Online Casinos that Accept VISA

VISA is an internationally recognized brand of debit and credit cards issued by banks across the world. When it comes to online casino deposits and payments, it is arguable the most widely accepted method.

  • Secure Payments
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Immediate Deposits

How Does VISA Work?

VISA cards come in various forms. While VISA cards are most commonly regarded as credit cards, they can also come in the form of debit cards and pre-paid cards.

This distinction is particularly important if you are in the United Kingdom, since the 2020 credit card ban introduced some new limitations to the use of VISA cards in online gambling.

The UK Credit Card Ban

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is one of the most active gambling regulators in the world and one that is always looking for measures to protect players from the risk of frauds and problem gambling.

One of such measures is the credit card ban introduced on April 19, 2020 to disallow the use of credit cards to fund UK online gambling accounts.

Since the ban came into the effect, credit cards can no longer be used to:

  • fund online casino accounts
  • add money to e-wallets to then fund online casino accounts

This measure affects all the online casinos active in the UK, meaning you won’t be able to use your VISA credit card to deposit funds into your gambling account if you are in the United Kingdom.

Can I still use my VISA in the UK?

You can use a pre-paid VISA card to add funds to your casino account and play gambling games for real money online. Since the ban came into effect, many players created ad-hoc pre-paid VISA cards for their gambling expenses. This helps to keep a much tighter grip on the costs of gambling and never spend more than you can afford to.

VISA Debit

VISA Debit is, as the name suggests is a debit card version that allows users to purchase items online in the same way they would with a credit card. The only difference is that the debit card requires you to have sufficient funds, or that the transaction does not exceed the overdraft limit if there is one on your account.

VISA Electron

The VISA Electron card is the sister card of the VISA Debit, and is essentially a debit card that is available across most countries except for the United States, Canada, Australia and Ireland. The only difference between the two debit cards is that VISA Electron offers no overdraft options, so for a transaction to work you need to have sufficient funds on your account.

Vanilla VISA

Vanilla VISA is a prepaid credit card that you can purchase if you are living in the United States or Canada. You can find the card at various stores, and purchase the amount you want which is stated on the package which is in $20 multiples up to a maximum of $500.

You cannot use Vanilla VISA cards to withdraw cash or request cashback, you can make online purchases and are unconnected to your standard account.

Another great thing about Vanilla VISA is that you can give them away as gift cards, which we will explain next.

VISA Gift Cards

Vanilla VISA cards are essentially VISA Gift Cards, which you can buy with cash or with any other debit or credit card at certain stores and use online. This is a great way to purchase online items discretely or play at online casinos without giving away your personal details.

Online Casinos That Accept VISA Cards

Because VISA has been around for so many years, it is widely accepted by online vendors across all business sectors; and that includes online casinos! You can use almost any kind of VISA to play casino games since most established vendors accept VISA!

You can find an extensive list of online casinos that accept VISA below, where we include our top picks and available for before and after you make your first VISA payment.

Remember: if you are in the United Kingdom, you will not be able to deposit via a VISA credit card. If a casino lets you do that, it’s most likely a site that isn’t UKGC-approved.

Do Online Casinos Accept All VISA Cards?

While some casinos may not accept VISA, most reputable online gambling sites will. If you choose to play at one of the casinos listed above and you want to use your VISA card to deposit funds, then there’s no need to worry.

Depending on what kind of VISA you are using, though, you may encounter some limitations.

Is my VISA Electron card accepted by online casinos?

You can make casino payments using your VISA Electron card if the casino site specifies that they accept it and your gambling regulation allows it.

While many online casinos will state that they accept VISA, many recognize VISA electron as a separate payment method so make sure you double check with the casino’s T&C’s or customer service team when joining.

Are VISA debit cards accepted by online casinos?

In the same way that VISA Electron is sometimes seen as a separate payment method to credit card VISAs, some online casinos also take this approach to VISA debit cards.

Therefore, you should check VISA casinos to make sure that your VISA Debit can be used to make payments.

Are Vanilla VISAs & Prepaid VISAs casino-friendly?

Vanilla VISAs are tricky, as are prepaid VISAS, since many online casinos want to have at least some form of identity verification through your chosen payment method.

Vanilla VISAs give you a virtual VISA that is completely anonymous and, therefore, borderline illegal in the eyes of many casinos.

If you insist on using a prepaid virtual VISA you can look into online services like Entropay, which is widely accepted by many online casinos and is still relatively more discrete compared to using your personal credit card.

Can I Use a Visa Gift Card at a Casino?

VISA gift cards, like Vanilla VISAs, are a somewhat popular way to give someone cash as a gift while seeming less insincere. The problem with these methods is that many online casinos want you to use cards and accounts that verify who you claim you are.

Due to strict anti-money laundering regulations, many reputable online casinos will avoid accepting VISA gift cards. Then again, there are always exceptions so it’s wise to look at the T&Cs before drawing any hasty conclusions.

Using VISA Cards for Mobile Casino Payments

If your online casino has a mobile version available, chances are that you can make deposits and withdrawals through their mobile platform or application.

If this happens, you'll be allowed to deposit via the same methods accepted in the desktop version.

How to Check if an Online Casino Accepts VISA Cards

If you want to see if your favorite online casino accepts VISA there are several easy ways to do it.

Method 1: Check the Reviews on CasinoSmash

All our casino reviews include a section that tells you which payment methods are accepted for deposits and withdrawals. You can use our search bar to find the casino you’re looking for and then scroll down to the Deposits & Withdrawals section of the review.

Online Casinos that Accept VISA: Method 1
Online Casinos that Accept VISA: Method 1
Online Casinos that Accept VISA: Method 1

Head over to the casino’s homepage and scroll down to the footer. Most online casinos feature the logos of accepted payment methods at the bottom of every webpage.

Online Casinos that Accept VISA: Method 2
Online Casinos that Accept VISA: Method 2

Method 3: Ask Customer Support

In the rare case that you can’t find the casino you are looking for on CasinoSmash, or if the payment info is missing from the site’s footer or FAQ section, just call or chat with a customer support rep.

Online Casinos that Accept VISA: Method 3
Online Casinos that Accept VISA: Method 3
Online Casinos that Accept VISA: Method 3
Online Casinos that Accept VISA: Method 3