how to win at blackjack every time

How to Win at Blackjack - EVERY TIME

Do you want to know how to win at blackjack every time you play? Check out the best betting strategies to become a true blackjack whiz and win every time!

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Get a no deposit bonus right now to win at blackjack and avoid mistakes that can cost you a lot of money.

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It can be incredibly frustrating. Everything you've read says that blackjack is the casino game with the best odds.

People seem to win money all the time on blackjack and all the articles you found on how to win at a casino say the same thing:

"Apply the optimal basic strategy and you will win money on blackjack or, worse case scenario, break even."

Just - it doesn’t always work that way, does it?

Blackjack is an amazing game, especially when the dealer hits a losing streak and the players are all in the black.

Those laughs and the jokes are contagious. As it is the pleasure to see your chip stack grow one blackjack hand after the other.

Blackjack is not Slots. Unless you don't find a complicated online variant, you are not going to rely on pure luck to pocket a multi-million jackpot.

Blackjack is about your skills and your ability to focus and do the right thing every time you get some cards from the dealer.

Blackjack is a battle between you and the dealer. Today, I want to be your General and help you discover all the secrets on how to win at blackjack.

There’s no reason you shouldn't look at your casino stake as "fun money." If you want to lose it, it's your choice.

Today, however, I am going to show you the other side of the coin. I am going to show you how to win at blackjack.

Here’s how to do it.

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How To Win at Blackjack: The Obvious

blackajck how to win

Blackjack is a game based on mathematical probability.

Like it happens for all the games that are based on mathematics and probability, there is a number of systems you can use to increase your chances of winning at the blackjack table.

Are all these blackjack winning systems easy? Of course not.

But so it wasn't to ride a bicycle - until you learn how to do so.

Unless this the first article on how to win at blackjack you read in your life, you should know by now that the blackjack basic strategy is everyone's starting point.

That is 100% correct.

The only way a blackjack beginner has not to throw money away is to learn and use the basic strategy.

Sure, the casino would love you to fire up an online blackjack table and play the way your guts tell you - but that's now how you win at blackjack.

That's like playing Russian roulette. You don't want to do that,

You might hit a lucky streak and win a few hands. That's just going to make things worse.

It will give you the feeling of being in control of your blackjack game and make it much harder to quite while you are ahead.

How To Win at Blackjack

And as any real gambler knows, if you don't know when to stop - you stand no chance of winning at blackjack.

Learning the best blackjack strategy doesn’t take a long time. Do that.

Study it and memorize the right way to play every single hand.

Until you are 100 percent sure that you know how to play each combination according to what blackjack's optimal strategy suggests - make sure you play only online.

Most brick-and-mortar casinos will not allow you to bring any blackjack cheat-sheet at the table. You won't be able to check how to win your blackjack hand if you don't remember exactly how to play it the right way.

If you really want to win at blackjack every time you play, open an account at one of these suggested blackjack sites and play with the optimal strategy chart on your second screen.

Use your iPhone, your tablet, even just a portion of the screen. Just make sure you have it always right next to the blackjack table.

And follow all the instruction and tips you find there.

All my secrets to increase your chances to win at blackjack are based on the assumption that you know the game's basic strategy.

How To Win at Blackjack

If you don’t, go back and read this paragraph again and again until you give in and learn how to play properly.

Two Ways Win Every Time

Drop those complicated calculations some morons try to sell you on allegedly "high-quality blackjack courses" or self-proclaimed "industry-leading forum communities."

That's just a whole boatload of c*ap.

The truth is that winning at blackjack is much easier than you think. You just need to play "cum grano salis," as the Romans would say.

The first secret to becoming a winning blackjack player has nothing to do with hitting, folding, our doubling up.

It's all about you being a winner or a loser already before you sit down to play blackjack.

Simon Says: Pay Attention

winning at blackjack

It doesn't take a genius to know that you can't beat a casino.

That's how the gambling business works. The house has an advantage and the longer you play, the higher are the chances that the house will win.

The house always wins, only the losers say.

Do hot and cold streaks exist? Sure. Can you plan them ahead? Of course not.

If you flip a coin 100 times, it won’t come up in a pattern of heads-tails-heads-tails-heads-tails all the way to 100.

There will be streaks of heads and streaks of tails.

As a gambler, your job is not to force faith and find impossible ways to guess what will happen. It's to win as much as possible and leave before your winnings are gone.

And it all starts with picking the right blackjack table.

How Many Card Decks Are in Play?

Single deck games are rare in most casino these days. As a general rule, remember this: the fewer the decks are, the easier it is to keep track of the face cards.

And, as we are going to see very soon, that's a key factor to winning at blackjack online and live.

While rigorous "card counting" is illegal, there’s nothing wrong with keeping a general count of how many face cards have come out.

card counting

This should be enough for you to get a little more adventurous with your play when you know that a lot of them have yet to appear.

Tables with one or two decks make that easily doable and profitable.

Study The Table.

Everything you see on a blackjack table tells a story.

Everything is a piece of a puzzle you have to complete before you put your money on the line.

Want an example?

A table that pays blackjack at 3-to-2 odds will make you more money than one that pays at 6-to-5.

blackjack odds

Even better:

Did you know that a table where the dealer has to hit on a soft 17 makes the house more money?

And guess where does that money come from...

That's why you should never sit to play at a table you know nothing about.

Table selection is essential to winning at blackjack and that's possible only if you have all the information you need.

Choose where you sit down based on the table's rules – not on whether the dealer is pretty or plain out-of-this-world-sexy.

You are there to win money, not to pick up a dealer.

Would You Enjoy to Play at That Table? Once you find the right table, look at a few hands of blackjack and ask yourself "did you enjoy the action?"

It's important you sit to play with the right people and you know how to read the dealer.

Don't sit with people who whine all the time or their toxicity will kill your win-rate making it harder to focus on the winning blackjack strategy.

Avoid loud and drunk players for the same reason.

If your gut tells you to leave, leave.

And if you hit a hot streak and you have the feeling the dealer and the pit boss noticed that, stand up and cash out.

Use the Oscar System to Win More

system to win at blackjack

Do you know how self-proclaimed blackjack experts make money online?

They sell "systems to win at blackjack" to people who would spend a fortune to find an easy way to win.

Too bad none of those revolutionary and proven blackjack winning system work, though.

The game of blackjack is based on probability, meaning most of those systems are just plain nonsense.

The only real blackjack system that works does not deal with cards – it deals with money management.

It’s called Oscar System, and here’s how it works.

The key to winning money at blackjack is to approach the game with a winning mindset.

Don't look at a night of blackjack as one long game with endless swings. See it as a long series of individual sessions.


Because the goal in each session is to win at least one chip (whatever denomination you may be playing).

As soon as you are a "winner" and you have scored that one chip that session is over and you start fresh.

Two Ways Win Every Time

If you want to use the Oscar System to win at blackjack, you need to follow four basic rules:

  1. Whenever you win, increase your bet by one chip.
  2. Whenever you lose, play the same amount you just bet.
  3. If you made any money in the session, pocket your winnings and start the progression again.
  4. Never try to come out ahead more than one unit – in other words, if you’re down by one chip, your maximum bet would be two chips (which would still make you a winner).

Let’s see this strategy in action.

I will give you an example where we start with a one-chip bet.

In this example, I will use the symbols (-1), (+1) and so on to indicate where you stand in the game.

Example 1:

1Lose(-1)We lost, so we repeat the same bet
1Win(0)We won, so we 2x the bet
2Win(+2)We made money. The session ends with a two-chip profit

Example 2:

1Lose(-1)We lost, so we repeat the same bet
1Lose(-2)We lost, so we repeat the same bet
1Lose(-3)We lost, so we repeat the same bet
1Win(-2)We won, so we 2x the bet
2Win(0)Since we never try to come out more than one unit ahead, we just bet one chip
1Win(+1)We made money. The session ends with a one-chip profit

By limiting your losses and by controlling your bets you increase the chances to stay ahead and to keep all the money you win on blackjack intact.

The Oscar System is structured in a way that your winnings are always safe. You only play with the initial capital, the bankroll you set before you started to play your first mini session.

This way it only takes a few wins in a row to recover any losses. That's because of you 2x-ing your bets after the first win.

Sure, it could happen that you will have to dig deep in order to build back to a winning session, but experiments with this system show it's your best chance to win money at blackjack.

That’s all there is to it.

Follow the optimal strategy, choose the right blackjack table, and use the Oscar System to break your play up into a lot of small sessions.

Follow these three easy steps, and you’ll win at blackjack, every time you play.

Top 5 Casinos to Win at Blackjack

easy games to win at blackjack

Now that you got this far, it's time to try the real thing and open an easy blackjack table to play online.

Pick one of the casinos in the list below, open a free gaming account, and launch a game to get started.

Remember: if you are not ready to play for real money, have a look at the sites where you can practice blackjack online.

UK Players, read here! If you in the UK, your best options are 888Casino and Bet365 Casino.

These two casinos offer very good welcome bonuses to play blackjack and test my blackjack strategy.

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