WSOP Promo Codes: How to Get WSOP Free Chips in 2021

WSOP Free Chips

Are you looking for WSOP free chips to play free games on the World Series of Poker app for free? Don't miss these WSOP codes!

This article is not a list of all the WSOP codes in existence. Instead, we focus on the promo codes that are guaranteed to give you WSOP free chips for your games.

Continue reading to learn:

All the WSOP free chips bonuses included in our WSOP promo code list are guaranteed to work.. We worked with the WSOP app to discover all the best ways to get WSOP free chips — and we tested each and every promo code on this page.

In other words, if you are looking for hot WSOP codes to receive unlimited WSOP free chips — you'll love this guide.

300,000 Free Chips300,000 Free Chips
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300,000 Free Chips300,000 Free Chips
Promo Code: 'WSOOOP'
GET CHIPS!*T&C’s apply.
300,000 Free Chips300,000 Free Chips
Promo Code: 'WSOOOP'
GET CHIPS!*T&C’s apply.

New WSOP Bonus Code: 300,000 Free Chips

We just received a new exclusive WSOP promo code worth 300,000 WSOP free chips.

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What are WSOP promo codes and why you should care

It only takes a minute or two to understand why WSOP Poker by Playtika is the most popular poker app in the world.

More than three million players use it to play games of Texas hold'em and Omaha, making it the most 'global poker site' in existence.

Like the online slot games created by Playtika, WSOP Poker is a freemium app. The base game is free, but there are lots of micro-transactions that allow you to top-up your account with extra chips to play.

Everyone starts the game with 1,000,000 free WSOP chips. Daily bonuses give players small free chips boosts to continue to explore the different games on the app.

While the regular free chips bonuses are good enough for a basic experience, some players want more and need more WSOP chips to access the highest tiers and sit at the most competitive tables in the game.

When this happens, you have two choices:

  • you can buy WSOP chips via the app and buy millions of free WSOP chips at once
  • or you can use a WSOP promo code and find alternative ways to add free chips for your games.

This page on CasinoSmash gives you a complete overview of all the best free WSOP codes to add more chips every day.

Some of the codes you find here can be used only once, others are active only for 24 hours. If you want to get WSOP free chips and you want to continue playing your poker games for free try all of them.

By using the WSOP promo codes on this page, you'll be able to get more than 1 million WSOP free chips and join the most exciting games on the app at no cost!

Before we get to the updated list of the latest WSOP promo codes, let's spend a word about another useful resource every WSOP player should join - the WSOP Bonus Exchange.

What is the WSOP Bonus Exchange?

Using a WSOP Bonus Exchange is one of the best ways to score free WSOP chips to play poker games online.

In the bonus exchange, WSOP users share WSOP chips with other players using the 'gift-giving' feature included in the game. While the bonuses you get through the Bonus Exchanges are not huge, these communities guarantee a constant influx of free chips for your games.

Since the number of WSOP free chips you receive depends on the number of "players/friends" you have in the app and how active you are in the community, with a bit of effort you can turn the Bonus Exchanges into a way to secure unlimited WSOP free chips with numerous daily bonuses.

If you don't know any Bonus Echange, start from the official WSOP Poker Facebook page. There, you find a community of more than 3 million WSOP players to connect and share free chips with.

Pros and Cons of the WSOP Bonus Exchanges


  • You connect with other likeminded WSOP players
  • You secure a constant flow of bonuses
  • If done right, you get more WSOP free chips than with the WSOP Megabonus


  • Most gifts earn you less than 100,000 WSOP free chips
  • You need to be active every day
  • You'll have to connect with a lot of people to reach unlimited free chips

Where to find WSOP promo codes on Facebook

Facebook is a great place to find WSOP bonus codes and links.

If you are after short-timed promos that can give you lots of free chips, you need to be active on Facebook and you need to keep a close eye on the best groups out there.

Like with the WSOP Bonus Exchange, the best place to start is the WSOP Poker app official Facebook page. That's where the Playtika guys give away WSOP free chips daily so you can play all your games for free.

That one is the only official page the game has, meaning all the WSOP promo codes you find there are guaranteed to work because they come from the game's creator themselves.

Keep in mind that all the WSOP promo codes on their Facebook page are time-limited and you can redeem each bonus only once.

A Time-Saving Strategy: Schedule Your Visits

There's no way for you to know when the next WSOP free chips bonus is going to hit the Facebook page. That's done on purpose so you will have to keep going back to it to see if the new promo codes are finally out.

A good way to save time on this is to visit the page at the end of your day. At that time, the new promo codes are likely to be all out and they are still all valid.

Other pages to watch are:

The WSOP Player LoungePage3,5 million
WSOP Players Lounge Free ChipsPrivate Group23,889
WSOP Executive LoungePrivate Group3,335

WSOP Free Chips: Promo Codes that Work in 2021

If you have already claimed this exclusive 300,000 WSOP free chips bonus, it's time for you to explore all the other promo codes available in 2021.

Follow the instructions on this guide to collect unlimited free chips and get everything you need to pay for your poker games.

Get 300,000 Free Chips - NOW!Get 300,000 Free Chips - NOW!

Use the new promo code 'WSOOOP' to receive 300,000 free chips!


1,000,000 Free Chips on Registration

The easiest way to receive 1,000,000 free WSOP chips instantly is to register via this page.

As soon as you do that (and connect your Facebook profile, you receive 1 million free chips to play poker on the World Series of Poker app.

Daily Rewards

The 1 million free chips bonus isn't the only 'regular' freebie you receive on the WSOP app. Another easy way to score some free chips is to claim all the 'Daily Rewards' available.

The gifts start small (10,000 free chips) but they grow over time. To secure all the bonuses included in the Daily Rewards, you don't need special WSOP promo codes.

The WSOP daily bonus is available the first time you open the app each day. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to redeem the offer and collect your free chips.

WSOP Mega Bonus

See the big and colourful wheel in the picture below?

That's the MegaBonus wheel, one of the best ways to get massive free chips bonuses to play. Like all wheel-of-fortune promotions, there's nothing you can do to influence the outcome of your spins — although the good news here is that everyone is a winner.

WSOP Mega Bonus prizes go from a minimum of 250,000 to a maximum of 4,000,000 WSOP free chips.

As soon as you start to play your games on the app, you grow also 'a multiplier' that applies to the result of your WSOP Megabonus spin to give you even more free chips.

WSOP Mega Bonus 750,000 chip win

WSOP Clubs

The WSOP Clubs are another quick way to score some free chips. Clubs don't need you to do to anything more than play poker.

The more you play, the higher you get in the rankings with each status going hand-in-hand with new promotions and free chips gifts.

While the clubs might not make you richer than rich and bring you a mind-blowing amount of free chips, they are a good option to add something to your bankroll. Remember: when it comes to free chips, everything counts!

Jack Club Rewards grant more free chips

The Facebook Bonus

Given that you are going to use Facebook to get lots of free chips on WSOP poker, there's also an obvious bonus you can't miss.

Since WSOP poker is also a Facebook game, you get 500,000 WSOP free chips as soon as you log in with your Facebook account.

Connecting to Facebook gives you 500,000 WSOP free chips

Rest assured no harm will come from that as the app can only access your public info and will never post on your behalf.

Connecting Facebook to the game is also key to activate the 'gifts' aspects of the game which, as we have already seen, is the best way to get unlimited free chips to play.

Invite friends and exchange WSOP free chips

More Social WSOP Bonuses

Facebook isn't the only social media where you can rake some WSOP free chips or find the latest promo codes.

Other pages to keep an eye on, include:

  • WSOP Instagram: @wsopgame
  • WSOP YouTube: @WSOPgame

The WSOP official YouTube channel is not the biggest collection of free chips out there, but you can certainly find a lot of useful tips and guides to boost your overall balance.

Bottom line - follow the official channels and you'll have no issues getting your WSOP free chips - the right way.

WSOP Free Chips FAQ's

What are WSOP chips?

WSPOP chips are a virtual in-game currency used in the official poker app of the World Series of Poker.

Can you send chips to other players in the WSOP app?

Yes, this is one of the many perks you get for having your Facebook friends playing on the WSOP poker game with you.

What's the best promo code for WSOP Poker?

Use the promo code WSOOOP to get 300,000 WSOP free chips instantly. For more info on how to activate this bonus, read here.

Can you win real money on WSOP?

WSOP is a social gaming app, meaning no wins can be withdrawn or exchanged for real money prizes.

Is the WSOP app safe?

WSOP is perfectly safe. It is a play money app and you don't need to add your credit card information or personal details to play, so you're not risking anything.

If you run out of free chips and decide to make an in-app purchase, you can rest assured your information will be safe too.

Is the WSOP app rigged?

No. The cards are dealt randomly and the app has never had any issues with showing favoritism or unfair treatment of players.

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