Gamblers Wins $1,5 Million in Atlantic City, Casino Asks For The Money Back

Golden Nugget casino

A group of 14 unidentified gamblers won $1.5 million playing mini-baccarat at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City casino in New Jersey, and the casino wants the money back.

The Golden Nugget claims that the gamblers increased their bets from $10 to $5,000 when they noticed predetermined patterns in the cards in play due to the deck not being shuffled. The gamblers went on to win 41 straight hands, netting $1.5 million. This lead to a string of lawsuits involving the players, the casino, and the Kansas City-based card manufacturer who supplied the unshuffled decks.

The issue began when the Golden Nugget believed they purchased pre shuffled decks to be used in the game. The card manufacturer admitted in court that they mistakenly provided unshuffled decks instead of pre shuffled decks in court.

A lawsuit between the Golden Nugget and the card manufacturer was settled out of court with terms undisclosed.

The dealers in the mini-baccarat games at the Golden Nugget used these decks without shuffling believing they were pre shuffled by the manufacturer.

According to Yahoo News, players were able to cash out $500,000 out of the $1.5 million they won in the games. Eventually, lawsuits were filed by the Golden Nugget to attempt to claim the money back and another lawsuit by the players which included charges of unlawful detention.

The players are also reported to have declined an offer to be able to keep all the winnings in exchange for them dropping their lawsuit.

In February 2015, a judge ruled in favor of the Golden Nugget, demanding that players return the funds they won three years prior.

In March 2015, players asked the judge to allow them to keep the money since they were at no fault.

The group of gamblers said in a court filing, "By ordering the patrons to return the monies that were paid out by (the Golden Nugget) nearly three years after the game ended sends incredible conditional messages to the public: A win isn't necessarily a win, and that casinos will go after winning players who are without fault."

Steve Scheinthal, general counsel for the casino's parent company, Landry's Inc., believes the ruling should stand.

"The trial judge considered the law and made a very thoughtful and correct decision," Scheinthal told The Associated Press. "We see no reason why she would change her mind."

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