Online Oasis Poker Rules: How to Play Oasis Poker

A beginner's guide to learn the basic Oasis Poker rules and all the most important details about payouts and side bets.

Online Oasis Poker Rules: How to Play Oasis Poker

Poker has become a worldwide phenomenon and it is played by novice and professional players, which has led to many different versions emerging in the market. Whether you’re new to Oasis Poker or looking to brush up your knowledge, this CasinoSmash guide will give you all sorts of crucial information on this popular poker variant.

How Do You Play Oasis Poker?

This poker variant has gained a lot of popularity among players across the globe. The rules of this online casino poker game are remarkably similar to Caribbean Stud Poker. However, the significant difference between the two variants is that the player is allowed to exchange the undesirable cards before the raise or fold decision, which definitely comes with a price.

Online Oasis Poker Rules

The game starts with you as the player making an ante bet or a bet against the dealer. You’ll also get the option to make an optional bonus side bet at this time. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck, and both you and the dealer get five cards. All cards are played face down, except for one dealer card which is played face up.

You may look at cards in your own hand, but you won’t be allowed to share information with other players at the table. At this point, you can decide which cards you’ll keep and which cards you wish to exchange. You can exchange as many as you desire.

Keep in mind that there’s a fee for exchanging cards. For each card you discard, you’ll be expected to pay a fee equal to the ante bet. For instance, disposing of two cards means paying a fee equal to two times the ante bet.

Tip: Choose to switch either four or five cards as that will be cheaper.
  • Four cards - 2 * Ante bet
  • Five cards - 1 * Ante bet

Once you’ve paid the fee, you’ll receive new cards to replace the discarded cards, and you'll now have the choice to fold or raise.

If you choose to fold, you lose the cards in your hand and all bets made, which also includes the bonus bet. If you choose to raise, you make a bet twice the size of your ante bet. Some casinos provide you with only one option, which is to switch one card for a fee equal to the ante bet.

Once your turn is finished, it’s time for the dealer to reveal their four cards. The dealer will first check to see if they qualify, which means they must have a hand with an Ace or King. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, you will win even money on the ante bet, and all raised bets will push.

If the dealer qualifies, they will check if you have a better hand. If not, then you lose both the ante and raise bets. If your bet is better, you’ll win even money on the ante bet and the raised bet will pay out according to the pay table mentioned below

In the Oasis Poker game, you compete against the house or dealer, instead of other players.

Payouts in Oasis Poker

How to Play Oasis Poker

The' house edge' (profit percentage of the casino) of Oasis Poker using the standard pay table and assuming that player uses the optimal strategy ( not play Jackpot side bet without calculating consequences) is 0.47% and it varies

Below are the standard payouts found in Oasis Poker at the majority of online casinos:

Standard Pay Table

Royal flushAce, King Queen, Jack and 10, all of the same suit100 to 1
Straight flush5 adjacent cards of the same suit50 to 1
Four of a kindFour cards of matching rank20 to 1
Full house3 cards of the same rank and 2 of matching rank7 to 1
Flush5 cards of the same suit5 to 1
Straight5 numerically adjacent cards of different suits4 to 1
Three of a kind3 of the same rank + two unmatched cards3 to 1
Two pairstwo sets of 2 cards + 1 unmatched card2 to 1
High cardHighest-value card in the hand1 to 1
Take Note: These are the standard Poker hand rankings and their payouts. Depending on the casino you’re visiting, the payouts might vary slightly. We discuss more details about payouts and odds on our Oasis Poker strategy guide.

Progressive Side Bets

Oasis Poker Rules Beginners Guide

When playing poker online, you’ll also have the option to make a side bet, which many don’t recommend as it’s often referred to as a ‘sucker bet.’ It can also be a lucrative bet if Lady Luck is on your side.

Payouts for this bonus/side bet is as follows:

  • Royal flush pays 100% of Jackpot
  • Straight flush pays 10% of Jackpot
  • Four of a kind pays $100
  • Full house pays $75
  • Flush pays $50

The side bet or bonus bet may vary from casino to casino, but these pay-outs are often the standard you can expect.

Similar Poker Games to Consider

Here are some of the most popular games you find at live poker sites online:

5-Card Stud Poker

5-Card Stud is considered the oldest form of Stud Poker, and one of the simplest versions of the game. The game is remarkably similar to 7-Card Stud with the following exceptions:

  • It is only played with five cards instead of seven
  • More players can participate in the game
  • The pot is awarded to the highest-ranking hand.

7-Card Stud

7-Card Stud used to be the flagship of Poker variants before newer versions of Poker hit the market. To this day, it remains a popular Poker game played by many across the globe. Each participant is dealt with seven cards and the objective is to create the best hand.

Hi-Lo Stud

Hi-Lo Stud is known as a split pot game where the best high hand wins half the pot, and the best low hand wins the other half. The rules state that the low hand must qualify with at least five cards below 8 in order to win the other half.

The game, which you find on these Hi-Lo poker sites, uses an A-to-5 lowball ranking for low hands, meaning that straights and flushes do not count against your hand. It’s also possible for one player to win both high and low portions of the pot, which is referred to as ‘scooping.’


Razz is a variant of Stud Poker that has nearly identical gameplay, but the hand rankings are reversed. Where Stud follows the conventional high hand Poker rankings, Razz has a A-to-5 lowball hand ranking.

This allows a player to land a Queen low, a pair or worse and still form a winning hand.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Rules of Oasis Poker

Is playing Oasis Poker legal?

Yes, Oasis Poker is legal in some regions. For more information, we recommend you check the region's regulations on poker and online casino gambling to make sure it’s legally available in your region and that they promote responsible gambling.

What makes Oasis Poker different from regular online Poker?

Oasis Poker is quite similar to regular Poker, except for the option to exchange cards to improve your current hand, which gives this variant an additional boost from other online poker variants.

What is a full house in cards?

A full house is a five-card poker hand consisting of three cards with the same value together with two more cards with an identical value. For example, a five-card hand composed of three Aces (three-of-a-kind) and two Kings (two-of-a-kind) is considered to be a full house.