clubman," the first pokies machine ever created in Australia. Fun fact: pokies became legal in Australia only four years after the Clubman was launched.

Are pokies completely random?

Pokies machines or Electronic Gaming Machines are completely random. All the machines you find in Australia must meet specifications set by the state government.

Are online pokies completely random?

Yes. All the pokies that you find on CasinoSmash are completely random. They functioning is controlled by an RNG that is periodically audited by third-party independent gambling authorities.

What year did pokies come to Victoria?

Pokies came to Victoria, Austraila, in 1992. Since then, the number of pokies in Victoria grew to 30,000 with 2,500 of these being located in Melbourne's Crown Casino.

What percentage do pokies payout?

The average payout percentage of pokies is 90.89%

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