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Dino Might Slot Review

You don’t even need to see this slot to work out what the theme will be. Yes, that’s right, this is a slot featuring loads of dinosaurs, ranging from the ferocious T-Rex through to the more sedate diplodocus.

These are combined with symbols showing many prehistoric plants and flowers, leading to a theme that really takes you back 60,000,000 years. At first glance though, you’ll notice that the graphics aren’t the crispest, and this might put some players off.

Try to stick with this game though, as there are plenty of features and prizes to ensure this is a slot nearly all players will enjoy playing.

It has to be said though that dinosaurs are a pretty well-worn theme in the world of online slots, having been used by nearly all the different game manufacturers. Therefore, a slot really has to be special to stand out from the crowd. The theme, especially the graphics, don’t allow this game to stand out though – however luckily it is saved by the features, which are described in the next section.

If they’d worked a bit more on the graphics though, this would have to be considered one of the best – if not the best – dinosaur-themed online slot out there.

How to Play Dino Might Casino Game?

Dino Might Bonus Rounds & Special Features

Dino Might is a standard looking slot, meaning that it has five reels, each of which is three symbols high.

It also offers 25 paylines, which is not the highest around, although also certainly not the lowest. These paylines are not fixed ones, which means that you’re able to choose exactly how many to play.

You can also adjust the bet amount, and high-rollers will love the fact that the maximum bet is 250 coins. Don’t worry if you aren’t a big gambler though, as bets can also be as low as 0.01 coins – although smaller bets will lead to smaller potential prizes. Then it’s simply a case of spinning the reels and waiting to see the result.

There are no strange quirks with the gameplay that need to be explained, as this slot follows the traditionally well-worn path followed by most other slots.

The basic things to remember are playing more paylines will lead to more chances to win, and betting higher amounts will lead to bigger potential prizes. Of course, the more paylines and the bigger the bets are, the more risk there is as well though. So, it’s down to you to find yourself a happy medium.

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A Slot With Some Mighty Bonuses

So now you know about the basic gameplay of Dino Might, however what about the most exciting part of the slot – the bonuses? The first special symbol to mention is the Dino Might logo, and this is for two reasons.

Firstly, this is the slot’s wild symbol, so it can replace other symbols on the reels and create some nice winning combinations. What’s more, wins are doubled when the wild symbol helps to create them. Secondly, this symbol is also the jackpot symbol, so spinning in five on a payline will lead to you winning 8,000x your bet per payline.

There are then two bonuses to mention, and the first of these is called the Reel Bonus. This is activated by getting three of more Triggersaurus symbols on any active payline.

When you do, you’ll be prompted to pick one of the Triggersaurus symbols and will then be awarded a prize. This will be added to any prizes you’ve just received at the base game. It should be noted that those playing more paylines have a better chance of activating this bonus game.

The second of the bonuses to mention is called the Match Bonus, and this starts when you scatter three or more of the amber symbols on the reels. You have to keep picking squares, and you’ll win when you match four different symbols. You can also get lucky and find a multiplier, which will increase your prize even further.

The amber symbol will also award a scatter win whenever two or more are found anywhere on the reels, although it isn’t the most generous scatter symbol found at online slots.

So, as you can see, the bonuses at Dino Might are pretty good ones, with the ability to award some decent amounts of cash. Why not play this slot today and see if you can activate one of them?

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