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Live American roulette is a double zero roulette game played with a live dealer in real-time, and it represents the most immersive way of playing roulette from home or on your mobile devices.

If you've never tried live American roulette before, this article will be of great help, as we'll discuss American roulette rules, features, strategies, and more.

Best US Casinos to Play American Roulette Online

You can play American roulette online on almost every casino site that features live casino games, but we suggest you don't just run to the first casino you come across and instead rely on our toplist.

Below are casino brands that have been thoroughly tested by our CasinoSmash team, ensuring that they satisfy certain quality standards.

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What Is Live American Roulette?

Live American roulette is a live dealer game played with American roulette rules. Unlike live European roulette, this version features an additional pocket and a double-zero pocket, which effectively raises its house edge to 5.26%. The order in which the numbered pockets are distributed on the roulette wheel is also different.

How to Play Live Dealer American Roulette

To play live dealer roulette, you must register to one of the casino sites that features this game (our list is a good place to start) and deposit money into your account. Unlike RNG games, you can only play live dealer games with real money.

From there, just go to the live games section, select the live roulette game, wait for the next betting round to begin, and start placing your chips.

American Roulette Rules and Features

American roulette contains 38 numbered pockets, with red and black numbers 1–36 and green zero and double zero. The goal is simple - guess which number or a group of numbers the ball will land on, and you'll get a corresponding payout.

The variety of bets is what's most exciting about live dealer roulette games. You can divide all the bets into two groups - inside and outside bets.

Inside Bets

  • Straight: Betting on any single number
  • Split: Betting on two adjacent numbers (vertically or horizontally) by placing the chips on the line between them
  • Street: Betting on three numbers in a row (e.g., 25–26–27) by placing the chips on the outer line on either end of that row
  • Corner: A bet encompassing four numbers that share a corner
  • Double street: A bet encompassing two rows of numbers. The chips are placed in the outer corner between two rows
  • Trio: Betting on three numbers that involve at least one of the zeros (o–1–2 or double zero–2–3)
  • Basket: A five-number bet containing double zero, zero, 1, 2, and 3

Outside Bets

  • High/low: Betting that the drawn number will be in the low (1–18) or high (19–36) range
  • Red/black: Betting that the drawn number will be one of the two colors
  • Odd/even: Betting that the drawn number will be odd or even
  • Dozens: Betting that the drawn number will be in the 1st (1–12), 2nd (13–24), or 3rd (25–36) dozen
  • Columns: Betting on numbers included on one of the three vertical columns on the roulette table


Live dealer roulette payouts depend on the placed bet. The fewer numbers are in your bet, the higher the payout:

  • 1:1 - All even-money bets, including high/low, odd/even, and red/black (18 numbers)
  • 2:1: - Columns and dozens (12 numbers)
  • 5:1 - Double street (6 numbers)
  • 6:1 - Basket (5 numbers)
  • 8:1 - Corner (4 numbers)
  • 11:1 - Street (3 numbers)
  • 17:1 - Split (2 numbers)
  • 35:1 - Straight (1 number)

American Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a game of chance. There are no ways to control the American roulette wheel or predict which number will come next. No one has yet discovered a roulette strategy that guarantees a profit, but you can minimize your risks by understanding the math behind the game.

American Roulette Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind the next time you play live roulette:

  • Bet small on single numbers - A straight bet gives you the highest payout, which is why it's most attractive. However, it's also why it's rarely successful. If you plan on betting single numbers, at least do it with small amounts. Your bankroll will last longer, and your wins will still be significant
  • Never bet the basket - The basket (a bet including numbers double zero, zero, 1, 2, and 3) is the worst bet in American roulette. It gives you the expected value of −$0.079 compared to the expected value of −$0.053 of all other bets
  • Exploit even-money bets - Even-money or 50:50 bets give you the best return of nearly 95%, so don't shy away from placing them, especially if you're not a high-risk type of player

How to Win at American Roulette

How to win at American roulette is far from easy, you simply need to guess the right number or a set of numbers. If you are able to do that, the dealer will pay you accordingly. Just remember to place the chips in the right position on the betting table layout.

As explained, there is no way to beat online casinos that feature live American roulette. All roulette games are random, and there are no effective strategies to help you out - only smart playing.

American Roulette vs European Roulette vs French Roulette

American, European, and French are the three most common roulette variations. They are all very similar, featuring most of the same rules, numbers, and bet types.

What makes American roulette unique is the double-zero pocket, which is actually a disadvantage to the player. The payouts remain the same for even-money wagers, but they have a lower chance of success due to an extra pocket. Therefore, the house edge is 5.26% compared to 2.70% for European roulette. Another difference is that the numbers on the wheel are arranged differently.

Meanwhile, French roulette is basically the same as European roulette, only has a slightly different layout and a few minor extra rules. These rules are called La Partage and En Prison, and they work in a way that the player loses only half of their even-money stake if the drawn number turns out to be a zero.

This brings to house edge even lower, to 1.35%, making French roulette the most rewarding of these three variants.

Other Live Roulette Games

If you enjoy live roulette in general, you should try some other exciting variants. Most online casinos will have a few versions available, including European roulette, French roulette, double ball roulette, Instant Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Slingshot Auto Roulette, VIP roulette, and more.

Most of these games come from Evolution Gaming, but other providers are known for releasing them as well, including Ezugi, NetEnt, Microgaming, Visionary iGaming, Playtech, and others.

Live dealer casinos are full of exciting games, and not just live roulette. If you prefer card games, you'll easily find seats at one of the live blackjack or live baccarat tables. Another casino classic you can run into is live craps.

Software developers, especially Evolution Gaming, have started focusing more on game shows, so you may also find excitement in trying titles such as Monopoly Live, Dream Catcher, Crazy Time, Deal or No Deal, and others.

American Roulette FAQs

Where can I play American Roulette?

You can find live American roulette on plenty of regulated live dealer roulette casinos - the best are listed above.

Is American Roulette rigged?

No, live roulette games that are powered by legit providers like Evolution and Playtech are 100% fair and legit.

How does American Roulette work?

American roulette has a wheel with 38 numbers, including a zero and double zero. The goal is to guess which numbered pocket the ball will land on, either by guessing a single number or a set of numbers. If you guess correctly, you are paid according to the paytable. The harder the bet, the bigger the payout.

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