Penny Cryptocurrency: Earn Crypto by Playing Games

penny cryptocurrency

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  • Penny cryptocurrencies are a cheap way to get involved with cryptos
  • Many people turn to penny cryptocurrencies when they want to earn crypto with little investment
  • You can also invest pennies to earn crypto the fun way - by playing games online

Let’s face the facts.

The cryptocurrencies are still a trend and a one that’s going to stay.

It may not be the Bitcoin leading the crypto market charts in five or more years from now. But the blockchain technology will still play a part in our lives.

While many people want to get involved, investing in the cryptocurrencies takes a lot of research. That takes time, and in a way, it is still a gamble.

You can never completely predict what will affect the rise or drop of a particular cryptocurrency value. So, you’re risking your hard earned money, too.

But you don’t always need to invest thaaaat much into cryptocurrencies to see the results.

And it doesn’t have to be a boring investment, either.

You can earn cryptocurrency by playing some of the best games online.

How to Earn Penny Cryptocurrency Playing Online

When people think about small investment in crypto, they usually think about penny cryptocurrencies.

penny cryptocurrency

Penny cryptocurrencies are the digital currencies with a low market price value, usually under $1.

The Ripple (XRP), for example, is currently around $0.3; the Stellar (XLM) didn’t go much above $0.11 yet.

You invest only one dollar and you already have yourself some cryptocurrency.

It’s a fairly low investment and sometimes it can pay off in the future.

Yet again, it still needs research to know which is the best penny cryptocurrency to invest in.

It’s not that big of a deal to lose pennies with cryptos. But it’s still an almost-guaranteed loss if you don't do research.

But it’s not the only way to earn cryptocurrencies with a penny investment.

You can also invest tiny bits of crypto in your online gaming.

While it’s still a gamble, it can pay off pretty well. And you don’t need to wait years for that to happen.

penny cryptocurrency
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How Does It Work?

To start playing games with crypto, you’ll anyway need to have some digital currencies in your possession.

You can buy a bit of Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETC) or Litecoin (LTC). Those are the most popular cryptocurrencies used in online gaming.

It doesn’t have to be enormous amounts of crypto. Like I’ve mentioned, a small investment will do.

Usually, you’ll be able to make a deposit to online gaming sites with as little as 0.001 of your cryptocurrency. If you take BTC, for example, 0.001 BTC is currently only around $4.

The minimum amounts for other currencies (euros, dollars, pounds - you name it) are usually bigger than that.

You can use payment systems to make your crypto deposits. Then, choose a game to play and start earning crypto the fun way. You can withdraw the money when you're done.

Pros and Cons of Playing with Crypto

Playing games for real money with cryptocurrencies has some obvious advantages.

Privacy and anonymity to start with. And all the other advantages of the blockchain technology apply, too.

Plus, online gaming exists far longer than the blockchain and digital currencies.

Online gaming sites know a thing or two not only about the gambling part of it all but also how to provide the best gaming experience.

And currently, it’s one of the few fields where you can move such small amounts of cryptocurrencies.

Then, when you play with cryptocurrency, even if it’s worth pennies, you don’t need to wait that long to see if your investment pays off or not.

You play and you immediately see if you win.

When you do, you can cash out your crypto. Or you can wait to see if it increases in value or not. But let’s leave that part to the crypto-rollercoaster fans.

Playing crypto games is not about increasing the value of your crypto. It’s about increasing the amount of it.

While waiting for an increase in the value can take years, the increase in the amount can take you a few minutes.

Or a few spins in some online game.

Did I mention the number of games you can play online with cryptocurrencies?

I’ve been playing Casino games for the bigger part of this decade and it never ceases to amaze me how many different games are available.

penny cryptocurrency
Play Games and Win Cryptocurrency!

Discover the best games to play for cryptocurrency!

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Like everything else, it has a few disadvantages as well.

First, not that many cryptocurrencies are supported for playing online games.

You will definitely find plenty of Bitcoin gambling sites. But penny cryptocurrencies or less popular digital currencies are supported rarely.

Also, some games will show your bets in normal currencies even if you actually play with crypto.

Finally, you have to be careful not to end up in rogue gaming sites. Those are the kind of sites that give online Casinos a bad reputation.

Avoid them, seriously.

Top 5 Games to Play to Win Cryptocurrency Online

If you’re new to online games that pay real money, you may be very much lost at this point.

That’s why I’ll share the best five games to play with cryptocurrency. You can start playing them anytime and anywhere. It includes the best sources for the rules and strategy tips, too.


play blackjack with cryptocurrencies

Play here >

TypeCasino card game
House edge0.50 percent

Blackjack is by far one of the most popular card games on the planet. And maybe in the outer space too, who knows.

It’s a simple Casino game with one goal in mind: to have a hand higher than the dealer's, yet equal to 21 points or lower.

It’s also a quick game to play, but you can still use strategies and advantage play to improve your odds.

Casino Hold’em

play casino hold'em with crypto

Play here >

TypeCasino card game
House edge2.50 percent

If you have ever played Poker, you’ll appreciate Casino Hold’em.

It’s a Casino version of Texas Hold’em Poker where you play against the House instead of fellow Poker players.

It was invented as a way to teach Texas Hold’em Poker, so it’s an easy game to learn and very exciting one to play.

Video Slots

play video slots with penny cryptocurrency

Play here >

TypeSlot machine games
House edge0.5-8 percent

Video Slots are the games that usually have the highest house edge among Casino offerings. But they are also the ones that are the easiest to play.

You can think of video Slots as a more exciting alternative to lotteries. You pay (bet) something every spin and you immediately find out if you win or not.

Some wins are bigger than the others. You can also sweep away some progressive jackpots if you’re lucky.

And the video Slot themes are pretty brilliant. You can spin the reels based on your hobbies and favorite characters, e.g. history, pirates, music, movies, and so on.


play roulette with penny cryptocurrency

Play here >

TypeCasino table game
House edge2.70 percent

Roulette is another game of chance but it’s not as effortless to play as Slots. You can use a betting system and place a lot of different bets.

It’s a very exciting game and the ultimate Casino classic.

You can even use James Bond Roulette strategy and play the game as our favorite secret agent.

Video Poker

play video poker with crypto

Play here >

TypeCasino card game
House edge0.08-6 percent

Video Poker is yet another Casino game that Poker players will enjoy.

Essentially, you get five playing cards and you need to choose which one(s) of them to keep. The remaining cards are replaced with new ones and if you have a Poker hand rank that’s 10s, Jacks or better (usually), you win.

It’s based on the classic Poker hand rank and the rules are pretty easy to grasp.

Plus, you can find variants of Video Poker that have the lowest house edge among ALL Casino games.

Keep in mind: all these games have a house edge, so there is no guaranteed way to win at any of them. But you can improve your chances with strategies, advantage play, and other tips you can find in the links provided.

Here we have some additional reading materials to improve your bitcoin gambling experience. You might want to read our list of top bitcoin games, how to get bitcoin free spins and our top list of no deposit bitcoin casinos.

Disclaimer: Gambling is a game of chance and there's no sure-fire formula that guarantee winnings. You can improve your winning chances by using the right in-game strategies but there is no way to predict when a machine or a Casino game is going to pay. Also, this page contains affiliate links. If you click through and play, we might earn a commission. That’s what allow us to keep CasinoSmash free and bring you the best online Casino bonuses!

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