Lucky 8-Line Free Online Slots

by Netent

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Lucky 8-Line Slot Review

Do you long for the days when slots didn’t come with loads of features, huge numbers of bonuses and a massive amount of other confusing aspects? Instead, would you like to find a slot that brings excitement, but does it in the way things used to be?

If so, Lucky 8 Line could well be the slot for you. It strips away all of the unnecessary extras found at most slots currently out there, and presents a raw take on online slots. Sure, some people really won’t enjoy this at all, but others will be mightily relieved to finally see an end to the seemingly never ending stream of slots that focus more on features than on actual prizes.

Everything about this slot will remind you of the slots found in Vegas in the 80s, even including the sound, which is terrible – but in a reassuringly retro way. The symbols are taken straight from the classic line-up, and include bells, BARs and sevens, while the slot even has retro looking buttons to use, instead of the more modern ones seen at other slots. If this doesn’t take you back to the halcyon days of slot machines, nothing will. So, if you want to play a simpler slot, Lucky 8 Line could well be a great choice!

How to Play Lucky 8-Line Casino Game?

Lucky 8-Line Bonus Rounds & Special Features

There’s simple, and then there’s Lucky 8 Line. Playing this game is an absolute breeze, and even those who have never played slots before will be up and running in no time at all. The buttons at the bottom of the screen are all you need to control the action, and your first task will be deciding how many of the eight paylines you want to play. You can then decide on the amount you want to bet per payline. With the maximum total bet being just 12.80 coins, this slot might not appeal to high rollers, but most players should find that it suits them perfectly.

Once you’ve selected your bet amount and number of paylines, simply spin the reels. Then repeat the process for as long as you want to, knowing that you won’t be interrupted by anything else. There is one thing to mention about the gameplay at this slot though, and it’s the fact that it has horizontal and vertical paylines, as well as diagonal ones. This is how it manages to create eight paylines on just three reels. If you manage to fill the reels with the same symbol, you’ll find a really nice prize heading your way.

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Why No Bonuses is a Refreshing Change

Bonuses and features at online slots are great. They keep the action coming thick and fast, and ensure that players always have something to look forward to. What’s more, they can bring some really large wins at some slots. The problem is this though: sometimes bonuses can get tiresome, and you simply want to spend some time spinning the reels, just like you used to twenty or thirty years ago. There’s something soothing about the nostalgia, and the lack of thinking required means that you can sit back and relax, without having to worry about any unexpected things popping up on the screen.

It’s this chance to reminisce and relax that’s key to Lucky 8 Line, and is the reason why so many people choose to play it over the modern, more action-packed slots. The fact that it still offers something slightly different – the horizontal and vertical paylines – is testament to the skill that NetEnt have in creating online slots though, and is what makes it stand out from other classic slots currently found at online casinos. It won’t be the slot for some people, however it certainly sits near the top of its niche, which is all NetEnt could have hoped for.

What could improve this slot slightly is a higher maximum bet though, as currently it is quite low. While most won’t mind this, it will put off a few players, who are eager to play at high stakes. It would certainly be appealing if the 1000x jackpot could be won when playing at 5 coins per payline, for example. Still, there are plenty of other slots with higher limits, so high rollers shouldn’t have too much trouble finding an alternative place to play. There’s no need for most to look elsewhere though, as this is a slot that turns simplicity into an art form.

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