Posh Casino: the Invitation-Only Website You Should Avoid

posh casino

  • Posh Casino is an invite-only gambling site
  • Reviews of Posh Casino report issues on withdrawals
  • Different sources say Posh Casino operates against the law

Any marketer knows this all too well: "Marketing is a battle of perceptions, not products or services." And perceptions are exactly what Posh Casino is about.

That, and a clever marketing approach that gives this gambling site a popularity it does not deserve.

Posh Casino Online

In this article, I am going to let you in on a story that you, as a gambler - need to know.

This is the story of a casino site that isn't better than most other casinos online; a site that doesn't always play by the rules - but that keeps attracting new, excited players every day.

The quality of casino platforms and games are almost irrelevant when someone can best their competition in one key area:


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Posh Casino doesn't have the best games. They don't have enough Slots to compete with VideoSlots.com nor they feature live games that can compete with those on Unibet Casino or PartyCasino.

And that's not to mention their sloppy platform, their piratesque approach to gambling legislation, or their cloudy and creative processes to (not?) paying their players.

But none of this matters.

By making it an exclusive, invite-only gambling site, the guys at Posh Casino bet on people's fear of missing out (FOMO).

Thousands of players do everything in their power to get the opportunity to play there.

The simple fact that Posh Casino isn't open to everyone and that you need an invite code to play is enough for people to want to be there.

It triggers an emotional tsunami powerful enough to blind even the savviest casino player.

Posh Casino Invitation Code: a Clever Marketing Trick

As a longtime marketer and copywriter, I am not surprised to see how well this (cheap) marketing trick works for them.

What I don't like, is that Posh Casino does not deserve its success.

Internet data analysis toolset Ahrefs reports that nearly 17,000 people use everyone's favourite search engine for Posh Casino-related queries.

Unsurprisingly, most of these searches have one clear intent:

To find an invite code for Posh Casino.

Google itself shows that people are very interested in this casino site, despite the feedback of players that we are going to analyze later on this article.

Look at Google Trend's traffic data about Posh Casino:

Posh Casino invite
Google Trends is a tool offered by Google to understand the popularity of web and mobile searches over time.

Most of the searches related to Posh Casino and the invitation codes a player needs to log in are from the one country that should not be allowed to gamble there: the United States.

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Is Posh Casino Available in the US?

Funnily enough, one would need a Posh Casino invite to answer this question. That's because the Posh Casino website does not mention:

  • What company runs it
  • What gambling authority certifies their operations

No kidding.

They don't say a single word about their company nor about the legitimacy of their operations - and yet people line up to give them their hard-earned cash.

This isn't gambling: this is stupid.

However, a quick look around on the forums about Posh Casino seems sufficient to say that yes - Posh Casino offers real money gambling to US players.

Allegedly, at least.

This is illegal. And obviously, this is a testament of how difficult it is going to be for any US players to claim their winnings or to find assistance to withdraw money from Posh Casino.

To me, this seems crazy.

In a world with more than enough prejudices against gambling, we don't need a site like Posh Casino.

We don't need a site that takes pride in not telling anyone about their operations and that tries to get people's money with no sign of being in possession of any gambling license whatsoever.

Is Posh Casino Safe?

Yes. No. Well...who knows.

And who cares.

The internet is full of stories about Posh Casino online and people who tried to win at Slots on this website.

Most of them begin with an excited player who just received an invitation code...

...and end with the bespoke player crying over complicated withdrawal procedures.

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This shouldn't surprise you, as we have seen that the exclusivity of Posh Casino goes hand-in-hand with the opacity of their operations.

Here's how forum user Loveoneanother describes the withdrawals at Posh Casino:

"I made [a] withdrawal [of] $1,300 back on July 4, 2018. Posh [sent] an email acknowledging the withdrawal, however, NOTHING after that!"

"So I keep pestering them to see what is going on. I was told that it was finally approved on July 20th only after I kept asking."

But that's not the end of the story - obviously.

"Since then, I have been told several times that the money is going to “processing”. Every week the same thing, “it is going to processing NEXT week! I am wondering if I will ever receive these winnings."

Loveoneanother is not the only one who isn't able to withdraw money from Posh Casino.

Look at what SammyShine has to say about Posh Casino:

"I have been waiting since the end of June to receive a payment of $300 from POSH Casino. I have chatted and spoken to my VIP Manager, [omissis], several other Customer Support reps several times," SammyShine goes on to explain.

Can you guess what happened then?

"They tell me the money has been sent to the processor on 8/11/18 but I still have not received the money. I have also contacted their complaint department and they do not respond. I think I have been more than patient waiting to receive this money."

Last, but not least, here's the story of Fiekie247:

"On June 19, 2018, I cashed out $2000. I checked my status after a few days and low and behold, the money was put back into players status without explanation.

I called to find out what was happening and was told that I had to have a bank account to send the money to. Ok, got the account, and the manager's approval for $193. (bonus money) was approved on July 3.

These people say 7-10 days for approval, another 7-10 days for the processor to process payment (I think that they have one person doing the job), another 7-10 days for payment, then another 7-10 days for the payment to get to your bank.

Today is August 15, and I am allegedly into day four of the 4th 7-10 day wait.

I will never play at this casino again unless they give me free money to play."

Read the Reviews, Skip Posh Casino

Based on our findings and on the experiences that players from different nationalities share on gambling forums, you better stay away from Posh Casino.

This casino is unreliable and, most of all, it carries out illegal operations.

Offering real money gambling to US citizens is against the law (with few exceptions as in the case of New Jersey casinos). Nevertheless, Posh Casino continues to accept US players as if the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) didn't exist.

Do NOT play at Posh Casino.

At least not until they start to respond to their players' complaints, they disclose detailed info about their operations, and they announce what international gaming authorized them to offer online gambling services.

Until that happens, they shouldn't be considered to be anything more than a cheap (but well planned) marketing stunt.

A stunt you don't want to fall for.

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This article was first published on September 20, 2018. Last update: December 2019.

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