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by Betsoft Gaming

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Invaders Slot Review

Invaders is a slot from BetSoft, so you can be guaranteed of one thing: it will feature some of the best graphics around. This is because making great looking slots is BetSoft’s hallmark, and their superior graphics have led to them becoming one of the biggest slot producers in the world.

This particular slot has a classic sci-fi feel to it, with aliens seemingly aiming to take over a small American town. You’ll see stunning animations every time you get a win on the reels, plus the bonuses also lead to some great animations as well. This means that every spin is an adventure, and that this slot is loads of fun to play.

The symbols on the reels feature aliens, planets and signs from Area 51, among other things. None of them are generic, which is really great to see. The highest paying symbol is the flying saucer, so you’ll really want to see this fly onto the screen as often as possible.

The two symbols featuring aliens are also pretty high-paying, so you’ll want to see them as often as possible too. So, the theme at Invaders is absolutely great, and really adds a huge amount to the enjoyment you’ll experience when playing this online slot.

How to Play Invaders Casino Game?

Invaders Bonus Rounds & Special Features

As you’d expect from a slot from BetSoft, the gameplay at Invaders is absolutely fantastic, throwing up loads of fast paced action and a significant number of wins.

Even if you aren’t winning though, you’ll still really enjoy every spin at this slot. Before you start playing, you’ll be able to choose if you want to play anything from one through to 20 paylines. You can also alter your bet amount, with the most you can bet per spin being 100 coins (5 coins per payline). It’s always worth remembering that the more you bet, the more you could win, although you also should never overstretch your finances when you play.

If you manage to spin in a win on the base game, you’ll see some fantastic animations, as well as money added to your account. If you don’t win, simply try again and see if you can get luckier! You can also spin in some nice features at this slot, and they can all lead to some particularly large payouts.

Overall, the gameplay at this slot is absolutely fantastic, and everyone playing Invaders should really enjoy themselves. So, why not have a few spins at this exciting slot today?

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A Slot With Some Fantastic Features

BetSoft slots are known for their many exciting bonuses, many of which are really original and highly enjoyable. Invaders is a bit different though, as it isn’t crammed full of bonuses, instead preferring to have just a few.

The first of these is the wild symbol, which is represented by the newspaper, and it can replace most other symbols on the reels. More exciting than the wild symbol is the multiplier symbol though, which is represented by the Initiate symbol. Getting three or more on the reels can lead to a win of up to 50x your bet per payline, which means that it can lead to some really large prize

The scatter symbol at this slot is the asteroid, and it can pay out whenever three or more are seen on the reels – they don’t need to be on a payline. Unlike many other slots though, the scatter symbol doesn’t award a bonus or free spins though, which will disappoint some players of this slot.

There is a bonus game though, and it is started by getting three or more of the house symbols anywhere on the reels. When this bonus starts, you’ll need to select from the different houses, winning prizes as you go. If you start this bonus by getting three house symbols on the reels, it will take a standard form, however starting it with more than three house symbols will lead to the prizes being enhanced.

That’s all there is to say about the bonuses at Invaders, and now you can see that there aren’t as many as you might find at other BetSoft slots. This doesn’t make this slot a bad one though, as everyone should still really enjoy playing it. So, why not have a few spins at Invaders today and see if you can win the jackpot?ì

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