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In It to Win It Slot Review

If you’ve ever lived in the UK and happened to own a TV set during that time, chances are you know the national lottery draw is always accompanied by a game show of the same name as this slot. The names - and the chance to walk away with somewhat more money than you had starting out - is where the similarities end.

In It To Win It (the slot that is) is Microgaming’s attempt at nicking some players based on the title alone. Filled with typical “things rich people own” imagery presented with the least possible tact, this slot is almost on the same level as “Immortal Romance” in terms of scraping the barrel You can probably guess our verdict based on that intro, but let’s chew our way through an explanation, shall we?

How to Play In It to Win It Casino Game?

In It to Win It Bonus Rounds & Special Features

In It To Win It is a 5 reel, 100 payline slot. While the hardcore betters typically prefer the 25 and 50 payline games, slots where the lines number in the three figures tend to cater to the casual crowd - with more frequent wins that aren’t actually lining your pockets, but are only there for show.

The betting range is from 0.05 all the way to 250 in order to blanket as wide an audience as possible, but somehow we assume there are a lot more 0.05 players spinning this particular slot than there are 250’s.

As we alluded in the intro, the visuals of this slot are somewhat… nauseating? The top banner is either the inside or the outside of the most stereotypical mansion no actually wealth person would buy on principle alone. Regular symbols are adorned with gambling motifs. Special symbols include a luxury oldtimer car, a private jet, a bundle of cash in a (golden) money clip and a greying white male grinning in such a way that motivates you to punch your screen. Don’t let the betting range fool you - this is clearly aimed at the 0.05 crowd.

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In It To Lose it

There are a few bonus features built into this slot in an attempt to keep an air of legitimacy about it. If you hit three or more scatter symbols - the gentleman with the disgusting face - you’ll be presented with four briefcases, offering 10 to 25 free spins and one of the four special symbols. The number of free spins and the symbol are awarded at random, and said symbol will act as a wild while the spins last.

In It To Win It also lets you gamble with your winnings. There is a double up button on the (pretty ugly) interface triggering what amounts to a random dice roll of getting twice you winnings, four times your winnings or just the regular winnings. Why shouldn’t you press this all the time? Well, there is a chance that it will zero out your winnings too. Use with caution - not that you’ll win much playing this thing anyway.

Thrill Factor

Comparisons are said to make it easier to convey a point, in which case - watching paint dry, except the smell of paint makes you heave.
Honestly, the bonus features aren’t enough of a redeeming quality to excuse the obvious contempt the developers have for their players. If only In It To Win It were bland - in that case, the features would add excitement. In this case? The biggest thrill is quitting.

Bottom Line

In It To Win It isn’t bland, or boring - it’s worse. It basically spits in the face of players smart enough to realize it, so you really ought to steer clear.

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