Roulette Odds: How to Get the Best Odds in Roulette

Roulette Odds
Roulette Odds

Compared to other games, you have the odds advantage of winning bets on roulette. However, most people lose bets than landing on the winning number bet.

The truth is, most people don't know know how to place their bets correctly. Instead, their money bet is placed on a number they have a gut feeling about landing. Worse? A Google search for any roulette tips is pointless.

Looking through several casino roulette help guides, our team found they all focus on the different roulette promotions rather than providing helpful information to improve your odds. Our roulette guide is aimed at helping a player learn the game to place the best bets and enjoy the payoffs.

Before we get into the different roulette bets, types, and payouts, here are a few roulette basics for new players.

Basics of Roulette

  • The roulette board is divided into colors and numbers
  • There are numbers 1 – 36 marked on the board in three rows
  • The numbers and colors on the roulette table layout correspond to the wheel markings
  • A ball spins on the roulette wheel when the round begins, landing on one of the numbers on the wheel
  • Roulette chips given to the player are color-coded and marked for the specific table
  • Players place bets on the numbers with the chips, and if the ball lands on their number on the wheel, they win
  • The zero or double zero on the wheel plays a significant role in the wheel

If you need more help to understand how the game works, this page dedicated to the rules of roulette will guide you through all the different phases of the game.

Roulette Bet Types and Terminologies to Remember

Low and HighNumbers 1-18 and 19-36
0 or 00These are also considered numbers but pay differently
SplitsPlacing a chip between two numbers
StreetsThree numbers in a line
Square betBets on four numbers
Basket BetBet on five numbers
Avenue BetBet on six numbers
DozensBetting on numbers in groups of 12; 1-12, 23-24, 25-36
ColumnsBetting on anyone out of the three columns

What Are Roulette Odds

There are two types of roulette games - The physical roulette table and the ones at online casinos. Playing roulette at a physical casino is thrilling, yes, but did you know there is no way of knowing if the roulette ball is weighted or the table is worn. For this one reason, online casinos provide the best roulette odds with random numbers generated by the computer. In general, the rule of thumb for the odd or even money bet is as follows:

Probability of a single number bet2.7%
Probability of a two number bet5.4%
Probability of a three number bet8.1%
Probability of a four-number bet10.8%
Combination of six numbers16.2%
Probability of betting on half the roulette wheel46%

What are the payout odds on Roulette?

Every roulette payout chart is standardized. Depending on the bets placed, we have listed the potential payout odd you can expect for a bet. This small part of the much-detailed roulette payout chart indicates how much you will win for every $1 you bet.

For example: On a single number bet (35:1), your bet pays $35 for a $1 bet placed.

Use this guide to know your winning potential the next time you play a Roulette game.

Roulette BetsPayout
Single Number or Straight up bet35:1
Street Bet11:1
Trio (European Roulette wheel)11:1
Basket American11:1
Basket/First four (European)8:1
Top Line6:1
Six Line5:1
First, Second or Third, 122:1
Red & Black1:1
1-18 and 19-361:1
Odds and Evens1:1

How to Calculate Roulette Odds

When you are at a roulette table, and the ball lands on your number, you stand a chance to take home a big win. Depending on your bet amount and the type of bet you choose, your payout is calculated. To calculate your roulette odds, multiply your bet with the payout odds of the winning number(s).

How to calculate roulette odds

Single Number Odds in Roulette

There are two types of wheels in online roulette games. The single-zero wheel has 37 numbers, and the double zero wheel has 38 numbers. Depending on the wheel you are playing on, your chances of winning are 1 in 37 chances or 1 in 38.

In the end, your payout may be big, but remember to consider the house edge of 2.7% on the single-zero wheel and the house edge of 5.3% on the double zero wheels. Whether you play the single zero game or the double zero game, you cannot avoid the house edge charges before claiming your win.

How much do you win if you put $100 on a number bet in roulette?

Depending on the number on the roulette layout, your odds are as follows:

  • Two numbers 17:1
  • Four numbers 8:1
  • Five numbers 6:1
  • Six Numbers 5:1
  • Column Roulette Bet 2:1
  • Dozens Roulette Bet 2:1

Column Roulette: If the Roulette table ball falls on one of the 12 numbers in a chosen column, you win. On a table, there are three columns with 12 numbers on each.

Dozens Roulette: If the ball lands on any bet winning numbers between 1-12(first dozen), 13-24(second dozen), or 25-36(third dozen), you win.

Therefore, you can calculate your payouts for $100 depending on the payout chart for your win.

For example: If you bet $100 on two numbers, the payout for two numbers is 17:1. Therefore, you stand a chance of winning up to $1700.

What are the Odds on Red and Black?

Betting on Reds and Blacks is called 'outside bets'. They claim the title because of the large area they cover around the table. They are also even money category bets and belong to the 'even money' category.

The payout for winning on Red and Black is 1:1, and the European roulette odds are 48.6% vs. 47.4% on American roulette. The probability of winning on Red and Black on a single zero wheel is a whopping 48% compared to a 2.7% probability on a single number bet.

European Roulette Odds

Why are European Roulette odds better

Roulette was first used for entertainment in Europe before being brought to the rest of the world. Whether you choose online roulette or a physical one, every casino will feature European roulette. Roulette is popular because Europe has the biggest market for it and because European roulette odds are the best.

The rules are simple and easy to understand in European roulette. Including the Zero, European roulette tables have 37 numbers with a corresponding wheel. The sequence of the numbers on the wheel is random and has been so traditionally.

The house edge on European roulette is 2.63% which means you get to take more than you lose to the casino when playing. The bets on European roulette can be outside or inside.

The amount you can win on the inside bets is significant. However, the bets are highly risky. The inside bets on European roulette give the following payout:

  • one number - 35:1
  • two numbers - 17:1
  • three numbers - 11:1
  • four numbers - 8:1
  • six numbers - 5:1.

The Payout for outside bets on European roulette is less, but you have a high probability of winning.

  • Columns - 2:1
  • Dozens - 2:1
  • Red or Black - 1:1
  • Odd or Even - 1:1
  • High or Low - 1:1

French Roulette Odds

French Roulette odds and en prison rule

The French are said to be the ones who brought roulette to the world. When you play French roulette, you need to familiarize yourself with the terminologies like 'Passe' for Evens or 'Impair' for Odds.

The most noticeable difference between European, American roulette, and French roulette is the 'announced bets' aka 'called bets' that you can make when playing the game.

The announced bets are in French, and you will need to learn a dozen words in French. Knowing the called bets in French will make your play experience every bit worth your while.

En Prison

If this rule is applied, your money is not lost if the ball lands on the Zero when you have bet on even money (red, black, odd, or even) category on the wheel. Instead, you can leave it at the table for another spin. If your bet wins at the next spin, you can take your stake back.

La Partage

Same, these called bets apply when the ball lands in zero when you've bet an even money category. You will get half your money back when the ball lands on zero.

The outside bet pays:

  • Rouge/Noir (Red/Black) - 1:1
  • Pair/Impair(Even/Odd) - 1:1
  • Passe/Manque(High/Low) - 1:1
  • Douzaine(Dozen) - 2:1
  • Colonne(Column Bet) - 2:1

The inside bet pays:

  • Plein(single number) - 35:1
  • Cheval(Split) bet - 17:1
  • Transversale Pleine(Street bet) = 11:1
  • Trio(Three numbers) - 11:1
  • Carre(Corner bet, square) - 8:1
  • Quatre Premier(First Corner) - 8:1
  • Transversale Simple(Line bet) - 5:1

American Roulette Odds

American roulette wheels odds and payouts

The biggest difference between the American and European roulette wheels is the extra zero in the wheel. The main reason the extra zero was introduced was to raise the profit margins of the game. Therefore, the house edge on American roulette is 5.26%.

The American roulette wheel has 38 sectors on the wheel. While you may not find American roulette in all Las Vegas casinos, they are a staple at online casinos, especially when it comes to live roulette casino sites.

Both inside and outside bets are considered for American roulette. They can be used separately or combined. The outside bets are not very profitable, but they are less risky. However, inside bets are tricky but highly profitable.

Payouts on outside bets do not cover the Zero or double zeros. Therefore, the player loses if the ball lands on a Zero when outside bets are placed.

  • Column Bet payouts - 2:1
  • Dozen Bet payouts - 2:1
  • Red or Black - 1:1
  • Odd or Even - 1:1
  • High or Low - 1:1

Inside bets are for only some numbers and can be placed one at a time or over multiple numbers. A single bet on one number is a top-line bet and is highly risky, but the profit is huge! American roulette neighbor bets(Variable called bets) are also allowed.

  • Split - 17:1
  • Street Bet - 11:1.
  • Corner Bet or quad - 8:1.
  • Five Number Bet - 6:1.
  • Neighbor bets - 5:1

How to Get the Best Odds in Roulette

Roulette is a lot of fun when hanging out with friends and sipping on cocktails. The thrill of the little metal ball spinning around the wheel is a thrilling experience for sure. However, only with the best roulette odds will your gaming experience be even more rewarding.

Here are some of the best tips for the best Roulette odds.

Top Tips to Play Roulette

Practice Makes Perfect

There are several Las Vegas casinos online that offer demo modes to play for free. Use these platforms as a great learning experience and practice any new strategies before you place such bets.

When you are ready to bet real money, you can use the promotions run by online roulette casinos to find one that pays for roulette to practice using minimum and maximum bets for free.

Play Outside Bets

Play the outside of roulette tables for a 50/50 chance of winning, i.e., Red, Black, Even, Odd, numbers 1- 36. These are the safer bet when your bet covers a few numbers instead of just one.

Play The European Wheel

When you play European roulette or the original roulette wheel, the house edge is very low. Therefore, winning on this roulette is highly beneficial to you.

Play The Inside Bets

Inside bets are a great way to reduce your risks and make some money. They are great bets for beginners to make, and you can build your bankroll a little at a time.

Careful of Your Distractions

It is very easy to get carried away by distractions like cheering crowds or alcohol when placing roulette bets. These can hamper your judgment when placing a wager.

Try a Roulette Strategy

There are so many strategies you can apply when playing roulette. But, in the end, roulette odds can be conquered through some good ole mathematics and mastering the roulette payout chart.

Know When to Walk Away

You don't have to keep winning when placing regular roulette bets. However, remember to keep a small percentage of your wins and never touch it if you have been placing losing bets. This gives you the clarity to walk away when the day isn't in your favor.

Choose Reputable Casinos to Play Roulette Online

When playing Roulette, make sure you choose the right casinos with a reputation for following fair gaming policies. If you don't know where to start, this list of reputable and licensed online casinos is the perfect place to start for you.

Watch Other Players

It's not fun to engage in roulette by yourself. It can also be very beneficial to watch other players in the casino game so you can learn from their experiences.

Don't Get Desperate

Roulette can be profitable if you play the long game. However, if you let your emotions get in the way, you may make a wrong choice. Also, in your eagerness to win, you may turn to illegal methods to break the system. However, whether you play online roulette or offline, if you are caught, the repercuss are not worth it.

Additional Reading: Check out the many different live dealer variations on roulette like Lightning Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Slingshot Auto Roulette and VIP Roulette.

Best Roulette Bets

Best roulette bets

Now that you know the general play structure of playing roulette and the tips for any beginner to win at roulette, it will help you understand the best way to bet for the best roulette odds.

Make Even Money Bets - The safest and best way to bet on roulette for starters is to make even money bets like Red, Black, Odds, Evens, Numbers 1-18, or Numbers 19-36.

These categories are called Even Money categories and are the safest. These take up the most real estate on the roulette table and are on the outer side. For this reason, they are called Outside Bets.

You have a 50 percent chance of the roulette ball landing on one of these; hence they are safe. Even though the roulette payout for Even Money bets is 1:1, meaning you get to a profit of $1 for every $1 bet, you will still be safe. This bet is one of the best bets to make in roulette for those playing the long game.

Column Bets - Column bets pay a little better with a 2:1 payout. They are also the second safest bests to play on roulette. By choosing to play a column, you are essentially betting on three numbers at a time. For a bet of $1, you will receive a profit of $2 when your bet covers a column.

Black + Third Column or Red + Second Column - The third best way to bet on roulette is slightly more advantageous for a player who wants to make a good gain or at least break even.

The third column of roulette has eight reds and four blacks, while the second column has eight black and four reds. A big win could be yours if you chose the third column and doubled on the black.

Straight Up Bet - The riskiest bet you can make at a roulette table is a single number bet, but if you are feeling extremely lucky, the giant funds are yours to keep. With a 35:1 payout advantage, you can gain more, but you also risk more.

Split Bet - A Split bet covers two consecutive numbers on the roulette table. The choice of numbers can either be vertical or horizontal neighbors. A split is placed by placing the chip(s) between the two numbers. You can enjoy a payout of 17:1 when you make a Split. The chances of winning are better than that Straight up bet.

Is it mathematically possible to beat Roulette?

Roulette has been around for a few centuries now. Over the years, mathematicians have poured their lives over the numbers and roulette probability it takes to win the game.

While accurately gauging the winning number is a huge stroke of fate, some great strategies can be applied if you want to try them. Unfortunately, none of these listed strategies can be narrowed down to producing the best roulette odds. However, these have been tried and tested by several players and narrowed down.

  • Fibonacci
  • Martingale
  • D'Alembert
  • Reverse Martingale
  • James Bond, and
  • Labouchere

Does Roulette Have the Best Odds Compared to Other Games?

Yes, the true odds of winning at roulette are higher than in other casino games. With the French roulette standing at the top with an RTP of 98.65% and European roulette having a 97.3% RTP, players have more to benefit.

As a casino game of chance, it is actually possible to use analytical skills when placing bets in roulette instead of other casino games. However, some find that it is too risky to try.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roulette Payouts and Odds

What bet has the best odds in roulette?

The best strategy to win in roulette is to place outside bets rather than inside ones. best payouts and odds come from. The outside bet covers red, black, 1-18,19-23, odds, or even money bets.

What are the statistically best odds at roulette?

Always choose the European or French roulette table to play. The winning odds and payouts are incredibly high at 35:1 for single number bets but depending on the kind of player you are, you can choose different roulette bet types. Outside bets for a 1:1 payout, inside bets, or a combination for the best statistical odds are your choices.

What are the odds on 0 in roulette?

The chances of landing on 0 in roulette are 2.63%. However, the payout is massive if you have bet on only the 0. Just like all single numbers on the roulette table, the Zero is also considered a single bet and gives you 35:1 in roulette payouts.

If you want to make the most out of an outside bet, make sure you place a bet on the 0 as well so you can get a 17:1 payout at least.

What are the odds on 00 in roulette?

The 00 is a feature on only American roulette. Just like the single green 0, the green 00 also gives a payout of 35:1 when it is the only number you have bet on. If you place on the single and double zeros, your bet is treated as a split, and you get a 17:1 payout. The odds of landing on the 00 is 2.63%.

What number has the best odds in roulette?

If you ask a Roulette croupier, they will instantly say that the best number you can ever bet on is 17. Throughout history, there are many big wins that have occurred at the number 17.

Do my odds of winning at roulette improve if I follow a strategy?

We believe that strategies can defiantly educate you with the information needed when placing your bets in roulette. As a result, you can improve your odds with the right bets.

Which is the roulette bet with the worst odds?

Placing a bet of 5 numbers from 0, 00, 1,2,3,4 is the worst bet you can make in roulette. This bet is called a Basket bet. Straight bets also should be used with caution. The odds of winning a split bet are also low.

Do all roulette games have the same odds?

All roulette odds are the same and standardized. However, the house edge percentage can greatly affect the wins. Also, the casino game rules can affect the winning odds or payouts.

What number hits the most in roulette?

The number 17 is the lucky number on a roulette table. This is because so many people have won big on the number.

Is European roulette better odds?

Yes! European roulette is better than American roulette odds as the house edge is much lower in European roulette. Therefore, while the winning odds may be the same, the payout will change.

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