Wheel of Riches Review: An Unusual Roulette Game

Wheel of Riches Game Review

  • Wheel of Riches is a Roulette-type game
  • It has two bonus games, including free spins
  • And four different colors to bet on

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When you’re in a mood for real money games and can’t decide between Slots and real money Roulette games, you can play Wheel of Riches by Microgaming.

It’s a gambling game with a Roulette betting table, a wheel, and a few interesting bonuses.

If this sounds interesting, you can read this Wheel of Riches review and try it out for free at this online Casino.

wheel of riches game online

A Short Introduction to the Wheel of Riches Game

Here are the most important facts about Wheel of Riches:

To begin with, the wheel of this game has 39 segments instead of the usual 37.


Because the two extra segments are for the bonuses. Which are:

  • Free spins. The feature gives you up to five free spins. During this bonus, you can’t change the bets or add more chips.
  • Bonus multiplier. You spin a bonus wheel to reveal your multiplier for the current bet. You can win up to 50 times your original bet.

The wheel aside, we also have the betting table, which is almost identical to a Roulette table.

However, instead of the usual two colors (red and black), it includes four colors you can bet on: yellow, red, purple, and blue.

The design of Wheel of Riches spices things up and makes it a bit more interesting than traditional Roulette.

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How to Play Wheel of Riches Online

It’s easy to play the Wheel of Riches game, especially if you already know how to play Roulette.

In case you want to refresh your memory, here’s what you need to do to start playing:

  1. Choose your chip value (from 0.10 to 100)
  2. Place your bet on the Roulette table
  3. Click the Spin button and wait for the result

Keep in mind that the minimum and maximum betting amounts depend on the table area.

For example, the minimum possible bet on a color is 0.60, but you can bet as low as 0.10 on a single number.

The game will let know if the amount you bet is too low or too high - and will automatically adjust your bet to fit the limits.

You can check your total bet at the bottom left side of the table.

The section at the top left side of the table shows your last win, and you can see the winning number history at the right side of the screen.

wheel of riches review microgaming

The Payouts of the Wheel of Riches Game

You can either make inside or outside bets.

  • An inside bet is a bet you place on the main field of the game - a.k.a. the numbers.
  • An outside bet is a bet you place outside the main field of the game. You can bet on colors, dozens, etc.

So, this is the list of Wheel of Riches payouts for the inside bets:

Straight up bet (a single number)36x
Split bet18x
Street bet9x
Line bet4.5x

And here’s how much you can win with an outside bet:

Column bet4x
Color bet4x
Dozen bet3x
Even or odd bet2x

The Final Verdict

So, to tell you the truth, Wheel of Riches is just a prettier version of Roulette.

The only difference is the existence of bonuses.

However, this is precisely what makes it so fun. If you’re going to play Roulette anyway, why not do it with the chance to win multipliers and free spins?

Let's play!

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