How to Play Roulette Games Online With NO House Edge

roulette games with no house edge

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If you want to find all the best roulette games in one place, then you’ll LOVE an account at BetVoyager Casino.
I tested and reviewed all their roulette games and I can tell you that there are no other sites like this one.


Because they offer roulette games with no house edge.

How is this even possible?

BetVoyager has a different approach to gambling compared to most other sites.

Roulette with ZERO house edge
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The majority of the casinos we list here on CasinoSmash rely on the house edge to bring home the bacon (YOUR bacon) and grow their business.

That’s how gambling works since the beginning of time and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just a business model like many others.

However, that is not BetVoyager’s business model.

This innovative online casino room decided to get rid of the house edge and offer fair casino games where the house does not have any advantages over the players.

Does this mean they operate at a loss and they should be in line for the next Nobel prize?

Of course not.

Simply put, they run on a different business model. They charge a house fee at the end of a session or when you withdraw your money from the account.

This second option is particularly lucrative because it means you’ll always have a bit more money for your games than if you played at other online casinos.

The winnings that come from the games with Equal Odds have a 10 percent fee that is applied when you end your session or when you remove them from the table through the cashier.

=>> Visit this page to know more about the fees and fair games at BetVoyager.

Equal Odds Roulette Games: (Probably) the Best You Can Ask For

As a player, I want my games to be fair and not to be based entirely on luck.

That’s why I play a lot of blackjack.

This is not the right article to discuss how card counting and optimal blackjack strategy can help you win more but, let’s put it this way:

If you know what you are supposed to do with your cards, blackjack is your best chance to put together some good wins.

Roulette, however - it’s a whole different beast.

Roulette games are super-entertaining and exciting but that miserable green zero slot on the roulette wheel is an enemy.

That’s why I love the roulette games at BetVoyager.

Thanks to their innovative business model, they decided to remove the zeroes from the roulette wheel and to launch something as impressive as roulette games with equal odds and no house edge.

Aka. The answer to all my prayers.

Their games play exactly like the regular roulette games you find at any brick-and-mortar casinos - the exception being that here the house does not have any advantage over you.

The best part is that BetVoyager does not feature only one roulette game with no house edge. They have ten different roulette variants you can play with equal odds.

Here’s what you need to know about their roulette games:

GameMin. BetMax. BetHouse Advantage 
No Zero Roulette0.051000%Start Playing
European Roulette0.051,2000%Start Playing
American Roulette0.051,2000%Start Playing
Multi-ball Roulette0.051000%Start Playing
Express Roulette0.052400%Start Playing
No Zero Multi-ball roulette0.051,2000%Start Playing
No Zero Express Roulette0.053,6000%Start Playing
No Zero Roulette PRO Mobile0.052,0000%Start Playing
European Roulette PRO Mobile0.012,0000%Start Playing
American Roulette PRO Mobile0.052,0000%Start Playing

The stakes available make this a great site if you plan to play on a budget or you have a more significant bankroll to invest on your games.

As you can see from the screenshots, I rarely invest more than €1,000 on roulette games with my bets ranging between €10 and €20.

I am a conservative roulette player, I know.

Do You Know ALL the Roulette Games on the List?

In case you are unfamiliar with some of the roulette games with no house edge available at BetVoyager, let me run you through each one of them.

I love the multi-ball roulette variant because I can play three-balls-in-one games, but that’s just me.

I am an action freak.

European Roulette

Roulette Games with no house edge: European Roulette

This is the most common roulette variant and I am sure it is the roulette game you play already.

Here the roulette wheel features 37 slots (from 0 to 36). 18 slots are red, 18 are black, and one is green. In this game, the Straight Up bet pays a whopping 35:1.


American Roulette

Roulette Games with no house edge: American Roulette

Everything is as in the European game, with the difference being that this roulette wheel features 38 slots. Yes, the American roulette as an extra double zero.


Multi-Ball Roulette

Roulette Games with no house edge: multi ball roulette

My favorite. The Multi-Ball variant is a standard roulette game with a twist: you play with three balls at the same time. If you like action, this is the game for you.


Roulette Express

Roulette games online with the best odds: Roulette Express

This is the game for action and excitement freaks. You play with three balls and you can make some special bets called Express Bets. You can read more about the Express Bets here.


No Zero Roulette

Roulette Games with no house edge: no zero roulette

This is the variant I mentioned in the beginning of this article, when I touched on the fact that BetVoyager launched roulette games with no zeroes.

In the No Zero Roulette game the wheel features only 36 slots - 18 reds and 18 blacks.

ALL the bets you place on this roulette game have equal odds - so this is the one you want to play if you are serious about roulette strategy.

One more beautiful thing you should know about this roulette game is that, despite its favorable conditions, the Straight Up bet stays the same and pays 35:1.


Roulette Immediate Bonus

The best part about the roulette games at BetVoyager Casino is that there is an excellent New Players Package that earns you a lot of extra money for your games.

Attention: The bonus offer is not always visible on the site, so make sure you follow the instructions below to activate it.

Here’s how to unlock a special offer to play roulette games with up to €900 in bonus money:

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  2. Fill out the form
  3. Make one deposit*

*: Use the link above to skip bonus codes.

This way you get a 100 percent match bonus for up to €200 free on your first deposit, a 50 percent match bonus for up to €400 on your second deposit, and a 75 percent bonus for up to €300 on your third one.

There’s more:

Each bonus comes with a fair dose of free spins, meaning you get 100 on your first, 50 on your second, and 75 on your third.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to play roulette games online with no house edge and equal odds.

Sign up for a risk-free account at BetVoyager, claim your New Player Bonus Package, and use the best roulette strategy to beat the house!

Roulette with ZERO house edge
Play the BEST Roulette Games with a New Bonus!

Get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the best Roulette games online and play with a massive welcome bonus. With the right Roulette strategy, you can finally beat the house!


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