New Online Casinos to Play in 2020

On this page, you find everything you need to know about the best new online casinos available in your country. If you are looking for a new casino site to try, here you will find:

  • Link the reviews of all the new casinos
  • A brief overview of their bonuses
  • A clear list of the pros and cons of each room
  • Useful tips on how to pick the best new casino site

If you don’t have time to read and you just want to find a new site to play at, make sure you pick one operator from the list below.

This page collects the full list of the best online casinos in 2020 for you to play the best games, on the best sites, and with the best bonuses.

Why a Page about New Casinos in 2020?

Whether it’s a new gambling site that pops up on the net or a well-known one that comes up with an all-new platform and a new offer of casino games, this is the page you need to visit to find nothing but the info you need.

With so many new online casinos around, it is always hard to choose a room to play at – especially if you are not experienced enough to recognize a good new casino room right after you land on their homepage.

Most beginners believe new sites are a better choice compare to the regular online casinos because they assume new sites must be using the latest technologies and must be offering the best sign up bonuses.

This is not how the casino industry works.

A lot of the newest casino sites available in 2020 are created to earn money from the players.

That’s why it is imperative that you do not only know how to spot a good new site to play art, but you also know how to recognize the safest new casinos for you.

You do not want to spend your time on bad casino rooms and new online casino sites that suck or that don't keep their promises.

You want gaming sites that respect your country’s legislation on gambling, are safe and do not come up with weird stories or checks when it’s time to pay out your winnings.

You want to choose a room from this page.

We update this list every month and we make sure to feature nothing but the best casino rooms of 2020 together with the best signup bonuses to try them.

New Online Casinos in 2020

Most people have been to a casino, at least once in their lifetime.

From the exciting casino rooms in Las Vegas to the fun and glamorous Hippodrome in London, casinos are a common destination for gamblers, tourists, and for a happy bunch of people who simply look for a lively place where to get a good drink at night.

Gamblers care a great deal about the games offered, tourists look for cozy and exclusive atmosphere, late-night drinkers are all about cheap-yet-decent cocktails to sip.

In other words, they all look for something specific.

When at brick-and-mortar casinos, everyone looks for something different. That’s why it’s so hard to name what is the best casino in the world.

Personally, I love the old casino in Venice. It’s the oldest casino in the world and its charm is unmatched.

However, their restaurant there is c*ap, the bar is ridiculously small and expensive, and the video slots available are a sound meh.

Do I think people should go there?
It depends.

If you are into history and luxury, that’s the perfect place for you.

But if you like slots and modern games, you better hop on a plane to Prague and drive to the new King’s Casino in Rozvadov to play nothing but the best new video slots.

New online casinos are the same.

This is my very personal list of the latest new online casinos in 2020, meaning my favourite rooms might not be the very best ones for everyone.

We all want a new casino to bring in something exceptional, something different – but it’s hard to agree on what this "something" is supposed to be.

Before you pick the new casino online to play in 2020 and make your deposit, have a look at the reviews published linked from the table and read my guide on how to choose a new online casino.

How to Choose a New Online Casino in 2020

If you are not a regular player and you have yet to discover the world of online gambling, focus on new casino bonuses and their terms and conditions, and on the games made available by each room.

For you, the best new casino is the one that offers the largest number of games and that gives you the opportunity to play for free or to get a lot of bonus money once you deposit.

Remember: when I talk about new casinos and new bonuses, I don’t talk about play-money social casino games - I talk about new casino games with real money.

Also, choose a room that gives you access to all the most popular slots. You don’t want to get bored, so you need a casino that features slots from Netent, Playtech, and Microgaming.

The good thing about choosing your new casino from the 2020 list on this page, is that you don’t need to worry about their reputation or license.

All the new casinos we feature on this list are 100% legit casino sites that operate with proper licenses and according to international standards. Your money and your games are safe.

How do we do this?

Like most of the pages on CasinoSmash, the list of the best new online casinos is geolocated, meaning we offer different rooms to different players.

UK players can only play at UK casinos exactly as Canadian players can only play at online casinos that are legal in Canada.

And this is just an example.

Each user who lands on CasinoSmash gets to see only the new casinos that are legal in their country. This is incredibly important for the security of your games and for making sure that you can always withdraw your winnings without any problems.

So, go ahead and pick a new casino to try. And remember, you can always use the contacts page to let us know your opinion!

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