Blaming It on Bad Luck: Are You a Serial Loser?

Bad Luck Gambling

The whiners and complainers are nearly always losers.

Many times, they plan their complaints and excuses in advance; for they are sure they are going to lose. These people are not interested in winning any more than hypochondriacs are interested in staying healthy, for, if they won, then most of their daily lives, which consist of complaints and excuses, would be empty.

When you hear people complaining and making excuses after a losing session, you can be sure they're losers most of the time. That doesn't mean that one should be a good loser, but after losing, it's best to evaluate what went wrong, rather than simply to look for external excuses and complain about bad luck.

This may happen once or twice, but when it happens constantly, you should realize that you have very little interest in winning.

As any astute gambler knows, it is more difficult to have a big win than a big loss.

What you want to do is lose and bitch about it, and forever seeking endless alibis for your 'bad luck'.

Several factors must come together for you to win, but losing can be for any number of individual reasons. When you lose heavily, you often are wiped out before you even have a chance to draw a deep breath, for one reason or another.

In poker, for instance, you might have gotten good cards, but the others have had slightly better cards. In blackjack, you might have been in several good counting situations with the deck very favorable, and yet your heavy bets and double downs were useless against the dealer's monster cards.

This can happen, and when it does, you just cannot do anything about it.

Usually, when a gambler had a really big win, it has taken a long time to accumulate the money, but surely he has sustained large losses in a short span of time. Therefore, you know what to say, 'easy come, easy go,' is to say you're not interested in being a winner.

It doesn't come easy, and it shouldn't go easy. When you have won big money, hold on, and don't go crazy with it. When you have the casino's money, use that money wisely.

Never sit in on any game with 'scared' or inadequate money. You're better off walking past the game rather than risking a sum of money that one small streak of bad luck will wipe out.

You're also better off preserving that money for the next time you're going to play seriously with adequate funds.

Here’s How to Become a Smarter Gambler

Las Vegas is the place to be if you want to gamble. People from all over the world flock to Las Vegas to play in the finest casinos. Sometimes, people get lucky and hit the jackpot and become instant millionaires. These days, gambling has become more of a profession.

The odds of winning versus losing are not equal in gambling. For the first-timer and the novice, losing is common. Some get lucky and win, but most fail.

Do not take alcohol. An effect of alcohol consumption is impairment of your judgment. When gambling, you need your wits about, thus alcohol is a big no-no.

Beautiful women are numerous in casinos. A smart gambler knows that these pretty females are there to divert your attention away from your game. The casino's atmosphere is designed to make you lose your sense of time.

Observe closely, and you will see that there are no clocks in most, if not all, casinos. If you've spent the day away gambling in the casino, it's a good indication that you are gambling too much.

The wonders of technology have made it possible for us to play casino games without leaving the comforts of our homes.You can play online casino on your computer. The requirements are minimal: a computer and a stable internet connection.

There are many benefits in playing online casino. What's good about playing in online casinos is the fact that alcohol intake is limited. The urge to drink alcohol is not as severe when you are playing in an online casino. Also, if you are the kind of person who easily gets distracted by sounds and other stimuli, you can easily manipulate your environment and mute your computer.

Furthermore, there are no pretty women to distract you. Last but not the least, it is easier to keep track of the time you are spending in front of your computer playing in an online casino.

Online casinos are an exact replica of land-based casinos. The appearance of the betting tables, of the roulette wheel, and of the slots are copied in online casinos.

This gives you the feel of the real thing. In online casinos, the chances of losing are far less when compared to land-based casinos.

Since the chances of winning are greater in online casinos than in land-based casinos, online casinos lose more money. Still, it is good to plan first before playing in an online casino.

Also, set your limit regarding the amount of money you can afford to lose, and the pot you intend to win. Know when to stop. Once you have won your target pot, stop and deposit your money in the bank for safekeeping.

In playing in an online casino, never bet all your winnings. If you have reached the maximum amount you can afford to lose, again, stop playing and log off. Doubling your bets to attempt to recover your losses in an online casino is also a no-no.

Disclaimer: Gambling is a game of chance and there's no sure-fire formula that guarantee winnings. You can improve your winning chances by using the right in-game strategies but there is no way to predict when a machine or a Casino game is going to pay. Also, this page contains affiliate links. If you click through and play, we might earn a commission. That’s what allow us to keep CasinoSmash free and bring you the best online Casino bonuses!

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