Man Hits $1.52 Million Jackpot in New Jersey

biggest casino win in New Jersey

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An anonymous player from Union County, New Jersey, broke the largest single payout in NJ regulated online gaming history record when he hit an amazing score of $1,522,000 at Betfair Casino on Feb. 14, 2015. What might be even more amazing, is that this impressive Valentine's Day cash did not come in slot machines as many might expect, but in the table game Let It Ride.

For those of you not familiar with Let It Ride, it is a table game based off poker, where certain combinations of cards can yield big rewards. Players place three identically sized bets before receiving three cards. The player can pull back one bet if he doesn't like what he sees before seeing his fourth card. He or she can pull back another bet once again before receiving the fifth and final card.

There is also typically an extra 3-card bonus bet where players can really strike it big, although this bet comes with a hefty house advantage. The player won the jackpot by placing the maximum $500 bet on all three spots, along with another $500 bet on the extra bonus spot. He started off the hand nicely with a mini-straight-flush of Qd-Jd-Td, to be guaranteed a 40 to 1 payout on his $500 bonus bet.

However, here is where things turned for the better, as the next two cards, Kd and Ad, completed the royal flush, giving this NJ player 1,000 to 1 odds on his three main $500 bets to set a new New Jersey record.

While the identity of this player is unknown, we do understand he is understandably excited by his recent huge win. "I first heard of Betfair Casino on a television commercial where they were offering a generous bonus for first time sign ups," said the winning patron, who chose not to reveal his identity, to PRNewswire.

"I was playing one night for about two hours…and I was ready to end my night of play and I was dealt Queen, Jack, and 10 of diamonds. Great! I have a mini straight flush! To my amazement, I was dealt the King and Ace of Diamonds! A Royal Flush! Really! I was in total shock! Not my first royal either and yes, still in shock! Then I realized it was a $1,522,000 payout! NOW I WAS IN SHOCK! I thought it was a dream! This is why I love playing and will only be playing on because the site lets you play and in turn gives you a fair chance to win!"

While Betfair Casino certainly had a rough day financially, they do appear to be genuinely excited not only for the player, but also for the publicity as well. "It's always exciting when a player hits a big win," said Betfair Casino GM Don Ryan. "We're thrilled to be a part of US online gaming history and to be able to provide generous bonuses, high payouts, and a secure and fair online gaming experience to our Betfair Casino players in New Jersey for years to come."

Regulated online gaming in New Jersey is in its relative infancy, with legal online casino games first appearing in late November 2013. While it won't be a surprise if this record-breaking haul is broken, it will only be possible to tie it while playing Let It Ride on, unless the online gaming operator decides to increase its max limits.

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