How to Win on Penny Slot Machines: Essential Strategy Tips

How to Win on Penny Slot Machines
How to Win on Penny Slot Machines

Penny slot machines have the smallest bet size in a casino. While many people enjoy that adrenalin rush associated with playing other casino games, admit it, your bankroll isn't the happiest.

You can keep playing for as low as 1 cent and over with penny slot machines. So, will you win the big progressive jackpot at 1 cent? There's a huge possibility that you can win. Honestly, it's not like it hasn't been done before.

Our team met with five real-life people who have won the big pot with as little as 2 cents. We asked them a series of questions on the best way to play penny slots. They all had one thing in common when they said that it was an accident, they pushed the wrong number. That's what got us thinking.

Is there really a possibility to play with little money and walk away with big wins?

We researched several land-based casinos and online ones. Our research extended to the regular quarter machine, video slots, progressive jackpot slots and penny slots. In the end, these tips below are what worked when we tested it across several casinos.

When we did win the jackpot, we were finally convinced that it just takes a good penny slots strategy and a generous free spins bonus to improve your chances to win.

All casinos work on random number generators. So whether you are playing at the best North Las Vegas casino or a well-reputed online slot website, you can be sure that all legal casinos are governed by authorities who ensure fair play. However, the stark difference between land-based casinos like a Boulder Strip one and an online one is the RTP.

The Best Tips to Win Penny Slot Machines

  1. Picking the best slot machines
  2. Clever marketing on penny slots are misleading
  3. Understand the rules of the game before you start spinning
  4. Decide on your minimum and maximum bet
  5. Choose online casinos for their promotions

Picking The Best Slot Machines

Penny slots make up about 80% of any casino for a good reason. Most people are drawn to the constant Las Vegas action, lights and music that draws them to a penny slots game.

These slot machines are also perfect for one person to play than a team. Choosing the best penny slots is a tough decision with the kind of choices available. Here are some tips on how to pick a penny slot machine for a good win.

How to improve your odds of winning on penny slots
  • Pick the slots that have more ways to win(free spins, bonuses, cash rewards, free games).
  • Choose penny slots with a higher RTP (Return To Player) percentage for the maximum take home.
  • While land-based penny slots are great, you get the biggest bang for the buck, PLUS you get loads of promotions for playing penny slots online.
  • Online casinos also have little to no overhead costs to run, so the slots player benefits more from online slots.
Pro Tip? Look around the casino before choosing your game for the day. A lot of really amazing ones are hidden from plain sight.

Clever Marketing on Penny Slots are Misleading

Whether you visit brick and mortar casinos, a fancy Las Vegas one or an online casino, you can never miss the sensory overload from the slot machines. They are built to impress, hands down. The penny slot machine developers know precisely the kind of marketing strategy needed to draw players' attention.

Looking at the lights and action at a penny slot machine, players often ignore the details of the chosen slots. For example, a penny slots player may land up paying for 100 lines but is rewarded only in small increments of $0.20 or $0.50.

It may be tempting to win small amounts before going for the big win. However, in the long run, these machines are the ones that will drain you before you know it.

Pro Tip? When playing penny slots, don't stick to the machine if you win in tiny increments. Remember that winning back only 20% for every dollar is not a real win.

Understand the Rules of the Game Before You Start Spinning

Before playing any game at a casino including the penny slots, always read the rules. You can access the rules through the settings button on-screen of every slot machine. These rules will give you the following information:

  • The amount each symbol pays you
  • Combinations that give you the least and most wins
  • Understand how the wild and scatter symbols look
  • Get to know how many free spins and other free games you get rewarded for winning combinations
Pro Tip? Choosing the number of lines and your bet amount per line will significantly affect your win. The rules will explain how to bet the maximum amount for a good payback percentage.

Decide on Your Minimum and Maximum Bet

Knowing how much to bet on penny slots is really important

The max and minimum amount of your bet depends on the type of slot machines you are using. Sometimes, a high bet may influence the amount you win, and sometimes it doesn't even matter. For example, if you played a progressive jackpot slot, you would benefit from playing with big money bets. However, with a limited bankroll, your choices have to be careful.

Several penny slots give a standard payout with any bet size. However, these are slot machines that will not activate many bonus rounds and side games for your spins. The downside is that casino games are designed to take more than give, so choosing slot games with fixed awards could mean losing in the long run.

Choose a minimum bet amount per spin to start, and then grow your bet size gradually. This will extend your variance in the game, and you will get more time to play.

Pro Tip? Do not start off playing with a max bet size per spin. The key is to grow your bankroll, so you encounter that lucky big spin when you play online.

Choose an Online Casino For Their Promotions

It is a little known fact that you win more on online slots than at a land-based casino. It often feels like the management decides the RTP in a back room at a physical casino. However, the RTP offered on online penny slots is fixed and more than 95% compared to land-based casinos.

Your money is undoubtedly well spent when you get to enjoy promotions and bonus features. Every casino runs so many innovative promotions to gain a loyal fanbase. Here are a few of the promotions you can get for playing online penny slots at an online casino:

  • Free spins bonus rounds deposits
  • Get eligible to try popular progressive jackpots
  • Make the deposit needed for a promotion and get 100% match bonus money
  • Get paid for being loyal to the casino with VIP programs

Important Tips to Win Big on Penny Slots

The tips we have provided above are perfect for finding the right penny slot games online. In addition, use the following guide when browsing the casino floors to find the right penny slot machines you want to invest your money with.

Tips to win on penny slots online

Set a budget and stick to it

Set a budget for yourself before you start playing slots. Always remember to hold on to your budgeted amount. Before you start playing slots, always split up your budget into pieces that you will use. The best tip to winning big is to know how to manage your bankroll.

Lowering and increasing your bets

There are multiple ways you can choose the best penny slots. However, ask the seasoned slot enthusiasts, and they will tell you that they don't keep playing with max bet amounts. Instead, play slots with your budget, start at the lowest bet amount you can, and gradually increase your bet amount.

Depending on the variance of the slot games you play, slot machines will reward you with wins. Most slot players use that to their advantage when lowering and increasing their bets.

Stop and Walk Away

A casino floor is an enticing place with multiple games that are worth your time and money. Before you think you can change your luck on a slot game that has not given you wins for several spins, reconsider your choices. It may be time to walk away from the slot game before you lose any more money. Otherwise, reduce your bet sizes on max lines and see if it produces wins.

If you have already wiped the budget that you set for the machine, stop and walk away with the money you have. You can always visit again after a few hours and play again.

Avoid Distractions When Playing

Distractions are a big money-maker to a physical casino. They give you free food, free alcohol and introduce other distractions to take your focus away from the game. So stay away from those distractions and watch your reels.

In this regard, an online casino is a better choice. They keep the distractions to a minimum, and also, you have complete control over any distractions. If you feel the need for a distraction on an online casino, pull up the search function and look for other games to play and hit enter.

Best Days of the Week to Play Penny Slots

In general, the rule of thumb is to go when the crowd is there. Often any casino will pay the most when more people are playing. When the crowds are down, the win is down.

The best days to play are on Fridays and Saturday nights. Also, pick the month's first weekend for the best odds per line. On an online casino, you can use the weekdays to avail casino bonuses and promotions with a long expiry.


penny slots winning strategy

Superstitions and 'jujus' are not real. Many slot players think they can win penny slots when they hold on to superstitious practices. None of them works.

Winning is only possible with the right penny slot strategies and some luck. If you want to know how to win big at penny slots, our comprehensive guide has covered the main areas that will work.

On a final note, remember that the penny slot odds are in your favour when you watch, analyse, calculate and keep your eyes open.

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