30+ Frighteningly Cool Online Games to Play on Halloween

Halloween Games

"That's it: the basement!

I just need to get there and I will be safe. I can hide behind the old boxes and wait for this to be over.

In a few hours, Halloween will be gone and all the zombies will disappear with it. I just need to get down there and I'll be safe.

I wish I could just run there.

But This old parquet squeaks like the knees of a 300-year old — and I am afraid I'll be done before dawn comes if I make a sound.

I can hear the zombie breathing. He must be close. Really close. I wish I could see where it is. I hope he won't find me.

Five steps! There can't be more than five steps from this table to the door to the basement.

If I am fast enough, I can run from under the table to the door, open it, close it behind me, and hide downstairs in less than 10 seconds.

It's just five steps!

It's a plan. I only have to sneak out from under the table…
… walk towards the door…

- damn, I can still hear him breathing. Or is it them? -
… put my hand on the handle…twist it…


Do you want to know how this story ends?

Have a go at our unmatched collection of the 30+ spookiest Halloween games of 2019!

Walk around haunted houses, escape hungry zombies, and listen to the lovely growl of inspired werewolves — because everything is possible during Halloween!

Enjoy exciting new games like It's a Joker and The Dead Escape, or re-discover timeless classics like SpinOween and Circus of Horror for some good scary fun.

"Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble." William Shakespeare

All the games are available for free and for real money — and if you need to register an account to play, you are also in for a lovely treat:

There's a special 'Halloween' welcome bonus available to all the players who join in to play these scary games!

Click on the button below to access the list, check out all the games, and find out the bonus you can use to play them all.

And remember: "On Halloween, witches come true; wild ghosts escape from dreams. Each monster dances in the park."


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