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Dr. Watts Up Slot Review

Welcome to the wild, crazy, zany world of Dr. Watts Up, a slot where you’ll be assisting the eponymous doctor with a number of his experiments. Hopefully the only thing he’ll manage to create are some nice prizes though, with the biggest possible one being a massive 480,000 coins!

When it comes to themes, this is certainly one of the wackier ones produced by giant slot producer Microgaming, and it is really good to see something a little bit different for slots players to sink their teeth into, so Microgaming should certainly be congratulated for their efforts.

The reels are an explosion of color, and feature a number of interesting characters. These include a monkey masquerading as a professor, a sexy assistant and, of course, the mad Dr. Watts himself, who comes complete with a slightly crazed look on his face. Microgaming have certainly gone all out when it comes to this slot, and the result is a visual feast, which should be enjoyed by everyone. The sound is also good and, unlike many other online slots out there, doesn’t get too annoying. Some might be put off by the amount of action constantly found on the screen, but most should find it enhances their experience.

How to Play Dr. Watts Up Casino Game?

Dr. Watts Up Bonus Rounds & Special Features

The first thing to say about the gameplay at Dr. Watts Up is this: it has a massive 243 different ways to win, which ensures that every spin is one filled with excitement. It also means that there’s more chance of getting multiple wins on a single spin, which should really appeal to all types of online slot players. 243 different ways to win essentially means that symbols simply have to land on adjacent reels to grant a prize, and don’t have to follow any set paylines.

Getting the game started is really easy, particularly as you have to play all 243 different ways to win – meaning that the decision surrounding how many paylines to play is removed. You can alter you bet though, and this amount can range from a tiny bet all the way to incredibly high stakes. The choice regarding how much to bet is down to you, but you should remember that bigger bets lead to bigger potential prizes. Once you’ve chosen how much to bet, it’s simply a case of getting the reels spinning, before finding out how much you’ve won. You might also activate one of the bonus features, which are explained below…

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Dr. Watts Up’s Bonuses and Features

The main reason why the majority of people play online slots, aside from the huge amounts of money that can be won, is the bonuses. These are the little mini-games and special features that give the slots an extra twist, bring loads of excitement, and often bring some pretty large prizes as well. Dr. Watts Up has a number of these bonuses to offer players, meaning that the majority of slots players should really enjoy playing the game.

The first bonus to know about is called the Laboratory Bonus, and it really is a pretty simple bonus to play. Spin in a rat in a jar on reels one, three and five, and you’ll be asked to pick a couple of test tubes. Once you’ve done that, the total amount you’ve won will be calculated. You can then try for a larger prize by picking two more test tubes.

The main bonus at this online slot comes in the form of free spins though, and these are activated by spinning in three or more of the atom symbol anywhere on the reels. There’s no multiplier added to the wins, but there is a different feature: after each spin, one reel will be zapped, turning it entirely wild for the next spin. These free spins can lead to some really large prizes, so you’ll be pretty excited whenever they are activated.

The Dr. Watts Up logo is also an important symbol to keep your eyes open for, as it is this slot’s wild symbol. For those who don’t know, this means that it can replace most other symbols on the reels in order to create some really nice winning combinations. When you see it on the reels, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to be seeing some money heading your way.

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