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Absolute Super Reels Slot Review

How is it best to describe Absolute Super Reels? Is it a classic slot? Or is it a more modern video slot? The answer actually lies somewhere in between, as this is a game with all the hallmarks of a classic slot, but with a few added extras thrown in for good measure. It’s certainly a slot that will look incredibly familiar to most players, as it looks just like the slots you’d find in gambling hubs like Vegas and Atlantic City, thanks to the symbols on the reels. These include such favorites as sevens and BARs, with the only non-standard symbol being the Absolute Super Reels logo.

The fantastic animations and graphics at this slot lift it above most other classic slots though, which are happy to get by with a retro look and feel. At Absolute Super Reels, the symbols almost pop with color though, and the animations immediately draw the player’s attention. It is also worth mentioning right now that this slot offers a progressive jackpot, and this is a big draw for most players. It doesn’t get as high as the progressive jackpots found at some other slots, but it’s still enough to cause excitement when it’s won.

How to Play Absolute Super Reels Casino Game?

Absolute Super Reels Bonus Rounds & Special Features

The first thing to say in this section is this: Absolute Super Reels is a game designed for those who like to bet big. If you aren’t a larger bettor, you’ll find that some of the features aren’t open to you, and therefore you won’t enjoy the slot as much as others. This means that it might be better if you played at a more conventional classic slot instead. The big aspect of this slot to mention is the fact that it starts as a three-reel slot, but two extra reels can be unlocked by betting bigger amounts. There’s more on this innovative and unique feature in the next section.

To get the game started, you’ll need to first choose how much to bet, which can be as little as 0.05 coins and as much as 37.50 coins. Once you’ve done this, you simply spin the reels and wait to see what happens. When playing three reels, it plays just like a classic slot, so you won’t find loads of bonuses or features, but instead will find just simple gameplay and some nice prizes, which also spin into view quite regularly. When the fourth and fifth reels are activated though, things start to get really interesting…

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Activating The Fourth And Fifth Reels

The fourth and fifth reels are what make this slot different to the rest. They are reserved exclusively for those who bet larger amounts though, which is why lower stakes players won’t find as much fun at this online slot. You’ll need to bet at least 10 coins per spin to see a change in the number of reels, which is quite a lot when multiplied by the number of spins most people have in a slot playing session.

Betting ten coins per spin will be enough to open up the fourth reel only, and on this reel you’ll find a number of instant wins – as well as some blank spaces as well. These instant wins can range from 50 coins through to 1,000 coins, and they are won when they spin in on the end of a winning combination. The smaller amounts come in regularly, allowing you to keep your bankroll steady, however the larger amounts are rarer, but provide a really nice boost to your finances.

If you can afford to bet 15 coins per spin, you’ll also open up the fifth reel. This means that you’ll get all of the benefits the fourth reel brings, plus a few extra features. This is because the fifth reel contains three types of symbols: respin, free spins and multipliers. The respins are generally the least profitable, while the free spins do sometimes bring in some nice wins. The best of the lot are the multipliers though, which can be as high as 10x. All features on the fifth reel are activated when on the end of a winning combination. The progressive jackpot is also only open to those playing all five reels.

Perhaps the biggest question is whether it’s worth activating the two extra reels. The answer is: usually. The risk is, of course, a big one, but generally the extra reels will pay back around as much as it costs to play them, especially if you unlock both of them. Whether you are prepared to risk larger bets is entirely down to you though…

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