Cashback Bonuses for Online Casinos

Ready to start earning more bang for your buck? Cashback casinos offer extra rewards so you can continue to play...even if you don't win!

On this page, you find the best online casinos that provide weekly or monthly cash refunds to players and find everything you need to know to understand this type of casino bonus.

The Best Casino Cashback Bonuses

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What Are Cashback Casino Bonuses?

Cashback casino bonuses are promotions aimed at retaining players who have already joined a gambling site.

These offers give you a percentage of either the house rake on your bets, or your total losses as cashback.

The aim of the game with this type of bonus is to keep the good times coming, your bankroll booming, and provide a greater incentive to deposit. So, if you're a regular player and not benefiting from a cashback promotion, you're losing out!

Not all online gambling sites give cashback; in fact, it's pretty rare, usually reserved for the best online casino sites and the upper tiers of loyalty clubs.

If you're looking for a top cashback casino, the search is over. The list of sites above all offer this type of bonus. Simply take a look and pick a cashback casino that appeals to you, then register to play and say goodbye to losses and hello to a healthier bankroll.

Percentage Return Of Cashback Bonuses

The type of deal, how much you'll get, whether it has a limit cap, and how often you'll get cashback varies from each casino, but the usual range can be anywhere between 0-25%.

With such ranging terms, it's essential to compare offers and ensure you get the best.

Be sure to check:

  • The percentage of cashback given.
  • Whether the deal has a limit or cap.
  • If certain games are included or excluded.
  • And if there's anything else in the terms and conditions that limits the deal (like specific deposit methods qualifying and so on).

Cashback Bonuses and Online Casino Games

Cashback casino online promotions can sometimes be limited to certain types of casino games.

Like most casino bonuses, slots are usually included, but titles with lower house edges, like blackjack and poker (which can payout up to 99%+ of player bets), are more likely to be on the restricted list.

The logic for this is that the casino's profit margin on higher-paying games is already lower, so they're not keen on giving more of it away. But again, this depends on the site, and if you're a slot player, chances are you're sorted.

Like every online bonus, the devil is in the details, or rather the terms and conditions — and that's why you need to read them and understand what they mean.

Be sure to at least skim the rules of the bonus cashback deal you intend to opt into and check if there are restricted games and, if so, which ones.

Don't take a bonus that excludes your favorite titles. Instead, check out another of our listed cashback casinos till you find the right one.

Types Of Casino Cashback Bonuses

There are two types of refund bonuses most common at cashback casinos, the rake back deal and the losses deal. Of these two, the loss model is more common, but we'll explain both, so you know exactly what you're dealing with.

Rake Cashback Deal: This deal is more commonly used at Poker sites and sportsbooks. The house rake is the small amount of money that a gambling operator earns on every player's bet. It facilitates the running of the site (similar to the house edge in online games, but not quite the same). The rake-back bonus gives you a percentage of the rake made on each bet you've placed during the agreed cashback period.

Loss Cashback Deal: This is the model you're more likely to encounter as an online casino player. This bonus deal refunds a percentage of any losses made gambling during the agreed period. It's a pretty tasty deal that makes losing less painful. However, it is calculated as a total.

To give a couple of examples, let's say your cashback casino offers 10% cashback per month on losses:

  • Example 1: You play with $200, losing everything. At the end of the month, you get $20 back in your account.
  • Example 2: You play with $200, make a total of $50 in winnings, and lose the rest. You'd get $15 back, as your winnings are misused.
  • Example 3: You play with $200 and hit a progressive jackpot winning big time but still lose money that month. You'd get $0 refunded because your win amount exceeded your losses, in which case, you probably won't be bothered by the cashback as overall you're winning.

Ready to start playing and earn some of your bets back? Then scoot back up to the top of this page and pick one of our recommended cashback casinos.

We've already rated and reviewed each site to ensure it's a safe and legal casino to deposit and play at!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cashback Bonuses at Online Casinos

Are there any wagering requirements for casino cashback bonuses?

This type of bonus doesn't usually come with wagering requirements as you've spent the money at the casino once. Hence, instead of the casino giving you money, like with a deposit deal, you're getting some of what you've already spent back. However, it's unlikely that any gambling site would allow you to withdraw cash back credits; instead, they may be “sticky,” meaning you can only use the funds to play more. To find out the exact rules of a bonus, in regards to cashback bonuses or even welcome bonuses, make sure to always check the terms and conditions.

Are casino cashback bonuses meant for anyone or just high rollers?

Cashback bonuses are meant for all players: big and small budgets alike. However, some of the best US casinos link the deal with their loyalty club; when this is the case, it tends to be given to the upper tiers, who are more likely to be the bigger spenders or VIP clients, but this depends on the deal and the site.

What are the benefits of casino cashback bonuses?

Benefits of cashback bonuses include:

  • You get a second chance to play games and win more with the money you've already spent.
  • Play again without depositing.
  • Unlikely to have wagering requirements.
  • Get better returns on the games you play - as you get some of your losses back, you leverage better returns against the casino.
Are casino cashback bonuses different for the U.S., the UK and Canada?

Cashback deals change from each casino, and precisely what one site gives depends on the operator and the type of bonuses they want to award, not the market.

This type of casino bonus is legal in the UK, U.S. and Canada, so you can take your pick from deals and sites to play at, but stick to the ones we list on this page if you want a tried and tested gaming experience.

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