Virtual Tennis Open: The Game Every Tennis Fan will Love

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The main characteristics of Virtual Tennis Open are:

  • Ultra-realistic gameplay
  • Good choice of betting options
  • Superb odds

Virtual sports simulations are the new big thing in gambling.

After the success these games had at brick-and-mortar Casinos, a number of online operators added them to their portfolios to see how the larger public would react.

And the response has been overwhelming. From the Virtual Racebook 3D horse racing simulation to today's Virtual Tennis Open — these games are where the real action is.

Our First Impressions and Game Overview

What strikes you from the moment you start Virtual Tennis Open game in PlayAmo casino is the ultra-realistic 3D appearance of this tennis simulation. The feel is very similar to watching a real tennis match at Wimbledon or the US Open and betting on your favourite.

Virtual Tennis Online Sports


Virtual Tennis Open is a tennis simulation betting game with an unprecedented level of realism and statistical precision based on a meticulous analysis of over 25,000 tennis matches.

All aspects of the actual game are mirrored in this tennis simulation, so you can expect to see a frequency of aces that corresponds to your usual tennis match, as well as the duration of points, games, and sets.

Virtual Tennis Open is a 24/7 available live betting game that has fast cycles of matches that set the ground for a fast-paced and exciting betting experience.

The game is structured into two different tournaments: the Grandstand Open and Britannia Open.

The Grandstand Open is played on hardcourt and resembles the outlook of the US, while the Britannia Open is the spitting image of the best-known tennis tournament in the world played on grass – the Wimbledon.

Can You Guess the Third Set?Can You Guess the Third Set?

Betting on tennis has never been SO exciting!

Play unlimited games with no waiting time on Virtual Tennis Open!

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Both of these tournaments are knock-out tournaments whose games coincide.

Each of the tournaments is based on four rounds with 16 players starting the competition and vying for a place in the quarterfinals, semi-finals, and, ultimately, the finals.

The matches are decided by the best of three sets in total.

Also, the matches alternate between the two tournaments on a round by round basis. Each match lasts 3.5 minutes, while the entire tournament is 25 and a half minutes long.

With such high-frequency of games, there is never a dull moment, and you can quickly alternate between the matches.

The Graphics

As we’ve pointed out, Virtual Tennis Open is a live tennis simulation game where each of the matches is broadcast in a way that resembles real-life broadcasts, with all the angles, close-ups, and replays.

Virtual Sports online tennis

The focus was clearly on this 3D technology that even comes in HD.

Above the video player is a scoreboard with all the live matches, so you can switch between them easily and keep a close eye on the unfolding of the events.

Also, you can see the results of previous matches, as well as the upcoming events of the tournaments, by clicking on the roster icon on either side of the video player.

Furthermore, by clicking on the column chart below the roster icons, you will be redirected to a new window with the most comprehensive statistical data about the tournament, head to head matches between the players, and much more.

On the right side of the video player is the betting slip that enlists all the bets you have made, and next to it is a short history of your bets, which allows you to keep track of all of your wagers.

All in all, everything is well-structured and directed towards providing the best betting experience possible.

How to Play Virtual Tennis Open

Everything is structured in separate tabs, depending on the type of bets you choose.

Play Virtual Tennis Online

You place a bet on a game by clicking on the designated odd for that bet. It’s as simple as that.

You can place different kinds of bets on a single match, meaning there are no restrictions.

Once you have made up your mind, assign the amount of your wager and hope for the best.

Betting Options in Virtual Tennis Open

The betting options pertaining to Virtual Tennis Open tennis simulation are the ones most frequently found in real tennis and are divided into three categories:

  • Winners – Under theWinner betting tab, you can choose to bet on the winner of the game, the first set, or the first game. The first odds correspond to the player on the left, while the odds on the right are reserved for the player on the right.
  • Odd/Even/Over/Under – With these types of bets, you can wager on the total number of games in the match, the first set, or whether or not the first set will result in an odd or even number of games
  • Correct Score – As the name suggests, this type of bet lets you predict the exact score of the entire match, the first set, and the first game of the match.

Virtual Tennis Open Payouts

The outcomes of the matches are entirely in the domain of the RNG (random number generator).

Free Tennis Sports Simulation Online

That means not even the casino or sportsbook know the result of the match, which ensures the randomness and fairness of the game.

Final Thoughts

Virtual Tennis Open is an exciting virtual tennis simulation that allows you to bet on virtual tennis matches 24/7, no matter where you are.

The betting options are numerous, and the overall 3D visual aspect will make you feel as if you were watching a real tennis match.

Can You Guess the Next Grand Slam Champion?Can You Guess the Next Grand Slam Champion?

Head to PlayAmo casino to discover the new amazing Virtual Tennis Open!

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