Best Blackjack Betting Strategy: Find a Betting System That Works

Blackjack Betting Strategy
Blackjack Betting Strategy

While playing at a casino is entertaining, casino players never want a losing streak. Whether you are a professional blackjack player or an amateur, a winning hand is the best entertainment value you can ask for in a game.

You have probably already figured it out, that yes, you do need to have thorough knowledge on blackjack betting before you can make a profitable exit. For this reason, we believe we have compiled a complete guide with excellent betting strategy charts and tips to use.

While there are several strategies that players claim to be the secret to a winning streak, not all of them are recommended by professional blackjack players.

Compared to the easiest casino games available online, this game is the only one where the player has an advantage over the house edge with every bet placed.

Gaining control over the house edge is a skill that comes with the time and expertise of the player. Unless you land on a natural blackjack where you, by default, win over the dealer, you will need at least a blackjack basic strategy to play.

Therefore, our blackjack strategy guide is built for different players, from beginners to advanced players.

Basic Blackjack Strategy For Beginners

best blackjack betting strategy

As a beginner, it helps to know when you should call a stand, hit, double down or a split, even when the card is blind. Soft hands, hard hands and pairs are also an essential part of the blackjack basic strategy charts.

Using the basic betting strategy chart is the best and only way you can have the advantage of knowing when you should call when placing a bet.

Blackjack is based on high school mathematics and is simple enough to master once you understand the concepts used. Learning how to apply the perfect basic strategy chart elements individually and in combinations will get you past the first learning curve to bring down the house edge to even 0.5%.

  1. Stand - When the dealer has 2-6, and your hand is 12-16, call a stand.
  2. Hit - If your hand is 12-16 and the dealer has 7 - Ace, call a hit.
  3. Split - Aces and 8s always have to be split.
  4. Double - If the dealer has 2-10, double your 11.
  5. Combination - Aces -6 are always hit or doubled.

The basic method is the best strategy that does not involve a lot of experience. Beginners may think that trying the basic strategy isn't working, but trust us and use it with every bet.

Don't give up even if you don't win your bet in the first few rounds using the basic strategy. The basic strategy is highly recommended as it delivers on winning streaks in the long run.

Hard Totals          
Dealer's Card2345678910A
Player's Hand          
Soft Totals          
Dealer's Card2345678910A
Dealer's Card2345678910A

S = Stand
H = Hit
Dh = Double (if you can't, then hit)
Ds = Double (if you can't, then stand)
Sp = Split
Su = Surrender (if you can't, then hit)

Intermediate Blackjack Strategy

Players think that card counting is complicated, and you need to be well-versed in playing blackjack to use it. However, we believe that card counting is easy and more fun than flat betting.

We recommend card counting for intermediate players though, because you need some basic skills to use any blackjack betting strategy that requires some calculation.

Card Counting Blackjack Strategy

blackjack betting system.jpg

Remember that casinos hate the card counting system as it is one of the best ways players can win over the house edge. This means you will need to read all the policies and rules of the casino you are playing at to ensure that counting cards are allowed.

Here are the basics of counting cards in blackjack before you place a bet. This is the gist of how you count cards:

  1. Every card gets a value assigned to it.
  2. Based on the values of the cards dealt, keep a count.
  3. With the data gathered, calculate the true count.
  4. When the true count rises, change your bets.

Card counters can start advancing in skills as they progress and apply counting tricks with other blackjack systems. Depending on the type of player you are, you can use several cards counting systems. They are:

  • The Hi-Opt 1 and Hi-Opt 2
  • Hi-Lo System
  • Omega 2 system
  • Knockout System
  • Zen System
  • Wong Halves System

Blackjack Betting Strategies for Advanced Blackjack Players

Once you get used to the simple betting strategies, you may need to pull out the big guns with betting systems to win over the house.

Using betting systems is one of the best blackjack betting strategies you can use to trigger a hot streak and increase your bet odds. There are two types of systems that advanced players use:

  • Positive progression betting systems
  • Negative progression betting systems

Positive Progression Betting System

To keep things easy to understand, when the positive progression system is used, players need to double their bet size on the next bet when winning and decrease their bet sizes when they are on a losing streak.

While it may sound simple, it's a lot more complicated than it sounds. The player must be precise enough to predict their winning bet and losing steaks.

The positive progression system allows players to reserve their balance bankroll for their losses. Blackjack players stop their positive, progressive betting strategies when they believe they have had a few successive wins - usually three or four.

The wins from their hot streak are collected, and then a new strategy is started on the next bet with a bigger bankroll.

By doing this, players can effectively stop losing streaks from wiping out their money in one go.

There are different types of positive progressive systems. They are Paroli, 1-3-2-6, Contra d'Alambert and Oscar's System.

The most popular of these positive systems is Oscar's system, where the aim is to win one betting unit per series before stopping and starting over when the expected value has been achieved.

The amount you can win on one unit is not much, but it's a slow, steady and optimal strategy for a growing bankroll.

The one disadvantage of Oscar's system is that it is only for players who have the patience to double bets on a single betting unit.

Negative Progression Betting System

progressive betting blackjack.jpg

The negative progression betting strategy is high risk and is against the usual logic used to play Blackjack.

The system involves performing the reverse of positive progression and doubling the bet size on the losing streaks, and reducing the bet size on a winning hand.

While the Negative Progression System may sound like a great way to make up for losing on the original bet, it could be a profitable game strategy only when winning.

The biggest problem with any negative systems is that when you are on losing streaks, you could lose everything and quickly.

An example of a Negative progressive betting strategy is the Martingale Betting Strategy. When using the Martingale system, you will need a massive bankroll, so players on a budget should be careful with their bet sizes.

Don't get us wrong; the Martingale system is not entirely unprofitable. In fact, many blackjack players claim that the Martingale system is by far the most profitable system because they win something even if the dealer wins.

Moreover, players love the system so much that when they play other gambling games, they employ the Martingale system of placing a double bet on losses to make a big win.

Top 5 Tips to Play Blackjack

  1. Do not play an insurance bet unless you are counting cards. With an insurance betting strategy, another new bet is placed, assuming that the dealer has a blackjack. The house edge is at almost 6 per cent when you use insurance bets, essentially without any win or loss to you in the end.
  2. Even the best blackjack betting strategies have their shortfalls. Therefore, whether you use a positive progressive strategy or a negative one like the Martingale system when you are on a losing streak, you will benefit from either saving your bankroll for another day or dropping your bet sizes considerably.
  3. It is important to change your gambling game by changing the bet size throughout the game. Increasing your next bet when winning and decreasing when losing is a foolproof way of keeping a healthy bankroll.
  4. Card counting and tracking your cards are great when playing at live casinos in person. However, when you play online, blackjack counting can be tricky. Since the dealer is at a disadvantage at blackjack, most casinos online will not stand for card counting.
  5. When you sit at a blackjack table and receive a 10, your first instinct may be to split the 10. However, hold on to your ten as a whole as you may possibly make a blackjack shortly, or worse, have two high finishing hands.

Playing Blackjack Online Vs Offline

Playing blackjack at a casino has its charm. However, there are several benefits to playing blackjack and using the different blackjack strategies on online casinos.

With the rising number of online casinos taking over physical ones, the perks for playing at an online casino outweigh offline play.

Advantages of Blackjack Online

best blackjack strategy.jpg

Play Anywhere and Anytime

The number one reason you should play blackjack or any other casino game online is that it is convenient. There is no need to worry about logistics. All online casinos are set up to help players access games from any smart device, anywhere and anytime.

No Distractions

A physical casino is indeed a great place for all the live-action. However, once you sit at a blackjack table and before you even try to think of the right betting strategy to use, there is a whole load of distractions. In the end, it takes you a while to get your head into the game and apply any blackjack betting system you want.

With online casinos, you only need to concentrate on your blackjack games and use your favourite betting pattern to keep winning. Our research found that most advanced players feel that their blackjack game online had a lot more essence.


Online casinos do not have any overhead costs and therefore have a lot to offer casino players. Welcome bonuses and other regular promotions are available for players to bet for free on blackjack games.

Whether you are new to online casinos or used to it, you can use all the best blackjack betting systems you want when you bet with free money.

Practice Games

blackjack betting strategy.jpg

All blackjack betting strategies require practice. The last thing a player wants is to lose real money when practising their betting strategy. For this reason, online casinos help players with free blackjack practice of different games to place bets.

Private Play

When you play online, you enjoy every aspect of the game and the blackjack betting strategy you are using. You do not have to worry about other players distracting you or even advanced players intimidating the beginners. No spectators too for you to worry about.

Options to Choose

You have more than just one blackjack variant to play when you play online. You are treated to a host of different blackjack variations from various casinos and the comfort of your couch.

This convenience presents you with the best opportunity to try and test the best blackjack betting strategy that works for a particular variation. Each casino also brings out new game variations according to customers' liking.

Budget Friendly

Finding a land-based casino where you can place a small bet on one unit at a time can be challenging. However, online casinos offer blackjack games for different budgets.

Players can add to their budget easily by loading their bankroll instantly using the payment methods accepted by the online casino. So there is no need to walk back and forth to a cashier.

Loyalty Program

The loyalty programs on online casinos are exceptional. Rewards, bonuses, high table limits, free gifts and other perks are available to players online. The best part is you climb tiers based on how much you load into your account.

Multiple Games At The Same Time

Whoever said you cannot be at two places at once hasn't played online. If you want to, you can play multiple blackjack games simultaneously using a different blackjack betting system on each table.

Yes, you can do the same at a physical casino if you wish, but you may need to clear the seat if someone else takes it.

Refer to Blackjack Betting Charts

blackjack betting strategy chart.jpg

You never have to look bad for referring to a betting system or chart when you play at an online table. You can Google up any of the best blackjack betting strategies you want and decide which one to use when playing.

Beginners find that the experience online is easy to get a hold of the game, especially when using a blackjack strategy.

Professionals are more adept at the blackjack betting systems and find that they can take their time to respond while they think.

Disadvantages of Online Blackjack

  • The experience of playing with others you can interact with is something people miss online. However, there are a lot of online forums, chats and public groups to be a part of the blackjack social experience online.
  • Using card counting as a blackjack betting strategy is not possible online. However, other winning blackjack betting strategies can be used without a doubt.
  • Some players think that the options available online are overwhelming. However, most players feel that the possibilities are a great way to dry different blackjack betting systems.


What is the best blackjack betting strategy?

The basic betting system is foolproof and the best blackjack betting strategy. However, players can also benefit from a positive progressive strategy.

Can you use multiple blackjack strategies at the same time?

Yes, you can use multiple blackjack strategies in your game as long as you are well aware and consider yourself to have a strong knowledge of blackjack rules. However, you must consider changing to the best blackjack betting strategy suited for your bankroll once it starts decreasing.

Can you win big with the basic blackjack system?

Yes, being the best betting strategy for small and steady wins, you can win big. However, patience is the key to succeeding with the basic strategy.

Do you need skill or luck to win in Blackjack?

Blackjack is a game based purely on skill and little luck. Therefore, players feel that they can control their wins when they use the best blackjack strategy that works for them.

Will you get arrested for using card counting when placing a bet?

To count cards remains one of the best blackjack strategies you can use, and it is not illegal in the US. Therefore, while you may not end up in jail, casinos do not like counters.

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