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Secret Santa Slot Review

One look at the name of this online slot should give away its theme. Yes, that’s right, this is a slot that celebrates the man who brings Christmas cheer to the homes of millions each and every year. It doesn’t need to be Christmas to enjoy playing this slot though, as the theme alone will bring loads of enjoyment. Of course, if you’re a bit of a Scrooge, you might not fall for the charms of this slot quite so readily though…

The graphics at Secret Santa are fantastic, with a number of typically Christmassy symbols spinning around on the reels – symbols such as turkey, stockings and, of course, Santa himself. A small criticism is that they’ve not designed all of the symbols to the same high standard though, instead deciding to leave some rather generic ones on the reels. This is only a small down point to the game though, and certainly not enough to stop anyone playing it.

The soundtrack is also worth mentioning, as it really adds a further layer of Christmas cheer to every spin, although you might find the tune stuck in your head for days afterwards. If you do start to get annoyed by it, there’s a handy mute button you can press.

How to Play Secret Santa Casino Game?

Secret Santa Bonus Rounds & Special Features

Secret Santa is a slot with five reels and an absolutely staggering 1024 different ways to win. This isn’t confusing though, as it essentially means that you need to match identical symbols on consecutive reels, without worrying about them being on a payline. Of course, like most slots, you’ll be told how much you’ve won as soon as the reels stop spinning anyway, making the many paylines even less confusing. Once the reels stop spinning, you’ll also see if any of this slot’s bonuses activate – they are explained in more detail further down the page.

Starting the reels spinning is really easy, and begins by selecting the amount you want to bet per payline. The 1024 different ways to win have to be played regardless of your stake, so you won’t get the chance to change these. You then simply hit the Spin button and wait to see how much you’ve managed to win. There is also an Autoplay feature, which can be used by those looking to get through as many spins as possible. To see the possible prizes, and to get detailed explanations of the bonuses, just click on the “View Pays” button at the bottom of the screen.

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Explained: Secret Santa’s Many Bonuses

If you enjoy a slot with loads of different bonuses, Secret Santa could well be a great choice for you. This is because it offers a massive eight different bonuses to players, seven of which are awarded completely randomly.

These seven random bonuses differ both in type and in the amount of money they’ll see you getting paid, and they are:
• Wild Reels. Three of the reels will turn entirely wild, and hopefully create some really nice winning combinations.
• Scatter Spree. Every single symbol on the reels will become a scatter symbol, meaning that you’ll get a win if there are three of any identical symbol on the reels.
• Wild Boost. Every symbol of a particular type will turn wild, before the previous spin’s win is then recalculated.
• Free Spins. This will see you being awarded with five free spins, and while these are active all wins are tripled.
• Rolling Reels. The symbols used to create a winning combination will drop away, and be replaced by others. This could then cause another win, and can keep on going indefinitely. What’s more, the multiplier will increase after each winning combination.
• Dashing Wild. You’ll see the reels respin, and when they land four extra wild symbols will be added to them.
• Mystery Multiplier. A mystery multiplier will be added to your win, with 10x being the highest it can be.

If those seven bonuses weren’t enough, there’s also a great feature for those able to spin in a five symbol combination. When this happens, you’ll bank the win, before the winning symbols are all replaced by another symbol. This means that every time you get a five symbol combination, you’ll get two wins! There’s also the usual wild and scatter symbols, which can also be really useful. The logo is the wild symbol, while the Christmas cracker is the scatter.

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