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Gamblers gifts ideas - Christmas Gifts 2020
Gamblers gifts ideas - Christmas Gifts 2020

Here are some truly great Christmas gift ideas for your casino-loving friends and relatives. From a shot-drinking roulette game for fun friend Frank to salt and pepper shakers for Grandma, this list gets down, dirty, and diverse.

Think of these gifts as an opportunity to put a smile on the faces of those friends and family members who enjoy playing casino games but who also have a quirky side.

It’s also an opportunity for you to avoid overflowing parking, impatient and sweaty crowds, and all the rest that comes with trying to find the perfect Christmas gift ideas for him or her.

You can feel safe betting on any of the following Christmas presents making your friends get way too excited when they open up one of these bad boys.

So let's get started:

  1. Talking Tables Multicolour Casino Night

    Table Game - poker Gift 1

    This casino night game lets anyone turn their living room into a casino for a night, with all the classic games included. You know the ones: poker, roulette, and blackjack. It’s a great way for a group of friends to get to know each other all over again and see who has the best poker face. If you're invited to the party, it's always a good idea to learn to play poker in advance, as it can be a challenging game if you don't know what you're doing.

    The gift comes with two decks of cards, 200 poker chips, and a roulette game mat, and two roulette balls, among other accessories. The coolest accessory by far, though, has to be the croupier bow tie. Maybe you'll get lucky and get to wear it yourself.

  2. Lucky Sevens Slot Machine Replica

    Liberty Slot Machine - Casino gift 2

    The large-scale replica fruit machine offers a taste of pub life in the home. If you’re a woman looking for “Christmas gifts for him”, it would make a great gift for your boyfriend. It might not allow him to play Mega Moolah slot, but it might just make him less tempted to go to the pub so much.

    It isn’t just a replica based on looks alone, as it comes with a flashing jackpot light and casino sounds. It also includes a separate savings sections and accepts 98% of international coins, so it’s a great way for someone to get rid of all those coins they still have from their last holiday.

  3. Queen of the Machine Jackpot Slots Gift Sign

    Queen of the machine sign - gamblers gift 3

    The queen of the machine jackpot sign is for someone who doesn’t want a casino game but who loves cool visual items to make their place a bit less boring. Any friend or family member will get a kick out of this one, so make sure to include it on your Christmas gifts list.

    It’s also perfect for sots lovers who already get their fix online playing Starburst and the like, but who simply love casinos and everything about them.

    Or maybe just for those who just love unusual gifts. Other than that, it will make you look cool. Who else would be cool enough to buy your friend a gift like this one? Let the boring friends buy the socks and plates.

  4. Slots Machine Queen Grandma Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Salt and Pepper Shakers - gamblers gift 4

    The salt and pepper shakers are definitely a gift for grandma's Christmas gift basket. Or even grandpa wanting to make fun of grandma. Either way, it doesn’t just look cool; it also has a purpose serving as salt and pepper shakers.

    It looks great in the kitchen, and it’s not a low-quality throw-away item, either, as it’s made of high-quality ceramic. It also comes with a cool gift box. Unfortunately, free money doesn’t come out like when you play slots online, so your friend will just have to make do with salt and pepper.

  5. Ace of Spades Bottle Openers

    Aces Bottle Openers - casino Gift 5

    Let’s face it, we each have our competitive sides. But how would your friend react when you’ve presented him or her with not one with two of the the coolest bottle openers in the whole neighbourhood. You’d be in their good books for a very long time.

    It’s a great little gadget to pull out at a house party, or even on a night out playing poker at the pub. As they’re designed as playing cards, they don’t take up much space, so they fit perfectly in a wallet or pocket. Or maybe, erm, up one's sleeve. It's definitely one to impress friends with at the local pub.

  6. Casino Poker Dice 3D Lamp

    Poker Lamp - poker Gift 6

    Now, this casino poker dice lamp might just be the most awesome gift on the list. While, in reality, it’s light guide glass plates, it appears as though it’s an actual 3D light. So think of someone truly deserving for this one.

    Maybe that friend who, while may not seem like the coolest of people, deep down you and the rest of your circle all know he is. Or it could simply be that friend who loves to play online poker and probably goes to sleep dreaming about it.

    The lamp features eight changeable colour modes, including red, blue and cyan, and sits perfectly in a man cave, or in the living room on a casino game night for friends and family.

  7. Mini Casino Fruit Machine Keychains

    Slot key chains - gamblers gift 7

    These miniature fruit machine keychains are particularly great if you have six friends that don’t know each other (and will likely never meet) as you can give one to each of them. Of course, you could make that five friends, and keep one for yourself. The set features three gold keychain and three in silver. Okay, this might sound harsh, but you just might want to rank your favourite friends, and give the gold ones to the top three.

    Oh, and also:

    They aren’t just keychains, either, as you can pull the handle to rotate the slots, which makes it kind of fun when out and about with nothing to do. Sure, your friend won't win money on the slots this way, but it's fun all the same.

  8. Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game

    Glass Roulette - gamblers gift 8

    The roulette drinking game one is truly capable of turning someone’s home into Sin City for the night, so is the perfect gift for that friend who loves a good time and who would probably love to play roulette while drinking shots. They won’t be losing any money, as spinning the roulette wheel is just for fun. That’s probably just as well, with alcohol being involved. Possibly lots of it.

    As far as Christmas gifts for men go, this one hits the spot. Everything is included, such as 16 red and white shot glasses. Your friend might not remember having payed it, but he or she will think of you every time they pull out this fun game.

  9. Rotating Roulette Bar Glass

    Rotating Glass - casino gift 9

    Another gift that combines roulette and drinking with, once again, the emphasis on drinking. The cool trick with this rotating roulette glass is that it spins on the table, just like a roulette wheel. Of course, after taking a drink or two out of the glass, it might appear as though it’s spinning, anyway.

    This one will suit a friend who likes to play roulette, enjoys gimmicks, or who is easily fascinated. Rather than staring at the fireplace, this gives them something new to look at. This one just might be the answer if you've been struggling with gifts for dad.

  10. Poker Chips in a Las Vegas Gift Box

    Poker Chips gift - poker gift 10

    These poker chips are a great gift for those who enjoy card games and who might want to spice things up a bit. The gift box includes 100 chips, which is enough to keep the game going for a while. Of course, they could also be used to play baccarat, roulette or anything where someone might want to raise the stakes.

    In the box:

    There are 25 each of 1’s, 5’s, 25’s, and 100’s, so those stakes could get pretty high. They’re all design in such a way as to create the Las Vegas effect, as is the stunning box.

  11. The Godfather 3D Framed Print

    Godfather image - gamblers gift 11

    Here's one you're unlikely to find at the Christmas store at your local market. You could gift the Godfather framed print to any of your movie buff friends as equally as you could casino lovers. It features Marlon Brando as The Godfather himself looming over a casino table with players such as Al Pacino, and erm, Marlon Brando. Looking on are usual suspects Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci, along with a bunch of other shady characters.

    This gift puts anyone in a mood to play table games like blackjack. It’s printed with next-generation 3D technology and comes complete with a black, wooden frame. It would look great hung up in a home office or man cave and will impress any visitor with the “pop-ing” holographic effect.

It's on you now

If you feel like using your imagination, don’t let us stop you. Even an everyday object can be turned into a casino-themed gift if you got really creative. You could even create personalised gifts, or maybe even put a casino spin on Christmas jewellery if you're the crafty type.

At the same time, don't be a hero. Making your own gifts is always risky, as you have no idea whether people will really like them or not. The bottom line is this: buying any one or more of the above gifts is the only way to ensure your friends and family will remember you as the cool gift-giving friend you are.

If, at this point, you're thinking, “what about Christmas gifts for me?”, don't worry: I'm sure they have something fun lined up for you, too. And besides, if you make the right choice, you could exchange your Christmas gift for boyfriend-love. And love is what Christmas is all about, right? Right?!

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