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Roulette Royale Slot Review

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games around, having been played in casinos throughout the world for centuries.

Roulette Royale takes the tried and tested roulette formula though, and then supercharges it, adding in a massive progressive jackpot, which is won through an innovative and exciting side bet. Most won’t be lucky enough to win this, however anyone who is will find their account being boosted by hundreds of thousands of dollars! This is the kind of innovation that ensures that online casinos keep on progressing and attracting more and more new players to this exciting and potentially profitable world.

Of course, the main focus of this game is roulette though, and this version takes the form of European roulette – meaning that it has a better RTP then those featuring American roulette. Microgaming have ensured that it’s really easy to play this game, plus they’ve also introduced some absolutely stunning graphics, which always add a little bit extra to the playing experience. Even if you don’t want to make side bets to win the progressive prize, you should still really enjoy the way in which roulette is played at this fantastic game.

How to Play Roulette Royale Casino Game?

Roulette Royale Bonus Rounds & Special Features

If you want to play this game, it first helps to have a good understanding of the rules surrounding European roulette. So, to play the base game, you’ll need to make a bet on one of the numbers, or on one of the other possibilities (such as the color). Remember that you don’t have to simply bet on a single selection though, as you can make as many selections as you want to.

This will increase your chances of winning, but also increase the amount that you could lose. Once you’ve made these selections, you can get the wheel spinning, and wait to see if your selections come up. If this were a normal roulette game, that would be all there is to say about the gameplay, however there’s also the progressive prize at Roulette Royale, which is explained below…

To play this side game, you’ll need to place a separate bet. When placing your bet, you should remember that the chances of it winning are extremely slim, however if it does come in, you could win hundreds of thousands of coins. In order for the progressive jackpot to be won, you’ll need to see the same number spin in on the roulette wheel five times in a row. As you might imagine, this is highly unlikely, however it does happen. You will win credits should the same number appear twice, three time or four times in a row as well though, which makes the side bet more appealing.

It is important to point out that all players at this game should first take a look through the rules, which can be found by clicking one of the tabs on the screen. By doing so, they’ll give themselves the best possible chance of turning a profit at Roulette Royale. Also, players should try to avoid using any of the roulette strategies that they might have heard of – they work in theory, but do not work in practice.

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How Much Can Be Won?

The question of how much can be won can be split into two categories: how much a player can win during the base game, and how much can be won when playing the side bet.

When it comes to the former, the answer is really tough to give, as it all depends on how lucky a player gets. Some sessions will see selections coming good on a regular basis, while others will see a player struggling to hit the numbers that they want. Just selecting the correct number once will bring a payment of around 35:1 though, which can immediately bring a player back into profit again.

The side bet is easier to explain though. Should a player get the same number twice in a row, they’ll win at a ratio of 15:1; for three consecutive numbers, the ratio will be 200:1; and for four consecutive numbers, the ratio is 3000:1. Getting five in a row unlocks the progressive jackpot, which can be well over 100,000 coins, depending on how recently it was won by another player.

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