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UK National Lottery Record Jackpot

After going unclaimed in Wednesday’s draw, the UK National Lottery is being rolled over in two day’s time on Saturday - and there are 57.8 million reasons you do not want to miss this.

During Wednesday’s draw, the players (or should we call them ticket holders) had the opportunity to win a record-breaking jackpot of £50.4 million, but nobody was fortunate enough to walk away with the life-changing fortune.

Right now, the stakes are even higher. Remember: this has never been witnessed in the UK National Lottery, and it will be all gone in less than 48 hours from now. The prized jackpot money on Saturday will be a whopping fortune of £57.8 million - and this article is your only chance of becoming a multi-millionaire in a snap.

Do not just sit there, you got to buy a ticket and stand a chance. Head to and get your lottery ticket before it’s too late.

What - You Are Not in The United Kingdom?

To make the record straight, you do not have to be in the UK to stand a chance of buying a ticket and playing. In other words, it does not matter where you are or where you come from. Whether you are in Italy, France, Iceland, United States, Australia or China, you have the opportunity of buying a ticket and standing an equal chance as everybody else.

All you need to do to stand this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of becoming a multi-millionaire come Saturday night is to buy a UK National Lottery ticket online through this link. Nothing more than that. With such mind-blogging stakes in play, you do not want to wait until it is too late to buy your lottery ticket.

Avoid the last minute rush and strains that are likely to see websites crash due to high levels of traffic for those trying to beat the last minute deadline. This was literally witnessed on Wednesday after the UK National Lottery online website crashed for quite some time before the deadline, thereby locking many people out.

Now, you’ve got the perfect chance to turn your dreams into reality without having to worry about crashing. Nonetheless, it is better to buy your ticket now before it is too late.

As a matter of fact, note that by buying the UK National Lottery online ticket on through CasinoSmash, you get a second free ticket, thereby increasing your chances of winning the jackpot and becoming the next multi-millionaire - all thanks to LotteryTop10, our sister site about online lotteries.

As one of the best and most recognized lottery websites, gives you the best opportunity to buy your online ticket now and stand the golden chance of winning a record £57.8 million from the UK National Lottery come Saturday night. Do not let this once-in-a-generation chance slip through your fingers, buy your ticket now and win on Saturday night.

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