Penny Slots vs Dollar Slots: What Games Should You Play?

Penny Slots Vs Dollar Slots

Even though slots take up the largest real estate on a casino floor, they are not necessarily the big payback percentage givers. So why are they given front and centre prominence at a casino? Because they're fun, they are entertaining. But, more than the entertainment, the bankroll conscious slot player has a chance of making bets as small as 1c per spin for a win.

The popularity and variety of the slots playground have grown enough for game developers to invest in making slot machines more attractive.

Newer slot machines promise the biggest wins with bonus credits, free spins, multipliers, dollar bets, more paylines, and other bonus features. Today, slot machines offer 1,024 ways to win with a chance to win 5,000x your stake.

Comparison Between Penny Slots and Dollar Slots

There are several differences between penny slots and dollar slots. While the features of the slot machines are mostly the same, the big difference comes in the payout percentage.

Looking a little closer at the differences between the two, it is safe to conclude that dollar slots mean more money - Both for betting and winning. These are the features covered in our comparison between the two separate slots.

Penny Slot Features

dollar slots vs penny slots
A penny machine usually features 3 to 5 reels with multiple paylines. Depending on your budget, you can choose to bet on a single pay line or multiple lines.

Penny slot games have grown in jackpot proportions, thanks to the profit they make casinos. With hours of fun guaranteed, penny slots feature a great source of entertainment for small budgets and the hope of winning a huge jackpot.

Dollar Slot Features

slot odds dollar vs penny slots
Dollar slots are considered the high rolling cousin of penny slots. It is not true that slots do not offer a high payout percentage.

Dollar machines are designed to give the $1 per spin players a chance to step away from penny games with small wins to play for big payouts.

Depending on the type of game, dollar slots have been reporting payouts of thousands of dollars to players. A dollar machine is more than simple fun; it's for the player looking at making a profit.

Progressive Dollar Slots Vs Progressive Penny Slots

Progressive jackpot slots offer higher payouts than standard slots. Essentially, most progressive penny slots provide jackpot wins that run in the thousands. However, single payline slots with dollar bets and progressive dollar jackpots offer the maximum payouts.

Online slots provide even better RTPs when you combine your dollar machine bets in the progressive category.

When a player wins the jackpot, the new jackpot value resets to a dollar figure minus the house edge. However, progressive dollar jackpots reset to a higher value because of the network of machines connected.

Choosing Between Dollar Slots and Penny Slots

penny vs dollar slots

Whether you choose a dollar slot or a penny slot, there are a few things that you must consider. While winning the top jackpots is what most players aim for, all basic slots are based on probability and a little strategy.

The Best Slot Machines for Higher Payouts

There are three things to consider when you pick the best slot games. Firstly, you will get the highest payout percentage on dollar slot games. Penny slots will not completely wipe out your bank account quickly, even on the max bet. However, they will not pay much either. With lower payouts, you can spend a few hours having fun.

Secondly, choose slot games that are not fancy. The classic slot machines will give you a good payout on the max spin. However, think about your budget when using the max spin, especially on dollar slot machines.

Thirdly, the odds of winning on progressive slots is not great even on the max spin allowed. So, consider choosing a lower bet before you pump up the spin sizes.

The History of Penny Slots and the Rise of Dollar Slots

dollar slots vs. penny slots foxwoods

Historically speaking, penny slots offered a chance for penny or cent players to play with small budgets. With players pulling the lever to get their favourite cherry symbols to line up, the single-player entertainment provided by slots grew in popularity.

Over time, the gambling industry grew exponentially, and players were looking to play for higher payouts on their original bet. This growth prompted game companies to add specific dollar slots, nickel, and quarter slots.

The introduction of multi denominations slots allowed players to increase their bets on slots by betting as high as 30 paylines, even on penny slots.

Players soon realised that big bets on penny slots could mean entertainment and higher payouts. The introduction of dollar slots was a "whoo-hoo" moment for slot players who choose the maximum bet size on penny slots.

However, the different denominations of slot machines only brought the crowds flocking to play and the expansion of slot machines to progressive jackpots, multi-line versions, hyperlink progressive versions, video slot machines, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do penny slots offer good payouts?

Yes, if you win playing penny slots they offer good payout percentages; however, they are designed for small payouts over a gaming session.

Are dollar slots worth it?

Yes, absolutely. If you have the budget, dollar slots are the best slots option when comparing to a max bet on a penny slot.

Are dollar slots better than penny slots?

Yes and no. Depending on your budget and your goal for playing the slots. Dollar slots offer a huge payout percentage than penny slots.

Are online slots better than land-based slots?

Yes! Online slots do not have overheads like a building, maintenance, staff and other physical expenses. Therefore, the RTP and promotions on online slot machines are better.

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