How to Get the Best Odds in Roulette

odds in roulette

  • Placing the right Roulette bet is key to increase your odds
  • Each bet pays differently, and you need to know the table layout to implement the right betting strategies when you gamble online
  • Roulette systems and betting strategies help you beat the odds on online Roulette more than your regular Casino bonus

Let's start with what this collection of Roulette tips is not.

This article is not about the perfect Roulette strategy or a betting system that gives you the best odds in Roulette.

It's an online guide that shows you how to get the best odds in Roulette, not a collection of betting systems that are supposed to help you win...
...but they don't.

This article busts some dangerous Roulette myths that give you the illusion you can beat the probability and odds with random mathematical formulas

Then, it gives you practical Roulette tips to choose the best games with the best odds. Because this is your only chance to beat the Roulette.

This Casino guide is the best collection of tips for Roulette players you'll find online. If you are serious about getting better at Roulette, take it seriously and study it.

What Are the Odds in Roulette

To know what the best odds in Roulette are, you need to know Roulette odds in general.

And usually, that requires the ability to count the odds yourself or to find trustworthy sources on the internet like our Casino guide

When players bet on Roulette, the best way to assess their chances of winning is to know how to count the Roulette odds. If you don't know how to do it yet, here's everything you need to understand the different bets in roulette and the odds connected to them.

How to Count the Odds in Roulette

Counting the Roulette odds is simple. You need to know how many outcomes and how many ways to win there are for all the bets in Roulette.

For example, if you make a straight-up bet, (you bet on one exact number), you know that you have only one chance to get the right spot on the Roulette wheel.

If we take the European Roulette wheel, there are 37 possible outcomes in total - 0 and numbers from 1 to 36. In American Roulette, the number of possible outcomes is 38 because there are 0 and 00 pockets on the wheel.

What are the chances of winning a straight-up bet in Roulette?

Divide the number of ways to win by the number of possible outcomes and you have it. Taking our example of European Roulette, the calculation is 1 / 37. Or 0.0270.

If you want to see the probabilities in percentage, multiply this number by 100 per cent, and you get 2.7 per cent . Thus, you have 2.7 per cent odds to win by getting any one number.

If you wanted to know what the odds on 0 are in Roulette or any other single number, now you know. And you can see the rest of the odds in the table below.

Different Games, Different Odds

The most popular Roulette games are the European and American variants.

The French Roulette features the same bets as in the European variant. The Roulette wheel and the Roulette table layout are the same. The only differences between the two games are in the rules.

BetOdds in European RouletteOdds in American RoulettePayout
Straight-up (any single number)2.7 %2.6 %35 to 1
Combination of two numbers5.4 %5.3 %17 to 1
Combination of three numbers8.1 %7.9 %11 to 1
Combination of four numbers10.8 %10.5 %8 to 1
Combination of six numbers16.2 %15.8 %5 to 1
Column32.4 %31.6 %2 to 1
Dozen32.4 %31.6 %2 to 1
Red/Black48.6 %47.4 %1 to 1
Odd/Even48.6 %47.4 %1 to 1
Low/High (1-18/19-36)48.6 %47.4 %1 to 1

Since you can compare the odds now, it’s easy to adapt them to any Roulette variant.

American vs European Roulette

If you play rationally, you want a game that has better winning odds. If you look at the table above, the clear winner is European Roulette.

You can read more about the difference between American and European Roulette here. Essentially, every single bet on European table has better odds. Meanwhile, the payout for each bet is the same whether you’re playing American Roulette or European Roulette.

European vs French Roulette

Taking only bets and Roulette wheel into account, European and French Roulette is the same. The French version is also a single zero Roulette, so chances of winning with each bet are the same.

Though, there are two additional rules in French Roulette that give you better odds.

One of these rules is La Partage. It states that if you make bets that payout 1 to 1 (e.g. black/red or odd/even), if the ball lands in the zero pocket, you get half of your wager back.

Seems fair.

The other rule is En prison. It works in the same circumstances as the La Partage: if you make the even-money bet and the ball lands on zero.

But in this case, you don’t get half the wager back. It stays for the next spin. Thus, you don’t need to bet again. Though, if on the next spin you win, you only get your wager back, but no extra winnings. And if you lose, well, you lose.

Casinos may offer French Roulette tables following one of these rules.

In both cases, the rules give the player an extra edge when playing and, thus, you get better odds in Roulette.

European vs Mini Roulette

Another popular Roulette variant is Mini Roulette. It has the same idea and gameplay, except the Roulette wheel is smaller. Thus, there are fewer options to bet on and smaller payouts.

While the straight-up bet in European Roulette has odds of 2.7 per cent, the straight-up bet in Mini Roulette has 7.69 per cent. That seems a lot better but keep in mind that there are triple fewer pockets on the wheel. And the payout is only 11 to 1 opposed to 35 to 1.

Difference in the House Edge

All the small differences add up to the different house edge in all variants. And the house edge is another significant number when it comes to choosing the games.

While I am not going to get into details on how to calculate the house edge, you can see the numbers of the abovementioned variants in the table below. Also, there is a link provided, so you can try all the options yourself for free.

Variant of RouletteHouse EdgeLink
American Roulette5.26 %Play now!
European Roulette2.7 %Play now!
French Roulette1.35 %Play now!
Mini Roulette3.85 %Play now!

The Gambler’s Fallacy

Gambler’s fallacy (a.k.a. the Monte Carlo fallacy) is a dangerous idea that if something often happens now, it will happen less frequently later.

If Roulette ball keeps stopping on *insert any Roulette number or betting area* many times in a row, it will stop there a lot less often in the future.

Gambler's fallacy is common in the games of chance like Roulette, Slots, and Craps because you count on luck and can rarely use any skills or strategy in these games.

What's so dangerous about it?

This belief is the basis for most betting systems. For example, if you follow Martingale, you will double your bet every time you lose. Because according to it, you not only need to win after a loss, you need to cover your previous losses, too.

In the fantasy unicorn world where the universe evens everything out, it makes sense. Keep betting on the same number, and it will come up as many times as it won’t.

But you are not living in a unicorn world, are you? And the outcomes of Roulette are in no way related to each other. They are random.

No matter where you play, at an online Casino or a brick-and-mortar one. Unless, of course, the game somehow is rigged. But with all the licenses and regulations online, as well as cameras everywhere in land-based Casinos, it’s pretty impossible to do so nowadays.

Thus, if you follow such systems blindly, you are not managing your bankroll very well.

Remember: Never bet anything if you can’t afford to lose it. Even if the betting system promises that you will win everything you lost back. Because there is never a guarantee it will happen.

Choose a Good Casino and Make Their Bonus Work for You

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