Farkle Rules: Learn How to Play Farkle Online

Rules and strategy tips to discover Farkle, the popular dice games played on all casinos around the world.

Farkle Rules: Learn How to Play Farkle Online

Farkle, also known as farkel, hot dice, zonk, 10 thousand, wimp out and buzzball, is a popular dice game featuring six dice that are shaken in a cup and thrown by players who earn points based upon certain outcomes.

Most online casinos offer virtual cups for players to click, and then dice a rolled out using animation. The goal of farkle is to be the first player to collect 10,000.

Farkle Rules

  • Throwing — Players receive points after throwing the dice. Not all dice bring points, however, and in most cases a player will have to throw the dice more than once. After a player is finished with their throws, the cup is rotated clockwise to the next player.
  • Turns — Players may end their turn after any throw and collect the points they’ve scored. Only a maximum of six throws are allowed per round, because one die is removed after each throw. Players can removed multiple dice at a time.
  • Hot Dice — If all six dice score on the first throw, the player not only collects all of the points, but gets hot dice, allowing them to throw all six again.
  • Scoring – Only 1 and 5 are scoring dice, but certain combinations can award a player big points. Here is a table of each combination and the respective score:

    Each 550
    Each 1100
    Three 2’s200
    Three 3’s300
    Three 4’s400
    Three 5’s500
    Three 6’s600
    Three 1’s1,000

Players can receive several combinations on each roll, and they will have to decide which to take. For example, if a player throws 1-3-4-2-2, they have the following options:

  • Keep three 2’s for 200 points and throw the three other dice again.
  • Keep only the 1 for 100 points and throw the other five dice again.
  • Keep three 2’s and the 1 for a total of 300 points and throw the other two dice again.
  • Keep three 2’s and the 1 for a total of 300 points and don’t throw the other dice any more.
  • Farkle – If players continue to roll, they risk throwing a farkle. If none of the dice score, the throw is called a farkle, and the player loses all of their points from that turn and must pass the dice. If a player rolls three consecutive farkles, they lose 500 points.

Farkle Strategy

Like most casino-style games, farkle is a mixture of chance and skill, with the latter being a secondary factor. Online, players should always check the rules if the table before joining, as there are several variations which employ different rules. Knowing the point structures on different online casinos is paramount and can directly influence your decision-making on each throw.

Within the game, there are certain things that can give a player an edge.

  • Don’t always keep scoring dice. Sometimes, if you throw a 1 and a 5, you should just keep the 1 and throw the other five dice again. Adding an extra die to your next

    roll increases your chances of throwing three of a kind while it decreases your chances of throwing a farkle.

  • It’s usually best to end your turn with one or two dice left, as the chances of rolling a 1 or a five are slimmer and it’s impossible to roll three of a kind.
  • Avoid farkles, especially if you’ve previously thrown two in a row. Losing 500 points over three turns is a recipe for disaster.

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