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On September 8, Apple's CEO Tim Cook went on stage at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco to (finally) confirm that the iPhone 7 killed the headphone jack, that the AppleWatch Series 2 is not getting a better performing battery, and that iWork now allows real-time collaboration.

Yes, really.

Nevertheless, Apple have some aces up their sleeves. They have increased the iPhone's battery life by 2 hours and they made Siri, everyone's favorite virtual assistant, a whole lot smarter. All they have left to do is to find this article, read it, and realize they have not only released the best camera ever, but they have also created the most powerful gambling machine ever known to man.

MacOS, Siri, and Gambling: Listen Up, Cupertino Boys!

MacOS Sierra, Apple's next operating system for desktop and laptop computers, is set to be released on September 13. Obviously, as Apple officials say every time they release something, "Sierra is going to be the best operating system" they have ever created.

As a loyal Apple customer (and fanboy at times), I have been running Sierra for a while already – and I am moderately satisfied with it. It works pretty well on my 2013 MacBook Pro and on my 2016 MacBook, but it's not as revolutionary as Tim Cook once tried to convince me it would be.

I might be a technosaur, but I am not going to talk to my Mac if there's someone around #AppleEvent

I am not used to talking to my computer (nor to my iPhone) and I make a very little use of Siri's superpowers. When I want to order takeout or I want to book a table somewhere, I usually discuss places with the people who will dine with me first and I am not sure many of us would ever accept a blind date with a restaurant set by a bot with a pretty female voice. So the "Siri, find me a restaurant" command is pretty irrelevant to me.

Plus, let's face it: until I'll be able to get a table waiting for me by simply saying "Hey Siri, book a table for two at La Bottega* in Tallinn at 21:00" – this is not going to work for me.

I want Siri to do the job for me, not to meet me halfway. Either she books me a table or she doesn’t. Arranging a call between me and the restaurant is not what I am looking for. I need more than that.

I am not going to talk to my computer when I am at work and I am pretty sure I am not going to control MacOS with my voice like Apple would like me to do, unless…

*: Shameless advertising, I know.

You Let Me Play With Siri

Make my life easier, Apple!

Let me enjoy the power of your smart AI by helping me do what I usually do – in an easier and cooler way. You did that with the iPod, with the iPhone, and – to some extent – with the AppleWatch, too. So, why wouldn't you do it with the Mac?

"Hey Siri, I want to play Starburst at BGO. Now." #AppleEvent

This would be revolutionary. Me asking you (Siri) to do in a snap what would take me minutes. Me asking you to give me exactly what I want:

Anything less than that is a compromise that I am not willing to accept. Siri taking me to is simply not the kind of technological advancement I accept from a company like Apple in 2016.

And that's not it. Because I want to be able to use Siri in the game too.

I want to see the reels move every time I shout "SPIN!" I want to sit on my couch, AirPlay the game to my TV screen, and do everything with my voice. I am done with mice, batteries, trackpads, and other analogic devices.

#Apple, if you want me to use my voice, you ought to give me the full package.

After all, can you imagine that the guys who have been able the huge complex in the image below still haven't figured out a good way to let me play casino games with my voice?!

I Want to Play Against Siri, Too

I find very hard to deal with the fact that a tech giant like Apple would employ some of the brightest minds of our time and pay them to work on an amazing piece of software that can do life-changing things like…Google stuff for me, find me a restaurant, and tell me what's the weather in Buckle Island.

If the bot is as smart as Apple says, I need the guys in Cupertino to team up with a gambling giant like Amaya, 888Casino, or partycasino and come up with a real game-changer: human vs. AI casino games.

Why can't I play online poker against #Siri? #AppleEvent

I want to be able to play poker against Siri, and I want to do it as if I were at a poker room: announcing my folds, my raises, and my calls. I don't want to size my bets with the mouse anymore; I want to shout "ALL IN!" to the mic to see my stack be pushed to the middle of the table.

I want a chance to prove that I am good enough to beat AI and that I can be the Kasparov of online gambling – not just a lazy thirty-year old who can't get off his couch.

Make Slots for iPhone 7 a Huge Thing

One of the few moments I really enjoyed during Wednesday's keynote was the presentation of OZ: Broken Kingdom, a truly impressive game developed by Vancouver-based This Game Studio (TGS).

The more TGS' co-founder Heather Price spoke about the iPhone casino game, the more slots games like Guns N'Roses and Starburst, and all the other iPhone casino games started to look…lame.

iPhone 7's A10 Fusion processor is a monster that can handle the most complex and demanding tasks in no time. Add that to the iPhone's new screen and you'll see why I believe Cupertino's latest super-smartphone deserves a lot more than the games we play today.

Close your eyes and try to dream about it. Dream of what NetEnt could develop for that processor and imagine how amazing slots games could be. Immersive bonus rounds, spectacular animations, action live we've never seen it before.

I want that. And I want that now.

What About The Live Dealers?

Live dealer casino games on the internet are a huge thing and, face it, are a lot of fun too.

Every now and then, I find myself at one of Ladbrokes' live tables to play some hands of live blackjack and enjoy the chatter that goes on there. When you are lucky enough to find a good and communicative dealer (and the ones at Ladbrokes are a-ma-zing!), live casino games are great.

I understand that the live stream requires a lot of processing power and I can see why it's hard for a mobile device to load that in real time and add the whole casino software on top of the video but, hey! Isn't this what the A10 Fusion processor is supposed to do?

I love the idea of an iPhone with two independent cameras that act like the eyes of a chameleon, but what about the games? What if I don't care much about photography and all I want is to use that processing power for my games?

Please, Apple, give me all this and I will do what I always did: walk to the Apple Store, take my wallet out, swipe my card, and pretend I bought something I really-really needed.

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