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One of the most important steps you would need to take before playing at an online casino is to familiarize yourself with the correct licenses a legitimate one would need to have. There are several ways you can determine if an online casino is a genuine institution or run by scammers, here at CasinoSmash we have already outlined some important tips on our Online Security 101 page.

If you find this all a bit too detailed, don’t worry, because it is. Because of this we have already put together a list of Rogue Casinos you should avoid as well as a list of our highly recommended, and 100% legit, casinos on our Casino Review section.

Unfortunately, the internet is plagued with scammers, and the online casino industry is no exception. For those of you who have been approached by a Nigerian price asking for financial help, your innocence has already been taken by the cold, harsh internet fiends trying to make a grab at your cash.

As mentioned above, if you are playing at a rogue casino without the required licenses, then you can expect to be scammed out of your money. This is a list of casinos that we have already vetted extensively. If you are still hesitant, then we advise you to learn as much as you can about how deposits and withdrawals work when dealing with online casinos. You can find all the information you need on this subject on our Deposits and Withdrawals 101 page.

Casino bonuses can seem tricky to skeptics, especially when the word deposit free is included. The answer to this concern is that yes you can indeed win real money without making any real money investment into a casino. However, to cash out the winnings you would also need to play with your own money and are therefore advised to choose casinos where you intend to continue playing. For more information on casino bonuses, you can visit our Casino Bonuses 101 page which explains the whole process in detail. If you are already interested in finding a casino with free spins and special offers, visit our Free Spins page.

If you are not interested in playing for money, that is not a problem at all! You can also play at plenty of online casinos for free. Visit out Free Games section of the site for more free play options.

For anyone who has tried to play the board game Risk, you understand games can be very complicated. If you are playing for cash, you want to eliminate any doubts on how a game works and how you can win. To find a list of rules for every casino game on the planet, visit our Rules section for the site. Once you know the rules, you can continue your development as a betting expert by visiting our Strategy section and learn how to bend those rules to your advantage.

Online casinos are a great way to earn money, if you are knowledgeable about which casinos to choose and are well versed in the rules, strategies and odds of your chosen game. For some unfortunate souls, online casinos are illegal in your country of residence. This should not stop you from benefitting from the strategies and information offered on CasinoSmash, which can also be applied to land-based casinos.

We also offer news and features on the casino industry with stories relevant to readers around the globe who are fans of the industry and simply want to hear the latest stories and developments in the casino world.

You can find even more questions about casinos, online or land based, by reading our Casino FAQs.